April 10, 2010

Sue interviews Nicnax666. WHY?? 'Cause she makes fuckawesome Rob fan videos

OK I know you have all seen some amazing Fan vids out there

I know I have. Some are good, some are scary, some are disturbing.

However one of the BEST fan vid makers I have to say is my buddy Nicci


Well because she makes awesome vids using my favorite topic and uses some great tunes... AND extra pics...and keeps time to the music

you are NOT overwhelmed with effects

the pics and song are choreographed well with the tunes

that and she has great taste in pics

SO I interviewed her

that should be "interviewed"

OH hell take a look and watch some videos and leave some love


Sue .: Come on in
Nicci: hey
Sue .: I am here
Sue .: HEY

Sue .: OK lets talk about YOU
cause I want to
Nicci: lol ok

Sue .: What is your inspiration for making these vids?

Nicci: Rob obviously!! LOL
Sue .: OK good answer!!
Sue .: what made you start making Vids?? and What was your first Vid?
Nicci: Although there will be a Kellan one in the new year!
Sue .: OHHH and I know you did a LOVELY PFatch one for Nina
Nicci: Yes that was because you asked me! LOL You can be very persuasive
Hannah .: yes she can lol
Nicci: I just saw other peoples and thought I'd have a go!
Sue .: I have a way about me .... I think it is my charm
Nicci: my first one was Bad Boy I think
Sue .: or nagging

Nicci: they have got much better since lol
Sue .: Yes they have my favorite is the one you made for me Smoke 2
Sue .: I have no idea why that one makes me all hot
Sue .: but it is LOVELY
Nicci: I got it wrong Freak Me was the first!
Nicci: cause you love smoking Rob!!
Sue .: between smoke 2 and your Xmas gift I have no clue but they are great
Sue .: yes I have a thing for him and cigarettes
Hannah .: him and cigs = good combo lol
Nicci: yep they do!
Sue .: gross habit made pretty by the pretty
Sue .: (and I smoke)
Nicci: not that we're promoting ciggies!! LOL
Sue .: NO but I am all about promoting Rob smoking
Sue .: Ok hmmm
Sue .: I need another Q
Sue .: but I have no clue what to ask
Sue .: how do you choose your pics/music for the vids
Nicci: I see you prepared as always!! LOL
Sue .: do pics inspire you or songs?
Sue .: of course
like I do anything
I got all distracted
by fics
of course
Nicci: Usually it's the song
Sue: so you find pics to fit the tune
Sue: niceeee
Nicci: I hear one and then I get an idea
sometimes the idea works other times it deveops during the making
Nicci: and of course T usually finds the Rob pics I need from my crappy descriptions!
Sue : T has a fabulous collection of Rob pics and knows more about the photoshoots than anyone I know
she can get the pics based on a description of a shit or a look on his face
Nicci: she really does
Sue Stefanich: amazing really
I saw one last night on twitter
and I tried to save it cause I had never seen it before
Hannah : i'd say that is a usful talent, applications in all sorts of things lol
Sue: and now it is gone
yes it is a useful talent someone has to catalog pics for us!!
OK Nicci that is all I got lets see the vids and give me your desccription and inpiration for each

Nicci: that's All I Want For Chritmas Is....
Sue .: YAY
great pressie if I do say so myself
Nicci: And I made that cause someone asked me on that twitter question thingy if I was going to make a xmas one so I though why not it may help in getting my Rob mojo back!
Nicci: And the hubs helped me out with that one a bit! LOL
Sue .: COOL
: I am happy to hear that
: did it help you get your MOJO back?
Nicci: Yeah it has a little
Sue .: good

Sue .: OK what else you got for us to look at and drool over
Nicci: Smoke 2

Nicci: Your favourite!
Sue .: *SIGH*
truly swoonworthy
only missing a couple newer smoking pics
but this was made MONTHS before that photoshoot
Nicci: this one just a longer version of Smoke cause I added some of the RM pics to it
Maybe I'll do you a Smoke 3 if I can find a longer version of the song!

Sue .: well I do love those pics from VF
Nicci: This one was pics first then I found a song to suit
Sue .: ahhhh
Nicci: Cause like you I really love Smoking Rob
Sue .: yes I do
Hannah .: sorry back, finished wrapping for now
] Sue .: Ok what else you wanna show off Nicci
Nicci: Ok my most popular one Jizzing for RPatzz nearly had 2000 views! LOL

Sue .: DAMN
that is a LOT of views
Nicci: not compared to some peoples vids
Sue .: hell my blog has not been looked at that many times
Nicci: lol
: I just thought this song was hilarious!
Sue .: It is
Nicci: And i think it describes most peoples reaction to him! LOL
Sue .: pretty much
although I do not get that crazy
Nicci: lol I think the BBR pretty much inspired that one
Sue .: yup
BBR makes for great inspiration
I miss it
Nicci: yeah the good old days!! LOL
Sue .: lol
Nicci: It's just not the same
Sue .: during Remember me
: Ok do you have one more

Nicci: Doing Bad Things With Rob!
Sue .: AHHH
I braved that one on my old puter

Sue .: lovely
Sue .: anything else you wanna say?
Nicci: Thanks for pimpimg my vids!
: xx
Sue .: Anytime dear
Nicci: :)


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