April 8, 2010

IRREVERENT FRIDAY: Beegurl13's Sacreligious Prayer

I know I know we are supposed to have a POLL DANCE here blame ME!! why??? cause I do

SO THIS is an at the last minute post cause my h00r Nikki is busy tonight getting her freak on or her toes waxed or something (maybe she gets her freak on WHILE getting her toes waxed. you all do know that I am in SOOO much trouble when my Nikki reads this)

OK here is what I am doing instead


I got a lovely little tweet from beegurl13 who made up a very sweet prayer during a conversation on twitter about THE BISHOP

SO here is our new "prayer". :D 

My lover, which art above me, Swallowed by my tongue, Thy peen doth cum, thy fill be fun, in girth as it grows in length'n. Give us this way your seeping head, And forbid us our releases, As we permit others that release upon us. And lead us cuffed into domination, But deliver us to anal. For thine is the erection, The thrust, and the fury, Hard over and over. Amen. I'm going to Hell, huh?

This is a pic that makes Beegurl Tingle


WOW those are some lovely pics and a very FUNNY poem I hope you all enjoyed it and if you want to throw something at my box for IRREVERENT friday then you all know where to find me

sitting on my ass in front of my 12 yr old computer monitor loosing my eyesight reading FF!!!

do not forget tomorrow we have Lady Tater's TEAS WITH ROB

so come back now ya hear??


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