April 9, 2010

Sue's Interview with the Authors of 'It Isn't Stalking If You Don't Get Caught'

It Isn't Stalking If You Don't Get Caught by JustForkIt and Little Miss Whitlock
Oh fangirls you know I love them.. they are MY people

This fic I gotta tell you if you have ever sat back with a group of your friends and made fun of yourself as a fangirl then this is the fic for you to read!!

WHY does this one fit into Average Joe WEEK??

Edward, Jasper and Emmett are fan boys of these 3 actresses. The 3 guys are, well, they are US! They check magazines, look at pictures, watch the movies, go to fan events. They twitter, they chat in chat rooms, run blogs, etc... all about

The girls of their dreams!

The 3 guys fit 3 different faccets of fandom:
Edward is the awkward super geek boy who is completely in LOVE with Bella. From afar he adores her whole heartedly.

Emmett is one of the best Emmetts I have ever met. I follow his horny lazy snackin ass on twitter. Boy still has not come over to work on my farm seems no matter how many promises of brownies I give him ...probably cause I am not a tall cool blonde

Jasper, oh my darlin Jazz... this one I would take home to keep. I would treat him so good...but then he would dump me for a pack of juicy fruit.

OK so you are probably reading this saying WHO got SUE all sugared up and let her type I blame hubby cause it is convinient

(be warned my spell checkers are not around today)

HERE is the description of this awesomely funny fic

Edward, Emmett and Jasper travel across the border to meet starlets Bella, Alice and Rosalie at a fan convention. What antics will these fanboys come up with as they prepare to meet the girls of their dreams? Collab. btw. Charlsad & Little Miss Whitlock
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 14 - Words: 69,126 - Reviews: 425 - Updated: 11-14-09 - Published: 8-2-09 - Edward & Bella

and well you have already heard mine so here is the interview!!

We are blessed to hear from both the authors and .....The boys!

First the authors!!


Where did you get the idea for this story? What was your inspiration?
JFI- Our friend, Hammondgirl, was in Dallas at Twicon and sending us information about what was going on. I started joking around about how funny it would be if someone wrote a story about the guys being “fanboys”. We started out joking around, and eventually realized that we had to do it. I saved the original AIM conversation, and will probably print it out and have it framed.
LMW: I’m definitely a “Wouldn’t it be funny if—“ kind of girl, and one night JFI and I were joking around and we started coming up with scenarios of what would happen if the guys of Twilight were actually fangirls. It was hilarious—and we just knew we had to do it. Who is our inspiration? Haha, the fandom—and the Saga actors! Combined, those two groups give us more than enough ammo to write a ridiculously fun story.

Is there anything you would want readers to know specifically?
LMW: Nothing in our story is meant to offend anyone—we aren’t going out of our way to make fun of people because we’re not mean girls. We’re simply playing up on what’s been handed to us. Also, I want my readers to know that I’m a real person just like them—I go to work, I hang out, I travel to a million Twilight conventions (wait, is that normal? meh), and I just want to have fun and enjoy our fandom. I like to think that I’m approachable, and I am definitely me in all aspects of my life—what you read here is what you’d get in real life.
JFI- When we write this story we are making fun of ourselves. Half of the stuff Emmett has done is actually out of my own life, I probably shouldn’t admit it, but there you have it. I think both of us were a little worried that people would take this story the wrong way, and feel like we were being mean. So far that hasn’t happened, but I just want people to know that we are just as big of Twilight dorks as anyone else. We are both very much a “what you see is what you get” kind of girl. I am the same person in my real life as I am on Twitter or in my A/N.

