April 8, 2010

Sue's Interview with cdunbar about 'Resident Geek'

Resident Geek by cdunbar

I love me some nerdy boys (yes I know that is gramatical error but editors PLEASE leave it *MWAH*).

A random SUE Fact that only some of you may know:

I married a Dungeon Master.
No, hubs is not into whips and chains...well he is but he does not have a play room...YET.
I AM TALKING D&D people (for those not in the know about this really awesome game it is Dungeons and Dragons).

Yes, hubs used to dress up to go to conventions to play AD&D 2nd edition for 4 days. He held 2 weekly D&D nights at our house with two different groups


And he wears glasses and he has a geeky sense of humor.

SO now you can see WHY I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Geekward.
It's those cute awkward guys that just make my heart go pitter patter THUD!

TODAY we have Resident GEEK by cdunbar.
Here is her summary!!
Rated: M

Geeky Edward thinks he has absolutely no shot with the popular, beautiful Bella. Is he right, or will she be one of the many girls who thinks geeks make for better lovers? M for later chapters. A little OOC… okay, a lot OOC.

*SIGH* I think geeks make better lovers. They are loyal and cute and unsure, but once you get those boys trained OH YEAH BABY!!!

Alright, enough of my BS. Here is how she answered my Qs, and I have to tell you this is one of the funniest interviews EVER!!

Where did you get the idea for this story? What was your inspiration?
I honestly have no idea where this story came from. I was really frustrated one day after going to one more interview where I left knowing I wouldn't get the job and just needed to vent. That's where the first chapter came from. I sat down and wrote the first thing that came to mind, drawing heavily from my own experiences and stories I've heard from several friends. Afterward I typed it up and sent it to a couple friends, who are also fanfic writers, to see if they liked it, which came back as an overwhelming 'yes'. So I posted it, thinking I'd do a quick four chapter or so story since I was already writing a multi-chapter story and didn't have time to start another one. But that's not what happened, as I'm sure everyone who reads the story knows.

Is there anything you would want readers to know specifically?
I love them. Whole-heartedly, can't-live-without-them love. There's no better high I know than reading someone's reaction to a chapter, be it good or bad, because that person, of their own free will, just spent the time to read something that I wrote. I love it when y'all suggest geeky stuff for Edward to be into or send me links to things you would like to see in the story or when you just check in with a quick email to see how I am because it's been god knows how long since I've updated and you're not even sure if I'm still alive.

Why should readers read your story?
Geez, I have no idea. What do most people say here? You can't really answer this question without sounding like a braggart, can you? Hmm... the only reason to read my story is because you want to. If it's not your thing, I'm not going to force it on you. (And don't let anyone else force it on you, either.)

Any more fic plans in the future?
Tons of ideas, but no time to do anything with them. I mean, it's taken me over a year for Bella and Edward to have sex; I'm not exactly swimming in free time here, if you catch my drift. I keep saying 'maybe' whenever someone asks me this question, though, because you never know what will happen. I guess the better answer is 'I hope so'.

What actor/actress do you picture as Edward/Bella?
No one? When I'm writing, I actually picture my ex-boyfriend as Edward because he was the BIGGEST nerd ever and one of my college friends as Bella. Is that weird? Maybe I should pick an actor and actress anyway. So, for Edward I choose Rob when he was in 'The Bad Mother's Handbook' (which you can watch on YouTube, btw) and for Bella I choose...um...*long pause*...*google search*... Oh! That girl from Napoleon Dynamite! She's adorable. She can be Bella. (She also played an ubergeek on Veronica Mars, which is even better.)

SUE HERE OH Rob in BMH so dorky so awkward so perfect you just wanna take him home and feed him brownies and make it all better! *SIGH*

Do you believe in HEA?
In reality? No, not really. Happily ever after is nice to dream about, but rarely experienced. Life is hard and things don't always go your way. Sad, but true. But in fiction, I love HEA. Call it the little girl inside me who has seen Little Mermaid too many times, or my need to believe in something that lasts a lifetime, but I hate reading stories or watching a movie that ends tragically. I think there should be just enough reality in them to make them believable, unless you're just going completely out there, but after that, it needs to be happy. These things are supposed to help you escape reality for a while, not remind you of how bad it can be. That's why I avoid horror movies and books, documentaries, biographies and biographical films, reality shows, and crime scene shows (except Castle because anything with Nathan Fillion in it is win). Yes, it may be weird, but I am weird, so it works.

So you do anything special while writing a chapter, like listen to special music, need total silence, eat a bag of M&Ms, etc? 
I end up doing most of my writing during my down time at work so... not really. I try to put music on (alternative rock, if I can swing it without making anyone mad, like my boss) when it's possible, but most of the time it's quiet and I'll be interrupted every two minutes or so to help a guest out. Not exactly the greatest writing climate, but you work with what you've got. When I do find time to write at home, I usually put music on just because it blocks out my upstairs neighbor, who is very noisy for an older broad.

Is the story all planned out or do you do it as a fly by the seat of your pants thing?
Um... I completely winged the entire story. (Is 'winged' a word? Eh. Y'all know what I mean.) Seriously, I had no idea what was going to happen from one chapter to the next. I know how it's going to end now, but when I started it, I had no clue. It was fun trying to make it all work together, but I have no idea if the story flows since I haven't read it all the way through in quite a while. I hope it does. ...can someone tell me if it does?

