April 2, 2010

Sue's Interview with Lalina about 'The Sacrificial Lamb'

The Sacrificial Lamb

Oh...Mobward. He OWNS me.

OK, so here is the summary and then I get to talk about it:

Edward Masen has one thing on his mind: Vengeance. When his mob boss kidnaps Bella Swan he has a choice to make. Will the inexplicable pull he feels for his captive be enough to sacrifice his plans?

It’s an Edward and Bella story, All Human.

Interested yet?? No, you say!! Are you fucking kidding me!! Hot Mobward will get you!!

I know, I know, a Mob story. Sue you gotta be joking.

I did not like watching The Sopranos so why the hell would I wanna read about Edward being all Mobish.

OH my dears, let Mama tell you about this fic!!

It is NOT like the usual Mob ..well, Edward is not the typical Mobster

IN this Fic, Edward is a monster similar to the SM stories in style he is monster with conscience.

You see...


Bella gets kidnaped by Edwards Mob Boss Aro and she is offered to Edward as a gift he goes to this warehouse where she is being held and he sees her.

Now Edward has NO ISSUES doing bad things to BAD people however Bella is an innocent and he KNOWS IT so...he feels the need to save her.

OK, enough of me telling you the tale let me say a few other things.

The characters are fantastically written Bella is not a weak whiny PITA. NOPE this Bella has brains and guts.

OH! And the TENSION between the two of them! *SWOON*

Smoking hot.

NOW, of course in good writer fashion, Lalina does not allow for Bella to fall for him right away I mean that would not make sense after all he is a part of the people who kidnapped her ....

and MOBWARD oh my goodness! All I can say about him, besides Lalina writes a great Edward, is he is amazing when we get his POV. Oh gosh! His mind is fantastic.

I am not gonna spoil it by giving out anymore details

Another awesome thing about this fic is the Mobettes these are some serious fans of Lalina and Mobward the board on Twilighted is loads of fun. Full of pics and chatter about the story, encouragement toward each other and for the story.

Lalina is such a good sport too she even takes my suggestions and giggles at me and silliness.

So let me know if you're interested yet. I tell you, Mobward is fabulous. The story stands on it's own merit it fits with my rules, where it has sexin eventually and it is not mushy, but has a good tale AROUND the extras.

So, I hope you read it and if you do, let me know what you think!! Like it? Love it? Wanna slap me upside the head and wonder what the hell I am thinking?

I am all fangirl over LALALALALALINA!!!

So I will say one more thing about it.

This story will cause multiple Mobgasms in it's fuckawesomeness.

OK Up next on my Fic reccomendation list is the LOVEY story by a young ficster called DeltaSwan90

Her tale Passing By

"Should a man be sentenced to hang, he may be saved by a virtuous maiden who agrees to marry him." -Early French Colonial Law

Why am I reccomneding it??? cause I like it DUH

Linky Dinky Doo


Enjoy! Talk at you all on Wednesday!!


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