April 9, 2010

Sue's Interview with Laskme about 'Expectations of Success'


OMG I am soooooo happy to be back! Yes I finally got the hubs to loosen his wallet and get me a new puter!!! If you have not read it, my h00rs wrote a lovely obituary to my long suffering computer ..

SO how about those things going on in Twi world lately? New pics of the pretty ..funny interviews ...etc AND the biggest and best thing going on would be the Fandom Gives Back thingie you all know about that

SO lets stop my rambling and talk some fic!!


(trumpeting fanfare)

Average Joe Week!!!

Oh those blue collar boys riding public transportaion and brown baggin it to work....

Those are my people

Our first fic this week is Expectations of Success by Laske

I was trolling through the forums at Twilighted and I saw this lovely fic. I read the description and thought COOL I need me a funny snarky fic with minimal heartfail

Here is how she describes it:

Summary: Bella’s journey to define what it means to be successful in life. A story of accepting yourself and finding happiness in the middle of a lower tax bracket. Not everyone wants the white picket fence. AU/AH BxE

Of course me being ME I read it
I was HOOKED when I found out that this fic takes place in MILWAUKEE WI



So what Sue ?? you ask. what the heck is the big deal about Milwaukee WI

well I am a proud resident of the great state of Wisconsin and I GREW UP in Milwaukee!!!

YUP Milwaukee the land of Beer Brats(that's bratwourst a type of sausage pronounced Brahhht) and BREWERS!!!(our baseball team)

So let me tell you a bit about this fic

Bella is a proud blue collar worker she is a waitress and has no delusions of granduer she is happy with who she is and where she's at in her life.
Edward is well Edward he plays piano at the local theater

When I discovered that this writer lives in my old hometown I conacted her and I had to add this fic to my blog

SO will this story appeal to non Milwaukeans??
HELLS yes it will and here is why

This fic is funny the Bella is smart no nonsense midwestern girl no frills
Just my style !

the banter between them is terrific and the sex is FUCKHAWT!!! in a realistic way

So let's see why Lisa wanted to write this lovely little COMPLETED fic about a terrific Bella

Where did you get the idea for this story? What was your inspiration?
My inspiration? I had a day where I got like ten chapter alerts for stories, and all of them were depressing or just put me in a bad mood. I decided that I would just write a fun Bella. One who went through some bad stuff but was ok. She didn’t need therapy or to have five chapters explaining her actions… just fluff to cheer me up, ya know? I didn’t know anyone, other than my aunt, in the world of fanfic, so I really thought only her and I would read it. A reader mentioned me at livejournal and then another at Twilighted and Fictionators and all of a sudden, I had 600 people reading. I remember in early chapters I was like, “Wow! I have thirty-four people reading this fic.” I was touched that anyone gave it a try and then I was inspired to write for them.

The idea itself came from my real life. I actually worked at a restaurant that used to be across the street from The Rep and next door to the Safehouse. It isn’t there anymore… good times, though. Peter is not named for the Twilight Peter… the bartender I worked and hung out with was really named Peter. Sigh. I miss him. lol

Is there anything you would want readers to know specifically?
I guess the only thing I would ask is that readers don’t take fanfic so seriously. I get some really weird questions sometimes. Like, ‘Why did you put Edward on the 29th floor, but not give him all the amenities that floor offered?’ I was like, uh, I didn’t want him on the lower floors where the one bedrooms were because I planned on him fucking Bella against a window and thought higher up was better… who the fuck cares? Just laugh at the funny and go on with your life. *Shrugs* That’s probably rude to say – but I’m not writing nobel prize stuff here. It’s all silly, really.

Why should readers read your story?
Because they just want a break from the really good, deep, stuff. I don’t do paragraphs of descriptive metaphors or similies. I can’t alliterate thru three paragraphs making it something poetic. I’m just trying to make the characters as true to real life as possible. People I know. I have not written one single line that I can’t back up with at least one instance of it really happening to me or a friend.
OH, and they should read because it turns out, I’m pretty fucking good at lemons. I had no idea I could write them, but EoS turned smutty… and it was fun. *just sayin’*

Any more fic plans in the future?
I am currently posting new chapters of “Small Town Gossip”. It has a bigger audience than EoS did – but for some reason the new STG readers (who did not read EoS) are taking me too seriously. I’m sarcastic and I suck at the emotional and angsty shit. They want answers with deep hidden meaning. Again, I’m like – uh, sorry, I’m just kind of fucking around with these characters. Sorry if they’re not doing what you think they should. Try not to look for hidden meanings. It’s pretty much what you read is what you get.

