April 9, 2010

New Moon Moments... funny fan happenings

This week, we decided to forgo Teas with Rob because ..well, Sue forgot to gather questions and Lady Tater had stuff to do. You know... cleaning the tea room after their last encounter and Rob, well, the poor dear boy is knackered after his week of insanity.

There are only so many times a man can answer the same boring questions over and over again before he needs a rest. Seriously, how often can you be asked about your "relationship" with a costar??

SO Lady tater, being the genius that she is, gathered these funny fan encounters from New Moon. These are what WE, the fans, have seen at our own New Moon theaters.


Funny Moments from New Moon

Well, our dear sweet child was exhausted from all of the New Moon hype this week, so I gave him a break from our interviews. We did meet, but I decided that relaxation was far more appropriate than asking the poor child probing questions. Instead, I allowed him to probe in other ways.

In the absence of Teas with Rob for this week, we asked our friends on Twitter and in email what the funniest things they saw or heard at the premiere of New Moon on Friday morning.

This is what they came up with…

Pizer13: I asked the ticket lady if that line was for New Moon and she pointed at several queues… “That one is for New Moon and that one is for New Moon and that one is for New Moon… Take your pick…”

Jstarrh: Ha...like the girl yelling wrong book at the end of the movie! I told her to read the last part again.

Jstarrh: Of course! Also the guy who kept yelling I LOVE HARRY POTTER!

Oceanwaters2006: There was a girl in my theater who brought the cardboard cutout thing of the life-size Edward Cullen...had a seat and a ticket for him and everything. She folded him right down in the seat and held his cardboard hand the whole time. I kid you not.

LadyTater: There was a girl behind us who moaned, literally *moaned* every time Jacob came on screen. I was wondering if she had a pocket rocket with her…

BeautifulDistraction: But we had Edward and Jacob chanting going on in my theater...not like just chanting "Edward, Edward..."

Oh, no....like cheers.. Like football cheers, clapping, stomping feet, twirling type of cheers (and yes, people were doing it...) I felt like I was at a football game.

Favorite thing...A girl got out of her chair in front of me...totally biffed it and her candy went everywhere! She was mortified and I laughed my head off! (after making sure she didn't hurt herself, of course)

I did end up dragging my hubs and when we were sitting against the wall waiting for them to open the theater, another couple walks by and the girl says, "See, honey, there are other smart men here too." :)

1BraveLamb_S_E: "My bladder is about to rupture, but there's no way I'm losing my place in line. They'll get over the smell." Mid 30's, F...

1BraveLamb_S_E: No lie. I cracked up. This woman was in a team Edward shirt; hopping around...I wish I had my camera. YouTube gold.

Oceanwaters2006: Oh and one of the guys our group went with was hilarious. We watched twilight before New Moon and while we're in there (I mean everyone in there has seen the movie a hundred times, right?) anyways...so Edward comes in the cafeteria and everyone screams...of course...and then it got really quiet and the guy we were with went "OMYGODIT'SEDWARD" in this really high fake voice to make fun of all the fangirls and everyone busted out laughing. Then a girl sitting in front of us turned around and was like "Can you be quiet please!?" and everyone laughed harder....the girl with cardboard Edward boyfriend glared.

Ahhh, midnight showings are so entertaining.

Gia: Ok, I will send a framed copy of winner's choice of pics from VF to the person who can beat my night... :)

First of all, we arrived at the Levee (a huge complex where our theater was located) at eight. We were all smashed by eight thirty (I was rocking the stoli hard, myself...). We got our tickets, met the non-drinkers of our group for pizza, during which my mother and sister purchased another bottle of wine that was subsequently snuck into our theater in said sister's purse.

We seated ourselves at about ten thirty, given it was a massive fucking free-for-all. We actually bribed our usher and got him to score us perfect seats right in the middle (hard when it's a group of nine). This usher actually ended up with my friend's phone number by the time the movie started, and texted her five minutes into it. We also had a cardboard Edward in the theater (who had been at our pizza place, previously), who was acting like a complete hoor and getting his picture taken with anyone who cared to pose (or lick, kiss, dry hump him, etc...). I have photos of this.