Why should readers read your story?
JFI- Uh, because it is the shit? No seriously, I think people should read this because it is so real. I mean anyone who is even a remote Twlight fan can relate to this story. It’s a way for people to see that maybe they aren’t as crazy as they might think they are. For a long time I was so embarrassed by the infatuation with this series until I met a lot of people like me. Think of this story as a Twilight Junkie support group, minus the nasty coffee and hard chairs. Hi my name is JustForkIt and I’m addicted to Twilight… and gingers.
LMW: Because it’s fun to make fun of yourself? I don’t know—out of all the stories I’ve written and posted this one I just want to cuddle up to. Perhaps it’s because I love JFI a million times over, or because our characters are just so darn real, but it’s hard not to find yourself wanting a fanboy—heck, I kind of want them all! So really, I’m not sure exactly why they should read it—I just want them to! It’s different from all the other stories out there and it’s just…fun!

Any more fic plans in the future?
LMW: haha, yes. I am always working on something. Right now I have 3 other stories that aren’t completed that I’m working on in rotation. But I have a backlog of story ideas that I can always work with later on as well. It’s too much fun NOT to write fic—who doesn’t like being able to manipulate the Saga characters?
JFI- I have a few I’m working on. I finished The Honeymoons Over about a month ago, and I’m toying with the idea of a prequel/sequel. I am also working on a really dark fic which is a total change for me, but that’s all hush-hush right now.

What actor/actress do you picture as Ed/Bella?
JFI- Bella is Rob in a wig. There is no one else. If this ever got made into a movie… well half of our budget would be spent on convincing Rob to dress in drag. As well as TomStu and ArtStu, they would have to play Jessica and Oliver. Jackson dressed in drag for Criminal Minds, so maybe we could get him to play Alice.
LMW: Like my cohort said, Bella is Rob in a wig. We paralleled characters within each other: Rosalie is Kellan, Alice is Jackson (with a smidge of Ashley Greene), Bella is Rob, Carlisle is Peter Facinelli, Jessica is Tom Stu, and the list goes on. As for the fanboys, well, Edward’s this uber fan (and I know you all either are one, or know someone who is) who just cannot get enough—the CA series has consumed his life.

(normally you would find a pic of the actor/actress the author pictures as Edward/Bella, but it was a bit difficult finding pics of the Twilight cast in drag)

Do you believe in HEA?
LMW: I’d love to believe that everything has a HEA. Of course I believe in it, but I don’t think it’s a necessary component to a story. When I write, I want my stories to have a realistic, everyday kind of feel—that this is some story that could actually happen in real life. Not that I don’t love reading about Prince Edward and Supermodel Bella, but I like the story to have some elements in it that mirror reality—I feel like it makes the story more relatable in that sense. Not everything in life ends in Happily Ever After. And let me clarify this: you can also have a non-HEA without killing someone or having a tragic ending. If Edward and Bella don’t end up together in the end but both still exist, I see that as a non-HEA, too.
JFI- I love the idea of HEA, but it isn’t realistic. I think there are various degrees of a HEA, but I will straight up tell you that none of my stories will end with a perfectly tied ribbon. I have a lot of admiration for writers that don’t give us a HEA. I keep telling my Beta that I want to kill Edward off in one of my stories; she keeps telling me if I do that she will hurt me.

So do you do anything special while writing a chapter like listen to special music need total silence eat a bag of M&Ms whatever …
JFI- I actually write a lot better when I am at work. I can struggle for a week on a chapter at home, go to work and crank it out in a few hours. But I also have to have music, HAVE to, it’s a must.
LMW: I don’t really have any rituals when I sit down to write. I just have to be in the mood to write. I can’t just sit down and make a chapter happen (which is why I don’t update regularly). I mean, sometimes I like to listen to music or I will have the TV on in the background, but nothing major. Sometimes going into a Word Challenge helps me focus.

Is the story all planned out or do you do it as a fly by the seat of your pants thing?
LMW: I think it’s a mixture of both, and that works perfectly—its fun to create characters that are changing as our pop culture changes along with them. I like having an overall story idea, but letting the story write itself. I mean, we’re supposed to be creative, right? In that respect, we need to be willing to delve outside our outlines and see what the characters want us to do with them.
JFI- We have a very specific plot for this story, but as things happen in the fandom we add to it. Like when the A.Greene nudie pics came out, we both knew it had to be part of the story. We know how it will end, and how we have to get there, but we add stuff to the middle. The more crazy things that happen within the fandom, the more “ammunition” we have.

