April 3, 2010

Sue's Interview with AngryBadgerGirl about 'The Marriage Of True Minds

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WHY am I writing about one shots??
WELL because I like to read one shots in between all of my other reading. It is a great way to pass time if you do not want to wait for updates or if you want a quick fic fix!!!
I became particularly fascinated with one contest

Age Of Edward

For those that do not know me I have a bit of a "thing" for period fics

OK, bit of a thing is really Sue short hand for really fucking OBSESSED

I read almost all of them
I think I missed ...ummm 4 of them

YUP I read almost all of them

We all have our favorite authors and THIS WEEK I get to chat with 3 greats!!

(total fangirl SQUEEE here) I got to talk with......

Angry Badger Girl.....
If you do not know who I am talking about this fantabulous lady wrote Frenemies!!! SKITTLEWARD and she also wrote Housemating Season

AND she is currently writing Apples and Oranges


OK enough of that cause I could go on and ON and ON AND ON about those sweetwards! (ask anyone I can talk for HOURS about Skittleward. I fucking love him. I dated him just after high school, but again I getting all distracted)

My friend Nicci sent a tweet To ABG cause I am a coward like that ...(chickenshit is what Molls likes to say) and ABG sent her e-mail and then she and I skype chatted and


No really she is just as funny and charming chatting with her as she is in her fics

well deal cause she is a freakin DOLL!!!
I mean she was willing to chit chat with me while I stammered over my non prepared questions listening to my kids in the background! LOL it was a BLAST
So here is the details of her lovely one shot!
This one-shot is an entry in the Age of Edward contest. It's Austenward! The story takes place in Regency England, circa 1810. Bella enters an arranged marriage to avoid poverty. Can she find love despite the circumstances? M FOR JUICY OLDY TIME LEMON!
Complete - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 13,104 - Reviews: 223 - Updated: 6-14-09 - Published: 6-14-09

I love LOVE LOVE Jane Austen books I know that her stuff is NOT everyone's cup of tea, but the whole time period just ..just...just...Sends me. For several reasons, sure some think it is a romantic period of time ..but it's also a time where everything is very rigid especially the class distinctions, and the whole history of it all. I mean I think Austenward, and I am thinking Collin Firth .....yummy....

For those that think this is just a rewrite of Pride and Prejudice THINK AGAIN

This is Austenesque, BUT an entirely original tale and so captivating with great imagery and ABG dialog and well REALLY GREAT damnit!!

SO here it is MY interview WITH the incomparable

She and I were skype chatting here so I took notes. Then my pen ran outta ink, and then my kids interrupted, and then I decided to start typing while she was talking. SO this is an interpretation of that convo some words have been changed because my typing SUCKS but I tried to keep her words as close to hers as I could!!

(and I made myself sound more coherent and organized of course!)

SOOOO tell me about your little one shot? (see coherent and ORGANIZED!)
I choose Austenward because Jane Austen is mentioned in the Twilight books. So I set aside a weekend to do some research about the time period. I found some amazing things. Etiquette was their religion. There were details on how everything had to be done from introductions to eating to addressing others. All of the social customs had rules that went with them for how one should behave.

IN here I babbled on about how awesome her story is and how much I loved the language and the FEEL of it all it was very well done in a great Austen style (I have read a lot of Austen) and she confessed something to me that made me damn near fall outta my freaking Chair!!

ABG :"I have never read any Jane Austen"

WTF??? I was shocked I mean her fic is THAT spot on language details style feel imagery EVERYTHING and she NEVER read it!!!

damn she's good!

(she giggled here and thanked me for my excessive fangirling)

So I asked her something like how she came up with this stuff to make it sound sooooo good.
I got out my unused SAT reference word list and wrote REALLLLLY LOOOOOONNNNG sentences and devoted a lot of time to style and tone to fit the time period

What made you want to write a one shot?
I was kinda getting into a rut with my writing. I felt like I needed to have a change of pace to work out the kinks.. not as easy to write for contests they are very structured. You have to fit all the parameters in your story characterization, dialog, and in limited space(word limit) it not as easy as it sounds.
Actually harder to condense down a complete story into 12,000 words. I wanted to broaden my horizons to go back to my other stuff with a fresh perspective.
I had a lot of fun
If you want to write, one shots are a good way to get your feet wet. You are given a theme, and an idea you can start from there. Some writers who might be daunted by an entire multichapter fic would have an easier time if they give a one shot a try for their first story.