I had such a great experience with EoS, but STG is bringing out some critics. It fucks up my night. I’m finding the chapters for STG are moving slower because I’m letting the opinion of a couple of people get to me. I’m just going to borrow Bella’s big girl panties and everything will be all better. (In other words, ignore them. I have a little button on my laptop with ‘delete’ written on it. Cool.)

What actor/actress do you picture as Ed/Bella?
I still picture Edward as Robert Pattinson… just older. Not so skinny. In EoS, he’s 31. I like the picture of him in his suit leaving the restaurant that I have as my user icon in my profile at FF.net. That is exactly how I picture Edward.
Bella, yeah, uh, Bella is always me. *what?*

Do you believe in HEA?
In real life, I am a cynic. I do not believe in happily ever after. I’m resolved to settle. Sadly. But, in fanfiction, I only want happily ever after. Real life sucks enough, I read fanfic to get my happy ending.

So you do anything special while writing a chapter like listen to special music need total silence eat a bag of M&Ms whatever …
I usually listen to music when I go to bed and let it set my mood while I think about the next chapter. When I write I need total silence, caramel squares, and cigarette breaks.

Is the story all planned out or do you do it as a fly by the seat of your pants thing?
The story is 85% planned out. I do a full outline; however, I leave plenty of room for unexpected things to happen. Like in EoS, I did not know Esme was going to be such an extreme bitch. I had only planned on her being annoying, but she got out of hand.
Oh, and true story that most know… I was writing chap 14 of EoS and it took a turn. For some reason the UPS guy came in and delivered a box to Bella. That is what led to the idea for my new story “Small Town Gossip”. I had to totally rewrite 14 and cut out the UPS guy and make a whole new story from the idea.
Huh… should I give you that outtake of chapter 14? Let you have it here exclusively? See what would have happened if I changed my outline and let the Charlie card play? Let me know… I think that’s a cool idea. Chapter 14 outtake for your readers only.

Do you have a posting Schedule ? If so what is it ?
I am kind of a freak. Once I get an idea, I go crazy. I can’t stop typing. I usually post a chapter every day or every couple of days. Depends on how the edits go. I know that I hate waiting for updates and wonder if other authors have any idea of where their fics are going when months pass without one. Of course, they all probably have lives, whereas, I do not.

What brought you to fanfic? To Twilight?
My aunt was reading a fic called, “Holding Out for You”, and would send me the chapters to my phone because work was slow. I didn’t get an account right away. I just started dipping my toes into some stories. There have been some really great ones. My favorite author is americnxidiot. She is amazing.

What is your background in writing?
I, like Bella in EoS, did not go to college, but I always did very well in school. English and writing classes were always easy for me. I have no idea why or how I write so much so quickly, maybe just an overactive imagination… or enough life experience (my early twenties were exceptionally fun).

Any Twilight related/ RPattz dreams?
Ha. Um, no. Sadly, my dreams are all boring. I mostly dream that I’m running late for a flight. Or I miss my bus. I’m a real freak about being on time.

Which character do you see yourself as? and would like to see themselves with?
I really don’t see myself matching up perfectly with any of the Twilight characters. I guess I’m a combination of all of them. Part of me has been in the same moving/only child/parental transfer position as Bella. Part of me has the ability to read others and make judgement calls on what will happen in the future like Alice. Part of me hates people and wants to be a bitch, like Rose. And part of me always feels a tug at my heartstrings for the less fortunate, like Esme.
I don’t know how any of these people put up with each other for eternity though. LOL

Which RL author inspires you? Did any FF authors inspire you?
I don’t take inspiration from other authors. I like to read a story, make my own judgement about it, get what I want out of it, and move on. Close the book and see what’s next. I think that I feel most inspired to write after I watch a good TV show or movie. Listening and watching well written dialogue puts me in the mood to write. So, does a round of Trivial Pursuit, oddly enough.
OH, and also pictures inspire. Photographs online. I could sift through them for hours.

Rec a fic and tell me why I should read it …
Bright Like the Sun by dryler
This fic is just a good time. This Bella is smart and funny and every chapter is full of banter. It’s a lot of dialogue so it takes some getting used to, but once you settle in and just relax. It’s fucking genius. If I were any character in all of fanficdom, I’d be dryler’s Bella. It’s like she’s pulling thoughts directly out of my head.


There you have it !!

So if you want a story that has romance normalcy and minimal angst read this fic

TOMORROW we need a poll what poll I have no clue but I will get right on that!

WEDNESDAY we will learn more about a fic that crack my shit up
It Isn't Stalking If You Dont Get Caught !!
and then I think we will have a guest blogger
and then we will hear about
A Rough Start by itzmegan


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