Do you have a posting Schedule ? If so what is it ?
JFI- I don’t and probably never will. I tried it with my first story, but it all felt very forced which made the chapters feel very cookie cutter-ish. I go through spurts where I can write and write and write, then have a week where I can’t even write a sentence. I try to stockpile chapters when I am in a writing mood, and will sit there and keep going until I physically have to stop. But, I work full time and I also go to school full time, so lately I write when I can.
LMW: *laughs* me? Never. I don’t like feeling restricted to write—and realistically, I would NEVER meet a deadline I set for updating. I have 4 open stories. I’d have to be writing a chapter a night to update them all once a week. It’s just not possible for me. Plus, I can’t just spew something out—but my readers know this (and hopefully don’t mind too much).

What brought you to fanfic? To Twilight?
LMW: After I read Breaking Dawn I was dissatisfied with this Fade to Black phenomenon. I know that makes me sound pervy but I also kept thinking “what if someone re-wrote the ending?” So I started a Google search for “Twilight stories” and this fanfiction website kept popping up. I clicked on it and I swear I heard angels singing. I had hit the mecca.
A friend and I were having lunch one night and decided we wanted to exchange some good book titles to read (I was in my first year of my Master’s and desperate to read anything but scholarly work) and she suggested Twilight. I put it on my list of books to read but never gave much thought to it after that. I remember I went to see the second Narnia movie when I saw a trailer and I said “oh, that’s the book my friend told me to read.” Again, I didn’t give it much thought. A few months later my friend was gushing over this book I just “had to read” and lent it to me. It was Twilight. I read the first book in about a week, then devoured New Moon in two nights, and Eclipse in one night. Then I had to wait about 2 weeks for Breaking Dawn to come out and I thought I was going to die until I had it in my hands.
JFI- Some of the coolest people I know, I have met through Twilight and a few are actually my best friends. My husband and I had just moved to a new town, I had no friends or family here and I wasn’t working, so I read the books. I got hooked, and found a community on LiveJournal that was all things Twilight. It gave me something to do during the day when my husband was at work. I met some really cool people there, one of them being hammondgirl, and we met up in Dallas.
Her story Change of Underwear was the first Twilight fanfic I ever read, and she is the one that encouraged me to write The Honeymoons Over. I have a very volatile relationship with my MIL, and writing THO really acted as a sort of therapy. I got addicted and now I can’t stop.

What is your background in writing?
JFI- I always loved creative writing in school. I loved being able to lose myself in my own little word that I created and could control. I started out writing Harry Potter fanfic, and then one day in the shower got the idea for The Honeymoons Over.
LMW: I’ve always loved creative writing, but put it on the backburner for a while when I was in college—it was never a huge hobby of mine. But I always enjoy being imaginative. I’ve written lots of research papers and such, so I guess that counts as background, right?
Any Twilight related/ RPattz dreams?
LMW: I definitely haven’t had many romantic RPattz dreams, but that’s because I’m not attracted to him—I see him as more of a brother. But yes, I’ve had Twilight related dreams. None stick out in particular, but I know I’ve had my fair share.
JFI- Oh gees. I could totally embarrass myself here, but I will take the high road. Best Twilight related dream I have had recently was that Rob and Kristen read our Stalking fic and LMW and I were invited to go and meet the entire cast. Everything was totally cool until I met Kristen and I said “Oh you aren’t as big of a bitch as I thought you would be.” I was so humiliated, but everyone thought it was hilarious. That is literally something I would say out of nervousness. So Kristen if you read this, and I ever happen to meet you and say something like that, please just know in advance that I am an idiot. Thanks.
Soundtrack to your stories?
JFI- We actually have songs that we call “sounds to stalk by”. It is very eclectic and totally hilarious because it is combining all three of the guy’s personalities. Like Jasper’s is very chill and cool, Emmett’s is obnoxious and raunchy, and poor Edward is very sad and pathetic. I will hear a song and text LMW and be like this is so an Edward song!
I also have a playlist I have to listen to when writing Emmett, it is called “I’m an Emmett”, and it is probably the most played list on my iPod. It is full of Beastie Boys, 3 oh!3, JayZ, ACDC, ZZtop, Bloodhound Gang, House of Pain… basically anything you can picture yourself either doing it to to, or beating the crap out of someone.
I think Edward is very sentimental. Anything that would remind him of Bella would be on his soundtrack.
LMW: Well, each fanboy definitely has their own personal soundtrack—they are each so different! Emmett clearly enjoys music like Beastie Boys and old school rap, while Jasper’s more into country and Top 40 (but that could be due to his radio job). And Edward? What can you say about him? He just loves songs that remind him of Bella. Sappy, hopeless, and sweet love songs.