After this we deviated from the topic as I am well known to do and I babbled at her that I LOVED how she was at Comic Con and asked Rob a Question for those who have NOT seen it here is the YouTube Video of it:

YUP she asked a Question to the Gentleman in the plaid she could not place him ...(she brought the HOUSE down) anyways she told me the backstory to how she ended up being the first person there to ask a question. You see she walked up to the first person in line. Struck up a conversation with her the woman had been standing there for a while waiting for the new moon panel to start. Her seat was WAYYY in the back of the room. WELL ABG had 12 row seats so she offered the woman her seat in exchange for her place in line. The woman refused! So ABG threw in her Hail Mary pass and cooly asked the woman if she read FF. the woman said yes. She said "Have you ever heard of McVampy you know the one who wrote...(dramatic pause) Frenemies?

The woman said YES I have heard of her!

Well I am McVampy

(at this point I am rolling with laughter cause that is just such a cool thing!)

The woman then agreed to let ABG(the artist formerly known as McV) to step into line with her. You see the other woman wanted to ask Rob a question also, but was too nervous to go first AND THAT is how she got to be first in line!!

after much giggling I asked her a question that as a fan of her writing I already KNEW the answer to

Do you believe in HEA?I am ABSURDLY fixated on HEA. My HEAs are like a little fics in themselves. The Epilogue is a story of it’s own. An explosion of happiness with puppies running through fields of wildflowers, unicorns riding rainbows....So yeah I like HEA ...

How do you know when to end your stories I mean , the ones I have read just seem to come to such a natural conclusion? (this is me asking the question as it SHOULD have been asked. I did NOT sound this smart when talking to her. I was stammering over words, and using the words Like like and Umm a lot... so enter Sue land for a moment and PRETEND with me)
The story ends when it is supposed to. I do not outline my stories before I write. I have a rough idea of major plot points and how it ends, but I do not outline. I will hear the dialog in my head, and different scenarios will pop up and what happens when the story winds down they(the characters) start speaking less and less and that is when I know it is time to end it …you have to be true to them and when they stop talking to you then they are ready to leave ..time to wrap it up then.

She giggled telling me she thinks it makes her sound so crazy that the characters actually "talk" in her head but I told her that I have heard many authors mention this phenomenon and it is all part of the creative process..of course when I spoke to her it did not sound that well put together. It probably came out more as a "you not crazy girl, its all good!"

A&O has about 4 or 5 chappys left I Love A&O my laughter and repeating things from it gave my kids a new snack Cheetos & peanut butter! They heard me giggling over it and decided to try it one day they loved it! what can I say I have weird kids....

SOOOO I am fishing here for info tell me do you have anything planned for AFTER A&O wraps up ??
Yes I am writing something else. I got the idea before A&O and shelved it because of everything else going on(finishing up with Housemating Season I was still writing Frenemies at the time) I sort let it do it’s thing in my head for a while. I have a substantial amount already written and it needs to be tweaked a bit. IN this new story I am venturing into unknown territory... It is still a good romantic comedy(she paused cue cool mystery music here I heard it IN MY HEAD!) he is a douceward (swoon!) total unabashedly doucey…awesome

At this point I was all WOW I mean like really? cause I like your douchy guys I mean Tie guy got really assy and so did Skittleward and so did broodward...just WOW
She Then asked if I wanted to know the title

like I would EVER say NO ...

so world are you ready??

The Naked Guy Upstairs


LOL I loved LOVED LOVED chatting with ABG I mean it was so much fun I know I will recommending more of her fics here cause I just adore her stuff so the next time I SWEAR I will have questions prepared in advance so I do not sound all stammery and silly and I will try to put my cool game face on ..
oh who the hell am I trying to kid I will be me and you all can have a great laurgh and I will too!!! LOL


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