April 5, 2010

Sue's Interview with The-Glory-Days about 'Alphabet Weekends'


Alphabet Weekends by the-glory-days

It's Jen week here on the blog

No really, two authors, BOTH named Jen!

OK, well, it struck me as neat cause THAT was totally NOT planned.

Hmmm, wow, what can I say about Alphabet Weekends?

This fic has it al:
  • witty banter
  • romance
  • Fuckhawt sexin
  • tension
  • release
  • a dorky Edward that I just wanna drink a beer with ...and well other things too
  • a Bella who has a job READING! 

HOW COOL IS THAT? Her job is to READ! The bitch gets paid to read!!

Yet again, I am getting ahead of myself. I know, most of you have not read this fic yet, so lets get down to business!!

Here is Jen's Description of her story:
Bored with their dismal sex lives, best friends Edward and Bella come up with the idea of exploring the world of sex using the alphabet for the next twenty-six weekends. What happens when things go from two friends having fun to something serious? AH OOC

Sounds interesting??? I thought so too that's why I read it!

Now I thought it would be all serious or lovey dovey what can I say I am a cyni.

I love it when people prove me WRONG

There is enough sexin to keep those who like their smut interested,
enough of a meaty story to keep those who prefer to have something around their smut interested, enough funny to keep you giggling without it being silly and Romance and and and...

Geez this fic has it ALL

OK enough of my B/S lets find out what makes the author of this neato story TICK

Where did you get the idea for this story? What was your inspiration?
I got the idea for my story while I was sitting on the train going home from class back in March. I had literally picked up the book Alphabet Weekends by Elizabeth Noble three days prior for like five dollars in the sales bin at Barnes & Noble. I was up to the letter R in the book when the idea came to me to spice up the premise and to add Bella and Edward into the mix. Originally, my plan was to have them be married and just trying to spice up their love life, but then the idea of actually following the idea of two best friends playing this game, like in the book, started to sound appealing. For a week, the idea was in the back of my head, begging to be written, clawing at me really, so I decided to finally sit down and outline it, using my own friend-with-benefits fiasco as sort of an inspirational focal point.

I draw on a lot of my own personal experience as well as the experience of a lot of my friends, who like to go into detail about their sexual conquests, and let me tell you, it’s not just my girlfriends who like to brag, it’s the guys, and a few of my really close gay friends who just gab away, regardless of the fact that we’re sitting in a restaurant, two feet away from a family with young children.

Is there anything you would want readers to know specifically?
I adore each and every one of you, honestly. Each review, each recommendation, each PM, thread comments, LJ comment, and what not, truly makes me smile like you would not believe. I never expected this story to be well received, I would have been happy with one review, but to have thousands of people with this story on alert is…mind blowing.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

Why should readers read your story?
Crap, talk about feeling like an ass; I’m so not a self-promoter, I’m just happy when I get one comment for a story I write, but I think people should read this story because everyone or almost everyone has found themselves in the position of falling for a close friend. Most people know that feeling, that yearning and that burning desire to feel that person close to you, to be held by that person, to hear that person express the same sentiments. I think with this story, people are able to see that they’re not the only ones experiencing it; they’re not the only ones feeling that pain. Plus, I’ve provided lots of steamy ways to spice up the bedroom. ;)

Any more fic plans in the future?
TONS! Haha.

I’m the process of finishing up one of my other stories, In Another Life, which is a ghost story, as well as finishing up AW, very soon.

Currently on my agenda, I have a new story up called Dirty Little Secret which is a Jasper/Edward story. I also plan on completing In This Life, which is the Midnight Sun equivalent of my story In Another Life.

I also have few more ideas, including a fantasy story, which my beta has actually read the preface. It’s different from any of the chaptered or one-shots I’ve written.

What actor/actress do you picture as Ed/Bella
In my story? If it’s in regards to AW, my Edward is kind of a mix of Rob and Jackson. (Most people know, I love me some Jackson!).

My Bella would probably be Kristen. There’s something about her that reminds me of my Bella. Plus, I kind of love the interaction between Rob and Kristen. There’s a magnetism there that’s unbelievably palpable…like two friends with a secret.

Do you believe in HEA?
No. *hides from angry glares and possible rocks*

Umm…don’t get me wrong, the HEA is a beautiful thing, but it’s no always realistic. You don’t always end up with ‘the love of your life’, you don’t always get what you really want.

I know she wont answer me so I am just putting in my 2 cents here This was my reaction to reading that!! NOOOOOOOO you mean they stop liking each other and do not live together and she does not get to be with her best friend / dude that was the best lay EVER!! OK I know I will find out when the story is over so I will shut up now cause WHO KNOWS maybe she means another story RIGHT?? She does!!!! She's writing other things!! SHE HAS TO MEAN ANOTHER STORY!!!! *whimpers* *I need chocolate STAT*
(Sue's crazy drama queen fangirl has now been put to bed and we can continue on with something more interesting)

So you do anything special while writing a chapter like listen to special music, need total silence, eat a bag of M&Ms, whateve...?
Oohh, I love M&M’s, especially the ones with almonds!

But to be serious, music definitely helps when I’m writing. Music is definitely important to me in general; I can’t go anywhere without my I pod! And in this story, music plays a pivotal role in how the mood is set up in a chapter. Sometimes I get really lucky, (*wink wink*), no but seriously, sometimes I get lucky and the perfect song will come up as I’m writing a chapter, and suddenly the words will just fly off my fingertips with ease.

teehee she said sometimes she gets lucky!!

Is the story all planned out or do you do it as a fly by the seat of your pants thing?
The story is outlined as far as the drama, and the relationship itself, plus the letters K, U, and X which I chose to be used specifically from the very beginning, but the rest of the letters were all spontaneous rolls of a dice.

The spontaneous Roll of the dice thing is AWESOME what a neato tidbit to find out about how she chooses the letter for the week. To me it is like a little secre.

Of course it is a secret she shared in an A/N and on here so it is not THAT big of a secret, but still really cool in my book.

SO why does SUE think you should read this story?

The characters relationship development throughout the story is a wonderful thing to watch. The story is told in 3rd person, so you see inside their heads but also get to hear how the other person reacts in their head.

My favorite chapter is S for Sorry

Edward apologizes to Bella for every hurt he caused her, for every scar on her body that was caused by some accident that happened during one of his schemes (remember they have been best buds since they were 4, so that is a LOT of scars)

YES, they fall in love, but neither wants to admit it to the other out of fear of loosing the person most important to them.

So, I love it. Now go off and read it and let me know what YOU think

If you have read it let me know what you think NOW

Friday, we have yet again another statistical analysis of our Poll with me and who the hell knows will show up to help us gab!!

NEXT WEEK (I know, I am so shocked I have this all planned out, you should be VERY impressed with me! I know I am)


Period Fic Week

I am gonna talk about 2 of my favorite period Fics (I have so many!)

Twice and Long as Yesterday by Hopeful Wagner


The Very Thought Of You by Babbette

Both very swoon worthy period fics. (Edward in period clothes!)
Speaking of SWOONING over someone in period clothes!! THE POLL is gonna be What period would you like to see Rob play dress up in!!

YUP, somehow or another I am going to play virtual paper dolls. OK, maybe it will just be PRETEND virtual paper dolls

with ROB



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