April 5, 2010

Sue's Interview with Babette about 'The Very Thought of You'



This might come as a great shock to my 13 fans but I have all of the skills to be a

Domestic DIVA

Yes, I can sew, follow patterns to make new clothes, make patterns to make clothes, I know how to make bread from scratch, grow veggies, I even know how to can food! AND...

I am an organic Chicken Farmer... Really, it is not a joke. I have kept chickens. We do not have any at the moment, the fox ate them all... damn fox...

SO, what do all of my amazing domestic skills have to do with anything??? I mean, besides making today's author jealous because I have a pressure canner and she does not? (neener neener neener!! LOL) No, no, no that's not it
(actually, if I lived close to her, I would either can with her or loan out my pressure canner to her, no issues there)

Here, let me tell you about this fic and see if you can tell me WHY I find it so marvelous...
HERE is her Summary:
Edward moves to Seattle on the eve of the American Civil War and meets Bella. A typical love story. All canon pairings, AU/AH, rated M for future chapters

Hmmm... That, in my opinion, does not adequately describe this story.

How about:

Epic love story, that rivals Gone with the Wind!!!! (no annoying Scarlett, Sue does not like Scarlett )

Now, if you think I have gone too far in my fangirling over this story, and you are in LURVE with GWTW ..THEN how about this Challenge. You go read this fic and come back to me. If you disagree, we can Skype chat and I will blog about our battle of wits!! LOL

Ok, Ann would blush at that, but I seriously LOVE this story ...

It all started out with the Age of Edward contest. I know you have heard me go on and on and ON about this contest, but it is my favorite and I DO HOPE that another one will happen because so many terrific stories came out of there.

OK, Ann wrote this awesome one shot Called
She was peer-pressured through reviews and her friends to extend it ...

AND WE HAVE Civilwarward!!!

This story is pure romance of two young people. You follow them from their first meeting, through their friendship and courtship and marriage.

IF you read the one shot, you KNOW certain things happen. I suggest reading the one shot. It is all kindsa awesome, she even won this neato new author award!

I would not describe it as fluffy though because it feels more real... more historical drama with sweet loving in it.

And now I know here is the question most pervs want to know:
SUE what about the sexin?

Well, in good historical fiction style following with these characters and how they would behave, you got the UST, some serious panty wetting kissing that makes you want to take a break to fan yourself and the honeymoon.


The honeymoon...

Remember, these two are living in a time when sex before marriage was seriously frowned on, so these two had never been acquainted with that kind of experience. Heck, good girls did not touch themselves "down there", so Bella is REALLY new to the whole thing!

Both of them talked with others to find out what to expect and what to do.

I tell you, their discovery of each other physically was sweet and loving and just *SIGH*


So let's hear from Ann as she answers my hard hitting questions and see what she has to say!

Where did you get the idea for this story? What was your inspiration?
The idea came from the Age of Edward contest. Going To Sleep was my first entry, and it will be chapter 19 of this story. I then had quite a few requests to continue it/write a story around it. Naelany, especially, PMed me to work out details. Also, Stavanger1, who lives nearby, and I talked about it over lunch, and then I was convinced to do it.

Is there anything you would want readers to know specifically?
I'm trying to be very historically accurate. There will be a few deviations (like I seriously doubt refrigerators made it to Seattle by 1861, but they were in use in places in the country, so its existence is accurate), but for the most part it will give you a good picture of life during that time.

I also wanted to show that, although we glamorize that time period, they worked really hard. There was division of work between the sexes, but there was also mutual respect for what the other did. Men recognized that 'women's work' was hard and took a great deal of time. Women recognized that 'men's work' was very labor intensive and wore them out. It's our current time period that puts a derogatory meaning to those terms. For them, it was just a recognition of who was better suited to what work based on physical, emotional and mental abilities. Let's face it, men are single-minded and task driven, women are better multi-taskers. Men are stronger, women have more dexterity. It didn't make one better than the other, just better suited for certain tasks, so they divided the work accordingly.

It doesn't hurt that I love doing what my hubby calls the 'domestic arts.' I love to garden, sew, and can. In fact, in between answering these questions I just put up five batches of blackberry jam.


I think this is a very important point for us living in this century to realize the division of labor had NOTHING to do with being sexist, it had EVERYTHING to do with playing to the strengths of the workers.

Women tend to be better at multitasking and fine motor skills and men TEND to be better at heavy lifting and single focus driven pursuits.

Why should readers read your story?
It's just a sweet, romantic love story. If they're after smut, they won't get it here. There will be sex, but I want it to be very loving and respectful. If they want a simple love story, with no soap-opera silliness, then they will like it.

There will be angst. Edward does go to war, and if they've read the one-shot, Going to Sleep, then they know he will be shot. Whether he lives or not remains to be seen. If he lives, how will the war have affected him? How will they deal with the injuries? If he doesn't live, how will Bella raise their child (there will be a baby)? How will she cope with his loss? Would she be open to love again? These are questions being faced by many men and women today who have loved ones going off to fight in a war far away, so I hope to address it properly.

Any more fic plans in the future?
Actually, yes. I'm working with getshorty on writing a darker vampire AU fic. Edward is not a very nice guy; he's extremely selfish and manipulative. We're working out the outline now. I won't start writing it until I finish this story, but I hope to have it all figured out soon. We've got up through chapter 18 outlined with what will happen, but need to figure out the story arc. She'll want me to point out that I'll be doing the writing. She's supplying half the ideas for the story, though, so in my mind she's a co-author.

After that, I've had so many requests to continue Taking Liberties, my other one-shot, that I will probably cave and do that one. I just don't have any ideas on where to take it yet.


Ummm... one of those requests to extend that one shot MIGHT have been from me, cause I liked it as well... So well when you get around to it I would greatly appreciate a heads up!!


I have to talk about some of the visuals that blew me away. My favorite is the vision of a wedding dress, that she has on her forum at Twilighted. Just look at this dress... of course, I would not want to wear it. I am one strong chica but I do not think even I could lift all that fabric...

but isn't is lovely ????

TVTY wedding dress

Ann has many other lovely things to look at over on her thread at Twilighted and you can chat with other ladies who like all kinds of neat things like history and romance fics etc...

Ann I hope you enjoyed doing this interview with me I know you took time out of canning your blackberries to do this for me and I was thrilled to e-mail back and forth with you!


TOMORROW we have our Tuesday poll
we are going to have so much fun I think we might blow up the interwebs!!

We have been working VERY hawd to get this little ditty together I hope you all appreciate the work that went into this


YUP you get to VOTE on what period movie you would most like to Rob in and we got the pictures for the different time periods we have chosen!! to you know help illustrate things

OK OK we just like to look at Rob dressed up costumes!


Continuing with PeriodFic week

we have a review and interview on Wednesday with HopefulWagner

The great author of

Twice as Long as Yesterday

alrighty my dears I am tired and off to beddie bye I will get this bad boy posted Monday MORNING!!! and then sit back with my coffee and wait for the comments!!


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