Which character do you see yourself as? And would like to see themselves with?
LMW: First and foremost, I am a Jasper. Tried and true. I don’t work at a radio station but you can bet your behind I would apply for one if I thought it would get me close to some Saga stars *laughs*. I’m definitely sort of relaxed like he is, and I do own some shirts with pearl snaps. I’ve given myself a pep talk before I met Kellan Lutz, and I just really relate to him. At times I am a bit of an Edward, lurking the internet for pictures and information, but I know when enough is enough. So I’m a mix, but most definitely a Jasper. I’d love it if he came to life and took me out or something. Just sayin’.
JFI- I am a total Emmett. I am the one who constantly makes an ass of myself and has no shame. I am totally competitive and fiercely loyal about my friends and family. I would let you make fun of me all day long, but if you started making fun of my friends or family and I would throw down in a heartbeat.
If I had to pick a cannon character to be with, I would still pick Emmett. He is just my kind of guy, we could be inappropriate together and it would be glorious.

Which RL author inspires you? Did any FF authors inspire you?
JFI- I love the Harry Potter series and I think JK Rowling is amazing. She has this huge empire of fans but is still extremely humble and giving. She does a lot of charity for the MS society, and that is something I love about her. Her mom died of complications from MS, and my mom was diagnosed with MS six years ago. I just have a huge amount of respect and admiration for her. I also love Jennifer Weiner; all of her books are great. If you have not read An Abundance of Katherines by John Green, please do. One of my best friends forced me to read it, and it was hilarious.
As for FF authors, where to begin? We have so many talented ladies writing and I am so thankful to know some of them. Obviously LMW and Hammondgirl are a pivotal part of my creativeness, they really keep me grounded and on track. Any of the authors I follow on Twitter are amazing and really help during Word Challenges. So yeah… haha! That is such a cop out answer, but I can’t pin point just a few authors, there are too many.
LMW: I don’t think I can clearly give you a RL author that inspires me. I read books and just think that any author who can weave an intricate tale and keep you guessing until the end is a genius. So, perhaps Stephen King? I don’t know *laughs embarrassedly* I’m not good at the author thing.
What FF authors inspire me? Most definitely the ones who take risks and try out new plots or ways to shape the characters. One that particularly comes to mind is Bronzehairedgrl620—go read her stuff—that girl can definitely weave an intricate story! I’ve got some really great friends in the Ffic world who lift me up and keep me going. Really, Just Fork It and HammondGirl have been my biggest cheerleaders—in fact, HammondGirl was my first friend in the ffic world. I feel so incredibly blessed to have her in my life (not to mention, she brought me to the cohort). I also beta for a few gals (theotherbella, daniuberalles, and reluctantauthor12) so I’d definitely recommend anything they’ve got!
Rec a fic and tell me why I should read it …
LMW: Well, in my time I have read a ton of stories. In fact, I prefer the quirky ones (as if you couldn’t tell all that by now) and the ones that don’t get a lot of play in the fandom. There are some fantastic stories out there, hiding underground. It makes me excited to find them and show those authors some love. I mean, I know I love getting reviews and PMs, so I figure they would, too.
Ok, my guilty pleasure fic is “High Anxiety” by EdwardsBloodType. If you don’t read that story, you’re missing out. This gal has created a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I LOVE her Bella—she’s got a sense of fashion, but still carries some of the canon Bella with her. It’s fantastic. All of it. Go read it. NOW!!!
JFI- I can’t recommend just one, but I do have some advice. There are a lot of smaller stories out there that are amazing. We all hear about these stories that just blow up and everyone reads them but, take the time to read the smaller ones too.

