April 10, 2010

Rob's Wonky Nipple and a Christmas poem


I know that poor boy he inspires many things

Last night, while chatting on Twitter and recouperating from a turkey coma, ABG, Lady Tater and I found a way to explain what the hell is up with Rob's "wonky nipple"

now I know some folks will get on us about how he is perfect

NO he is not and that is alright

IT is in his imperfections that we find the pretty

and so I am writing this lovely post before my morning cup of coffee bringing you Twitter poetry

"The Night Before Filming," Or, "Why Rob Had a Purple Nurple During the Shirtless Scene in NM"

Twas the night before filming, and all thru the suite,
not a creature was twitching, except for Rob's meat.

My ankles were hung over his shoulders with care,
in hopes that the Bishop would soon get me there.

We lie there all writhing, all sweaty in bed,
while visions of his sugarplums danced in my hand...I mean head.

He hissed when I grasped the Bishop, and I smiled with delight,
But when he moaned 'Bellaaaa,' his nipple I did bite!

He offered a 'sorry' as I fumed and saw red.
'You vex me greatly, young man,' I snapped. 'Now gimme some me head!'

His eyes how they twinkled his eyebrows so hairy,
and his lips were all over my very wet cherry.

'Oh my Edbert,' I did gasp, 'You may run really funny,'
My face flushed as I screamed 'But that tongue is all money!'

He had a chubby so plump and thick--built like a stud,
and I whimpered when I saw it, even as I went *thud*

In a wink of his eye, and a twist of my wrist,
I knew that his glistening head should be kissed.

He spoke not a word as I went straight to my work,
licking his tip and giving his balls a light jerk

More rapid than eagles his hips went a-pounding
His love juice in my mouth would soon be a-bounding.

He sprang to his feet, to my talent gave a whistle,
and over the edge he went with a hiss-le.

And then he proclaimed, as he rode out his high,
Merry Fucking Christmas my love, now it's time for nite nite.


*sniffle* pure poetry

So if you have any comments about the giggle snort we just gave you let us know

and if you want any more poetry let us know

AND if you want us to stop

well that's not gonna happen we will do what we like LOL

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas

I got a Pocket Edward from my hubs ...and a new camera

hmmmmmm I think he wants pics of Edward visits the farm...

So what was the best gift you got?


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