April 5, 2010

Sue's Interview with Alicedances01 about 'Maybe I'm Amazed'


Maybe I'm Amazed by alicedances, on Twilighted

Alright, I will do my darndest to bring the funny but first, you have to understand what kind of a Sunday I have been having...
(Note to my readers: I wrote this post on Sunday. Yes, Sue knows that today is really MONDAY but I was writing on Sunday, OK)

First, today was an insane day that included organizing 4 kids for back to school,
sorting through school supplies, putting names on said supplies etc, cursing the anal retentive teacher, that INSISTS on a single subject wide ruled purple notebook that I cannot for the life of me find at any of the 3 stores we have in the area. Getting kids ready and packed for back to school takes more effort than most countries put into going to war!!

Along with dealing with 3 of the 4 kids WHINING about going back to school (whiny ones are 16, 14 and 9. 4 yr old is surprisingly EXCITED!)

THEN Grocery shopping at The Walmart with the hubs and 4yr old in tow. UGH! (Left 4 of the 5 HOME)

Coming home to an extra teenager who dropped by to visit with my kids, who are his friends.

And the NOISE in my house was at even higher than it’s insanely LOUD levels.

I was trying to re-read this fabulous fic full of fabuliciousness

THEN I had to re-address these envelopes cause I CAN NOT seem to spell the name Facinelli correctly the FIRST time (if you do not know WHY I am writing a letter to PFACH then you need to read my blog more carefully!)

*Note to self: SUE look things up before writing them down IN PEN*

am I done bitching yet????
My weather bug kept chirping at me all damn day long. I finally clicked on it to find out what the irritating cricket wanted only to find


great there goes the tomato and cucumber plants.
*note to self find bed sheets to cover the plants before dark*

THEN the toddler climbed on my lap while I was reading and HE BROKE MY GLASSES!!

Now they hang lopsided on my nose. Of course I no longer have my old ones…

AND hubs informed me that my computer time will be cut short because I get to play chauffeur for the next few weeks till he can fix our other car
My poor printer will be getting QUITE the workout printing out CHOICE chapters, and I will be doing blog posts in pen FIRST in a notebook in assorted parking lots as I wait for people.. LOL

Ok I am done bitching now...

So now I will be funny!


Maybe I’m Amazed

Why did I start reading this story? …hmmm good question, knowing me I was probably reading through descriptions on Twilighted and decided WHAT THE HELL!!, but once I started I could not stop.

It has this lovely blend of current times along with these flashbacks that tell the story of these two friends
Edward and Bella

well here is her description :
Edward Cullen is Big Man on Campus at his high school in Port Angeles. Bella Swan is a quiet, sarcastic, marches-to-the-beat-of-her-own-drummer girl at Forks High. A part-time job brings them together, and an unlikely friendship and surprising feelings develop. Neither is brave enough to do anything about it, however, and they part ways when Edward heads off to college. Their paths cross again after a year of no contact, and Edward is determined to not only rekindle their friendship, but to man up and actually do something about his ever-present feelings for Bella.

OK So the flashbacks go to when these two darlings worked at a coffee shop during high school

Bella in this fic is AWESOME!
  • She is snarky.
  • She is smart. 
  • She really does not give a damn when it comes to others opinions
  • She has just enough insecurity in her to make her …well NOT ROSE
  • She is not a whiny thing (you will not find a whiny Bella on my blog, sorry cant take that)
Their back and forth banter is a thing of beauty.

Now we are going to enter SPOILER ALERT TERRITORY!!!

When they start to admit to each other their feelings OMG OMG


Ok I am getting ahead of myself

HERE, check out Jen telling us in Edwards words the effect the Bella had on him THIS IS TAKEN RIGHT FROM THE STORY THESE WORDS ARE NOT SUE’S.

(These words are Jen’s ….well Edwards words in Jens fic …I will shut up now )

“I changed a lot after I met you, and it scared me that you had so much power over me. It sounds stupid, and I know it’s a movie line, but you really did make me want to be a better person… a better man.”
It was the truth, too, and amazed him to this day. How had one tiny, mouthy, wonderful girl turned his world upside down so completely? How had she had such a profound effect on him?


He is a sweetward!!! *GUSH* Sue LOVES a well written Sweetward!!

OK, this story has it’s sappy parts, but it is not so sugary that it sends you into diabetic coma. There are some parts that made me damn near pee my pants for laughing so hard (That Jen, she is a witty girly!!)