Once we were seated, we waited patiently for the movie to start. We started getting antsy at about a quarter after when there was no movie yet. Turns out, the projector in the theater next to us had caught fire. Our motley little crew ended up calling the main offices four times from INSIDE the theater... the first time, they told us that they had a similar issue with the last Harry Potter film, and that they hoped it wouldn't take two hours like it did then. So when we placed our second call (the first was my sister, the second my friend Liz), we asked it if this was going to be another Harry Potter incident. They did not find that amusing.

Remember Me trailer skipped around three times, completely missing angry Tybert all three times, the fuckers. Finally, after much harassment of the theater staff and several business contacts later, our movie began an hour behind.

We got home at four. I got up at seven, took the kids to school and went to class.

But the ending was totally worth it. FUCK YOU, CHRIS. FUCK. YOU.

Cardboard Eddie rocking it out at Dewey's Pizza
Don't Forget the Booze!
Lady Tater: We left the movie and Spud Muffin turned to me and said “Baby, Jake and your little Edward were half naked for half the movie. It’s totally BS that KStew was not in her panties when she cliff-dived. That’s crap.”

Josee_Madalia: People started running to enter the room, jumping over rows, etc. My BIL got a little pissed and made some fangirls trip :P

SUE AKA Roselover24 : Here is mine
Ok I got to the theater with 10 yr old son, Zach (Gia can post pics if she gets around to it!). We were waiting outside with a huge crowd of 6 people for the one person working the tiny small town theater to open the doors.

WELL, I was on the phone with GIA (yes, we talk IRL) and she was gonna send me a pic of a cardboard Edward. So I told her I would send her a pic of my 10 yr old standing in front of the New Moon Movie poster.

After taking Zach's pic, the women that were around us decided to take pics of the poster as well. One rather LARGE lady (take it from me, girlies. I am not a tiny girl. I am about 230lbs and this chica made me feel petite) who was probably the age of my MIL walked up the poster after handing her camera to her friend. She was in her PJs (gotta love small town living) and she literally THREW her body at the poster as if she could hug the three stars in it!

She was moaning saying "OH EDWARD!"

Then she commented on how the movie poster was ruined because the theater owners had put a piece of bright yellow paper announcing the midnight showing OVER ROB'S FACE !!!

OK that was fan encounter one.

Then inside the theater, happily munching popcorn and eating some chocolate, the ladies behind us had OBVIOUSLY not read the books.

First, when TayTay removed his shirt they said "OH YESSS! That's what I'm talking about. HOT !!!" Then some growling as he moved a bit.

When the wolf pack came on I swear I heard panting from them.

When Rob removes his shirt ready to kill himself I heard a guy say "Wow, that's hot enough to turn me queer!" (That BTW is a BIG DEAL in my conservative part of the world).

OH, but the BEST had to be when Edward, Alice and Bella see Jane for the first time. The girls behind me say "Who's Jane... No, really. Who the hell is she?" The other one answers "From the look on his face, it must be Edwards Ex"!

I would say what the females of the audience screamed at the ending, but I do not wanna spoil it anymore!!

So there is our post for the day. I hope Gia has time to get some pics up on here cause I am a lazy bitch.

I have got some AWESOME treats for all of you!

Nikki is in charge of our poll. Watch out h00rz! When Nikki is in charge, we are out for a really awesome ride (make sure your aides have plenty of fresh batteries !!)

I am interviewing two amazing authors for next weeks posts. AND we will hopefully have some Guest bloggers get me their fic recs for next week!

YES! SUE is branching OUT! I am including guest bloggers to interview authors about their stories. I have a few lined up and we are moving out of just TWI Au Human FF. We are gonna include EVERYTHING.

I am still looking for someone to rec review and interview for P&P ficdom. I contacted someone but she has not gotten back to me yet... so volunteers????

That is it. OH, hey did you all see the AMAZING amount of money fandom raised for Alex's Lemonade??? I want to say special thanks to the amazing ladies that spearheaded this.
Nina, Christina and Lola, you guys are awesome and you brought together a group of people for a great cause. I know that you guys don't want to hear that. You want to say we all did and you are right. TOGETHER, we did TOGETHER. We are a strong group of amazing people . Thanks for leading the charge!!

SIDE NOTE: If you want them added, send your photos to twisnark@gmail.com


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