Do you have a posting schedule? If so, what is it?
Yeah, it's post whenever I finish a chapter. I don't have any of this prewritten and I have no way of knowing when I'll be done; it's just 'post when it's been beta-ed'.

Gimme a fic rec. What do you like to read? and WHY?
Okay, that was a demand and two questions,SUE INTERUPTING AGAIN... let's not get too technical here hon!
so let me split them up.

Fic Rec -- I've loving "Dreaming of Butterflies" by Stretch right now. It's one of the few stories I follow that I'll read the update right away. The story: So, Bella wakes up from a coma that was caused by Taylor's van hitting her and finds out that everything was a dream. And I do mean everything. There's no vampires, no werewolves and no Cullens. That's right, I said no Cullens. They moved the day after Bella started school to sunny California. I know you're shocked that I would be reccing a story that has no Edward, but I am. And I absolutely love it. I love the budding friendship between Jacob and Bella. I love Stretch's writing style and how she shows Bella trying to work out what's real and what's not. And I love the mystery that's slowly building around Bella's dreams. Seriously, read it. There's something much deeper going on than 'Bella wakes up from a coma and tries to reconcile her life' and I can't wait to find out what it is.

What I like to read -- I'm on a huge AU kick right now. Also, I'm finding myself drawn to pack fics.

Why -- I think it's just a simple 'too much of a good thing'. I read mostly Bella/Edward AH stories for over a year and now I'm a bit tired of them. What I do read depends largely on my mood. Sometimes I'll want mystery. Sometimes smut. Sometimes gooey fluffiness. Most of the time, though, I need a reason to start a story. One thing about it that makes me think, 'Huh. That's interesting.' I'll give you some examples of this: "Last Rites" by Halojones, for the way she's twisted quotes from Twilight around to create a psychotic and wonderful story of Edward finding his humanity; "If Love Could Light A Candle" by Pastiche Pen, for her descriptions of Edward's 'rebellious' years; "My Yes, My No" by Lolashoes, for playing out the scenarios of what would happen if Bella responded differently to the same question with it somehow leading to the exact same place; "No Choice" by glasscannon.lj, for asking 'What if the wolves had arrived at the meadow a minute later than they did in New Moon?'; and "Afterlife" by Thatisastory, for showing what would happen to (and between) Bella and Jasper if something happened to Alice and Edward, and making it believable.

The pack fic love started after I saw the first picture of the guys who were cast as the wolves. I took one look at Alex Meraz and that was it. I was a goner. I just co-wrote an article with Moon.Witche (aka Caitlin, who hosts the Temptation podcast with me) about Jared, Quil and Paul for the Lazy, Yet Discerning Ficster. It's amazing how little Paul is featured in stories. I know, I know. You're pointing at the screen and saying, "But you put Paul in your story... and it wasn't in the most favorable light" (or something much worse). It's true, I gave Paul no love in RG, but that doesn't mean I don't like the kid while also thinking he would be a gigantic player. Besides, that's All-Human.

Added Randomness:
(Another note from SUE here I did not add this randomness SHE did it all on her own I FREAKIN LOVE IT and plan on stealing her Qs cause I am a thief like that)

Let's get to the real question here. So, do you think you can write?
Nope. Not one bit. But that's not going to stop me anytime soon. It's like when I sing. I know I don't have the greatest voice, but that doesn't stop me from belting out at the top of my lungs when my favorite songs come on.

Why a geeky Edward?
Why not a geeky Edward? Did you not read the same book as me? Come on, the guy was as socially awkward as they come. It was almost painful reading his early interactions with Bella because he couldn't say anything right. And watching it on the big screen with Rob and Kristen was just as cringe-worthy. Rob is the epitome of socially awkward, isn't he? He's just so dang adorable.

You won't get any arguments from me on that. I love his interviews with the verbal diarrhea. You just KNOW there is a manager just out of sight, pulling their hair out over some of the stuff he says.

Is there anything else you wanted to say to your readers?
Yes. Go try Jack in the Box's new Pumpkin Pie shake. It's AMAZING. I just had one for lunch and I couldn't stop drinking it until it was gone. Then I pouted and tried to get out of work so I could get another one. (That didn't happen, but I plan on going again after I leave work.) It was like actually drinking a pumpkin pie. Now, if you don't like pumpkin pie, don't try it, but if you're like me and your favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because you get to eat as much pumpkin pie as you want, TRY IT. Then you can thank me when you become as addicted to them as I am. Also, I love hearing from y'all. If you ever want to tell me anything, go ahead. I don't care how random it is, but I'm warning you now, I'll probably come back at you with something just as random. You can reach me at christineisageek@gmail.com or stalk me via Twitter @geekcdunbar.


Wasn't that an AWESOME interview? I laughed several times, this chica is FUNNY!

Read the story it is great too!

Do not FORGET people:

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I am keeping the POLE DANCE 'cause I get a huge kick out of BSing with Nikki. So, whatever I put up on Tuesdays will get discussed on Fridays!! Could be a poll, could be something else!g

That is all I got for today. Tune in again when Sue answers the question...

Come again??


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