At one point in the story Edward is confronting Bella about the two of them defining their relationship. Here is what is running through Bella’s mind when Edward is kissing her into distraction! (naughty Edward!)

Naughty, naughty, tricksy Edward… trying to dazzle my poor little brain through your kisses. Kissing voo-doo, that’s what it is. But I will resist. I won’t fall victim. I will prevail!
Vive la Résistance!

OK, that this young woman has the POWER to have that running through her head when Edward is sucking on her neck I mean

kjDj lhSdfE ;iDSJNFEWI

I can’t even type coherently thinking about that, and I did not have it happen!

ALRIGHT another reason I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fic

Bella and Edward were supposed to go to HER Junior prom AS FRIENDS


Now do not go all postal on Eddie boy, he had his reasons.

He was a chicken shit!

NO REALLY, he was afraid of his developing feelings for Bella AND he succumbed to peer pressure from his buddies who did not KNOW Bella
and as the average girl next door she did not impress the boys (stupid stupid boys not all girls can look like supermodels!)
I Identify with Bella in this really you do NOT want to hear my Prom story …but if you twist my arm, I will tell you the long version. Let’s just say I asked a guy friend, he said no and laughed cause he could not picture ME at prom (not my kinda thing) I got pissed when he tried to apologize and shoved him in his locker and spun the lock….

So yeah, I identify!! grrrrrrrrr(off topic sorry I will focus I should be over it!! I mean PROM was 20 years ago for ME)


THE side characters! I could write an entire blog post on these side characters and I am not talking the usual Alice, Rose, Emmett, Jasper group I am talking Felix, Charlotte, Chief Swan …..

Seriously, there is NO bad guy in this fic. NONE!

It is REAL. The people feel like real people flawed, but basically good.

OK enough of my babbling ….

I talked with a VERY humble Jen, who really has no clue just how awesome her story is. SO if you choose to read this FUCKAWESOME story (take Sues word for it, the dry hump scene in chapter 17 is SOOOOOOOO WORTH IT!!! I mean it!!!! HAWTEST dry hump in history of dry humps!!)

Make sure you leave Jen LOADS of love she deserves IT!!!

Where did you get the idea for this story? What was your inspiration?
The old adage goes, “write what you know”, so that’s what I did.

The early relationship between Edward and Bella is based on my friendship with a co-worker back in high school. He was a real hotshot at his Catholic high school – he was on the wrestling team, he could sing, he was pretty smart, he was charming as hell, and he was fucking HOT. Then there was me, the normal-looking, insecure, snide, sarcastic girl from the artsy fartsy high school, who wanted to make it VERY clear to him, right from the get-go, that he didn’t impress me. (Even though he did, because my god he was cute.) At the time, I thought we were just friends, but in retrospect? Yeah, something was there. (I was the Queen of Clueless back then, in regards to boys… hell, I still don’t know when someone’s hitting on me. My hubby laughs about it all the time.)

So Maybe I’m Amazed is a “what might have been” kind of story, based on the wasted opportunities of my youth. ;-)

Is there anything you would want readers to know specifically?
About what, me or the story? I’m boring as hell, so we really don’t want to talk about me.

Story-wise? Erm… Many of the flashbacks are based on actual events/conversations. Yes, he did constantly suggest a quickie in the back room, he did drive me home when I was on crutches and tell me I was special. He didn’t give me guitar lessons, but he played his band’s demo tape for me and nobody else. The scene when Bella first realizes she likes him? When they’re fighting with the gate to close the store? Happened. We’d make up stupid games when the store was quiet. The prom debacle? Well, it wasn’t nearly that bad, in part because he at least had the decency to back out a week or so before, rather than on the day of, but it happened. And he did quit his job and go off to college without saying good-bye. Fucker.

Why should readers read your story?
Um… because I’d really appreciate it, and you might get a laugh or two out of it? Or maybe need to grab a tissue? Or, if some of the reviews I get are to be believed, go molest your significant other? Uh… it’s not rife with spelling and grammatical errors? Because it’s super fluffy and low on angst?

God, I really don’t know. I’m the worst person to answer this kind of question, because my barely-there ego and crippling insecurities about my writing become far too evident.