Currently I am in love with Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry by JustAskAlice; I love how she made the characters her own but still kept them a little true to form. It isn’t a cookie cutter story, and once I started reading it I couldn’t stop. Alteration of Fate by DaniUberAlles, I love this story for two reasons; because I love the author hardcore, and because it is such a different kind of story. Our New Life by KrysCullen is another one I am reading and love because it is so different. It is one of the only post BD stories I have read. I also loved Ladders by Marve; I go back and read her chapters all the time because I love her Edward and her sense of humor.


OK I have said before that I am totally an Edward but after reading this interview I have to *hope* that I am NOT that desperate..

Right h00rs?? I am not that bad am I???

Now if you thought their interview was funny wait till you hear the BOYS answer their fan questions


1. What is your favorite song?
Cold Sweat by James Brown. That man is a legend.

2. If you only had one interview to give, who would you interview and why?
Okay, now I know all of you are expecting me to say something like Alice Brandon, and that would have been my answer before, but I already got to interview her, so I'm not gonna say her name. Instead, I think I'd like to interview Sam Houston. I mean, he was the very first President of the Republic of Texas. He's a legend.

*Emmett nods to the camera* He was at the Alamo.

No he wasn’t Emmett… *Jasper laughs but Emmett interrupts him*

Dude he was in the movie! I swear to God he was at the Alamo!

*Jasper just shakes his head and looks at the camera* Sam Houston, who was not at the Alamo.

*Edward laughs and Emmett just grumbles*

3. What article of clothing can you not live without?
Definitely my pearl-snap shirts--it's a true Southern staple. Oh, and definitely my boots. They are too comfortable. Ok, that was two things, but I don't think shoes count for real, do they? *flashes a Southern smile*

4. What is your favorite thing to do for a girl?
*smirks* my favorite thing? Well, I like to make her feel special. I might play her a song on my guitar or plan a special evening for us. I don't know, I just want to do something that will make her feel like the most wanted and desired girl in the world. My Mama always said that it's important to treat a girl like a queen, and it's always stuck with me.

Emmett: Dude I like it when you say Mama.

Jasper: Why?

*Emmett shrugs* I dunno, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Plus I like Mama Whitlock’s brownies.

5. What would you do if you found out Alice Brandon hated Juicy Fruit?
*pouts* well, I’d be a little sad, but in the end, I don’t think that’s what matters most—I mean, I love Alice for more than her taste in gum. I would be sad that she let me buy her some when we met.

6. If you were a dog, what kind would you be? What kind would Alice be?
A dog? Man, this is an interesting question. I think I’d be a golden retriever—a great and loyal companion, and girls love them. I think Alice would be a cocker spaniel—so cute and cuddly, yet hyper and full of fun at the same time.

*Emmett looks and Jasper and frowns* When the hell did you turn into such a girl?

*Edward hits Emmett’s shoulder* Shut up Emmett, I think it’s sweet!

*Emmett snorts* yeah you would…

7. Who is your greatest influence?
I would have to say that’d be my grandparents. They moved to Texas and started a life together from scratch—they’ve taught me how to be a good, respectable man who works hard to be successful in life.

1.What's your favorite snack food?
There are so many choices to just pick one. I mean you have sweet snacks, salty snacks, a big snack or a light one? I think the safest bet is to say anything made by Little Debbie or Hostess. You can’t go wrong with either one of those. *gets a serious face and looks at the camera* Snackage is serious business kids.

2. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take 2 things, what would they be?
A case of KY jelly and Rosalie Hale. *looks at Jasper and Edward when they both groan* What? She said two things, that’s two things! Dude a desert island would be dry and fuck! Oh don’t give me that look Jasper; you were thinking it and I just said it.

