April 5, 2010

Teas With "Rob": Volume 2


My friends, I have to tell you that our Dear Lady Tater wanted one last week alone with our sweet boy "Rob" before opening up her tea room to a select group of H00Rs. To join this Select group next week you must accomplish two tasks:

1) You must submit a Question for "Rob"

2) You must leave a comment here!!
(Sue is not above begging)

If you do these two things then you will join Lady Tater in her tea room with...HIM!!

ON this week’s teas with Rob our Lady Tater shares a few moments of their final private tea (that we know of)...

LT: Good… afternoon, I believe, Mr. Pattinson.

Rob: *nods* My lady.

LT: My sweet boy, it looks as though you have had quite the evening… *pours tea and … tea enhancement*

Rob: Can you make that a double? *squints*

LT: Of course, my dear. Now, are you ready for your interrogation?

Rob: Go easy on me today, my lady.

LT: *smirks and uncrosses and re-crosses her bare… legs* Now now, when have I ever gone easy on you, darling?

Rob: Can you do that again?

LT: Only if you promise to be a good little kitten and answer all my questions.

Rob: The girls?

LT: *sighs and flashes* Better now?

Rob: Carry on…

WHEW is it hot in here or is it HIM!!

Lady Tater graciously extracted these following gems from "Rob" when she asked YOUR pressing questions...

Nikki: Would Rob rather have his lady give him a pole dance or a lap dance?

LT: Our dear boy states that any dance that brings said pert ass in contact with the front of his trousers is the preferred dance of choice. However, he isn't opposed to a booty drop or two before the V-String rips when snagging on the front of his chinos. Although that never happens as she generally has removed them by that time...

Lady Tater: a Q from SUE: How did you get your crooked nose?? Injury trying to dance or childhood sports?

A: Rob, the sweet child, blushed a bit when asked this question. Intrigued by his reaction, I coaxed the answer from his plump lips with an additional shot in his tea. Apparently, our young Mr. Pattinson was having one of his earlier... experiences with a young tart and was in a compromising position with his... head... between her thighs. Alas, they had chosen a particularly bad place for said adventure, the bedroom floor, and when the jezebel's father barged into the room, it jammed his sweet nose rather roughly against her ... pink parts... causing some embarrassing bruising for both parties involved. Not to mention the right hook to the face for the tart’s rather angry paternal figure. He asks that this story never be spoken of again.

Q: from Giada: Do you think you're comfortable enough behind the wheel now a days to receive, er, favors while driving? Our good friend Nikki is incredibly interested in this.

(first of all, off character, do you have any idea how I just read the phrase “comfortable enough behind...". FUCK. Perv mode ON)
(Off character – I read it the same damn way when I saw the question!)

A: Our dearest boy blushed at this and giggled so sweetly, which, in my vast experience, generally translates to... duh. But still, I prodded him for his answer with a lovely rumball, which I licked first. To his credit, he did make it quite clear that he was not going to give the names of the ladies who had, and I quote, “sucked him like a Hoover wet vac” as he drove on the I-10, “rode him while steering with her ass” on some back road in Italy, who he fingered to a "screaming, moaning pile of wet jelly in the passenger seat" while driving a stick shift, at that, in Vancouver, or the lovely young woman who did a headstand in his lap so he could "tongue-ravage her pussy" while motoring down Sepulveda in Los Angeles. However, he was quite candid with the fact that he is completely comfortable with pleasurable exploration while driving.

Of course, I then asked him if he was up for a little ride in the country....

Days later, I was sitting in my chambers when the phone rang shrilly next to my bed. I had to discontinue my exploration with the lovely gift our dear boy left for me (bunny, anyone) in order to answer the call.

But, for our dear boy, I would, of course, delay my satisfaction and answer his call:

LT: Yes, my sweet? You would like me to post about what today?


LT: Do we actually *need* to run the story about how you rescued the bikini model from certain death using only your teeth and a bottle of Mr. Pibb?


LT: I actually prefer the story about the time you were playing football and saw the rather endowed young lady on the sidelines and fell, leaving an 18 inch hole in the sod with your cock… You did a bang-up job aerating the lawn.


LT; Yes, that was the day I coined the phrase “Cock Divots”. I know you use it all the time.


LT: Ah, well, love I can see why you would want to tell the tale of the vacation when you skinny-dipped in the Caribbean with 12 supermodels in the dark and every time you swam past they thought they were being poked by a bottle-nosed dolphin due to your massive girth….


LT: Are you sure you wouldn’t like to share the story about how you saved the nun and walked the old man across the street before helping the 6 year old with her math homework all in order to have your karma shiny enough that you could pleasure your way through the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders without retribution? In the same night? You know, with the stamina?


LT: My sweet boy, I must go back to my… self-indulgence. Yes, yes, call anytime. But we have tea with an audience next week. Yes, so be prepared to eye the girls with a fan club…

Sue: young men have great stamina......*Sue off in her happy place for a moment AHHHHHHH*

So ladies there you have it NOW for the select H00Rs who choose to join us next week remember to dress nicely and put on your company manners!!

Have your Questions in to ME by Thursday so I can have lady tater’s cue cards ready

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