I honestly don’t consider MIA to be anything special, and my mind is truly boggled by the attention it’s been getting. God knows there are a TON of other fics out there that are so far superior to mine, it’s not even funny. So, basically, I feel like douche suggesting anyone read mine when there are so many other – and better – options out there.

Any more fic plans in the future?
I’ve been tossing around one idea, but I don’t know if I can turn it into anything worthwhile. I bounced it off my beta, and she was pretty “meh” about the whole thing, and I really trust her opinion. Ideas have always been my sticking point – I want to write, I want to tell stories, but I can’t come up with ideas. It’s what’s kept me from writing original fiction for so many years. (Though I’m giving NaNoWriMo a go this year, to see if I can finally get an original novel written!)

But I digress! Short answer? I think it’s safe to say I’ll write more fics, I just don’t know what they’ll be.

What actor/actress do you picture as Ed/Bella
Honestly? I don’t. Which is weird because I’m a very visual writer – the scenes play out in my mind, and I just basically transcribe what’s going on. I don’t mind Pattinson as Edward, though I don’t consciously picture him when I write Edward. I’m not a fan of Stewart as Bella, (Note to all: Sue is not a fan Stewart either, she just does not DO IT for Sue) though, so I definitely don’t picture her. I kinda still picture them as I did in my mind when I read the books – so their features, piece by piece, I can see: like Edward’s eyes and grin, Bella’s hair and her sarcastic little smirk. But the whole picture? Their faces in their entirety? I don’t see.

I think if I were casting the roles, be it for the original saga or fic, I’d want to cast an unknown as Edward – and I’d know him when I saw him. For Bella, I’d want someone who could breathe some life into the character and give her a personality. (I’m not a Bella fan, generally speaking, can you tell? >.<) Maybe someone like Ellen Page, who I think is adorable and super talented, or ... oh, Amanda Bynes could be cute in that role, maybe.

Do you believe in HEA?
WAY to Elaborate there Jen !! I was digging for insider INFO!! LOL

So you do anything special while writing a chapter like listen to special music, need total silence, eat a bag of M&Ms whatever …
I suspect I’m a little odd in that I don’t do anything special. I mean, I’ve written 90% of MIA while at work; my desk is part of a cube farm, so I’m surrounded by people, which means it’s loud and there are a lot of interruptions. It drives me nucking futs, I swear. But at home, it’s even worse, so… In a perfect world, I’d be completely isolated and stay plugged into my iPod for background noise.

Oh, and I can’t read other fic when I’m in the middle of writing. I get distracted way too easily, so I have to force myself not to read until I’m done writing. Then I go on a fic binge. :P

Is the story all planned out or do you do it as a fly by the seat of your pants thing?
I kid you not, this is the first time I’ve ever worked from an outline. And even though I had to tweak the outline several times as the story evolved, it’s worked pretty well. I’ll definitely try the outline route for all fics in the future.

OK umm this is a comment/question about part of your fic..hmmm OK I think you wrote the absolute HAWTEST dry humping scene I have ever read! …and trust me I have read a LOT …and now thinking about it, I have disctracted myself so I forgot my question …however if you have any comments on this GO FOR IT
HAHAHA! God, you have no idea how shocked I am by the reaction to the dry humping scene(s). I was so fucking nervous about the one in Ch 17 (which I’m assuming is the one you’re talking about, since it’s the most… humpy), because it had been so long since I’d written any kind of really citrusy scene. So when I didn’t have people laughing and pointing, I was super relieved.

WELL, you should not be shocked, I mean that scene made me go wake up a very tired hubs, who begged for mercy and a few hours of rest …



So, go read this story, it has a touch of angst, but not anything that will make you wanna slit your wrists or drink heavily. It has lovely, funny and fluffy things, TONS of UST, fuckhawt kissing etc, etc, etc. The writing is engaging and the author needs lots of love!!

LOOK for tomorrows poll

The title


(guess what I will vote for!)

Cross your fingers that I can find enough fics with HAWT dry humps or it will be a SHORT poll currently we have ummm I think 3 fics with dry humps in them …guess I have to find more. You can feel free to suggest them to me in comments or on Twitter. Remember peeps, AU HUMAN!!!

UP for review on Wednesday is another lovely Jen (HEY, it’s Jen week!!)

The-Glory-Days and her

ABC’s Sex Edward/Bella GUUUHHHHHHH

Two friends bored with their sex lives decide to play a little game…

Yeah, so go read it!!!


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