3. If you could take Rosalie on the perfect date, what would it be?
Something classy, I mean as hot as it would be to just go at it in the back of my car, she would probably want a little romance. I would have to ask Jasper and Edward for help.

4. What is Edward's most embarrassing childhood memory?
He had this crush on some girl in like fourth grade, and for Christmas our mom took him to go buy a “special” gift for her. Out of all of the possibilities he could have gotten her, he picked toothpaste and mouthwash. We tried to talk him out of it, but he was determined to give it to her. So he did, and it made her cry because she thought her breath stank. She hasn't talked to him again since.

*Edward mumbles* I liked toothpaste…

*Emmett looks and Edward then back at the camera and rolls his eyes*

5. What is your favorite cuss word and why?
Fuck, for obvious reasons. *collective groan from Edward and Jasper while Emmett sits there and smiles*

6. Best meal you ever had?
Oh God, this is such a hard question.*throws head back dramatically* Okay, okay I got it. I went to this restaurant that was featured on Man vs. Food, and you had to eat a steak that I swear to God was as big as my head. The guy that hosts the show couldn’t do it, and I fucking did. My picture is up on that wall, and yeah… *looks at the camera* who’s got the beef? Emmett’s got the beef! *mumbled under breath* in my pants…

*Jasper shakes his head again*

7. The last time you lied, what was it for?
I lied to my boss when he asked me if his toupee looked real. That thing looked fake as shit, but I decided to just keep my mouth shut and let him look like a douche. I normally don’t lie about shit, I figure just lay it out on the table and deal with it.

*Edward looks at Emmett and shakes his head* That’s a total lie Emmett.

Oh okay, well then there, that was my last lie. I lied to make myself seem less douchey.

6. Bean Bag or Sleeping Bag?
Jasper has a claim on the bean bag, so I choose sleeping bag, as long as it isn’t covered in glitter and girlie shit. *mumbles* fucking Jasper…

1. How many hours do you devote to CA a week?
150. *answers proudly* It really is like a full time job.

2. What is your favorite memory involving Emmett and Jasper?
When the second CA movie came out, we really wanted Jasper to go with us to the midnight showing. Obviously his ex Anne had a huge problem with that, so when she fell asleep Jasper snuck out of the house and met up with us.

*Emmett interrupts him* You so aren’t telling it right. I mean this shit was like a covert operation. We wore all black, and Jasper literally had to crawl out of a window. It was fucking great.

*Edward stares at his brother then back at the camera* Yeah what he said.

3. What is your favorite movie, excluding the CA series?
Bella Swan did this really small made for TV movie that was released in the UK. It was called The Good Cousin’s Diary. She was so adorable and quirky in it, and even though she was wearing this horrible rainbow sweater, she still looked amazing. I also really like All Dogs Go To Heaven and Grease.

4. What is your ultimate itunes playlist?
A lot of my current musical choices have really been influenced by Bella. She recommends someone and I automatically know that I will like them. I have a lot of Van Morrison, and even a few really rare Bella recordings. Her voice is just so soothing.

5. Must have artist?
Van Morrison and Kings of Leon, because they are Bella’s favorites. Oh and Bella herself.

6. You’re forced to live in a tent for one year. What items get you through it?
My hypoallergenic sleeping bag, solar powered Casio keyboard, an extension cord, my laptop with mobile broadband card, and my iPod would pretty much tide me over. Oh, and toilet paper.

7. Bella Swan's greatest trait?
*blushes and looks down* Her eyes. It’s like you can see into her soul when you look in them.

Emmett: And by eyes, he means tits.

*with cat like reflexes Edward charges for Emmett’s chair and tackles him to the floor. The boys wrestle around for a few minutes before realizing they are being interviewed. Jasper is still sitting in his chair, shaking his head*


If you want a good laugh then you gotta read this one

If you like to laugh at yourself and your place in fandom read it this is really one of those feel good fics


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