April 9, 2010

Paparazzi Bitching Post

It is no secret that I adore Rob.

It is also no secret that I am bitch when it comes to people hounding him, which is why I have never sent him a fan letter or hunted him down to follow him. Mainly cause I don't wanna.

Fantasy is always better than reality. Deal with it.

I do not want pics of him heading to the bathroom, or leaving a bar after hanging out with his friends drunk, or getting off, or on a plane, etc. Why? Well, cause I just see no point to see the boy like that ...

WHY would I want to see the blurry pics of his life when I can do a lovely google image search and find THOUSANDS of pics of him in various poses taken by REAL professional photographers?

Not wannabes.

YES, paps. I just called you wannabes. Got a problem with it? Then contact me. I will be happy to hash it out with you!

AS FOR the skanks, and YES, I know you were female, bitches that tweeted about seeing him. Well, all I have to say is FUCK YOU.

Shame on you for doing that to him. Who the hell do you bitches think you are, invading him on his damn day off?! Why can't he be left alone to enjoy some peace? Is it too much to ask that he be left alone? What the hell did he ever do to deserve that? He was in a movie. Ohhhhh....

SO you go to concert. You see him there and you feel it is YOUR duty to inform everyone you know, that you saw him?? WHY? What is the big deal? And you wonder why he does not go out much.

You wanna see him more. You wanna see him go out and smile. Then don't hound him. Don't hound his friends.

Have a little respect for yourselves, and for the star that you say you "love".

AS a mature woman (yes, I am fuckin old), I can tell you this. What you are feeling is not love, cause if you really loved him you would have his best interests at heart. Tweeting everyone you know about his location is NOT in his best interests!

So back the hell off !!


NOW here are some calmer, more intelligent words from someone with a level head on their shoulders. Sadly, I go a bit mama bear when people piss me off. Without further ado, here are Lady Tater's comments.

Lady Tater:
I was awoken this morning only to check my Blackberry and find a most atrocious series of photos posted on a website. I will leave the technicalities out as they only serve to bring traffic to said sites and propagate the nastiness they purvey.
The photos, as many of you have probably seen, were of our dear boy leaving a nightclub in Los Angeles yesterday evening. It was most obvious that the child was uninterested in having said photos taken and attempted to prevent them by pulling his hat down over his head, covering his hands with his face; even going as far as having what I can only assume to be a member of his security detail hug his head to prevent further photographs.
Now, while I understand the paparazzi have work to do and that some people pay a pretty penny for *any* shot of a celebrity, our dear boy near the top of that list, there has to be some sort of social limit. Some sort of etiquette or moral code governing the acceptability of taking such photos.
Alas, there does not seem to be and, judging by the astounding way that things have *not* altered since the death of Princess Diana in a paparazzi-related incident, there doesn’t seem to be change on the horizon.
The child is not a recluse and does not prevent photos. He gives many a formal opportunity, and often even cooperates with more intrusive, candid paparazzi photos. It is not as though he prevents himself from being photographed.
So why, pray tell, do photographers feel the need to force the issue on an occasion where he clearly does not want to participate? Are there not enough photographs to keep people occupied for a while?
I am the first to agree that, when entering this industry, of which I have been an ancillary part in the past, one must accept a certain amount of loss of privacy. Alas, that is the nature of the Hollywood Beast. There are, however, just simple rules of humanity that need to be followed, regardless of a person’s status in the world hierarchy.
This is a person. A real person who has real feelings and a real past and a real future. Someone who most likely calls his mum on weekends and misses his friends and probably does something inane and trivial with his spare time that no one knows and no one needs to know. A breathing human that is living his life in the spotlight, but is still just a breathing human young adult.
Could you fathom such invasion in your early twenties?
As outgoing as I am, I could not.
These are not money shots. There are not even good pictures. They are just… sad and unnecessary. A better photograph could probably have been garnered if they had just waited for a better time or simply coordinated with his “people”. So why make another breathing human being that miserable for the sake of what probably won’t even sell for more than a pittance?
There is no reason. Not even a monetary one.
It saddens me to think that, no matter how long this has gone on, no matter how many lives have been tortured and made miserable at the hands of these less-than-moral cretins, it never seems to change.
For what it’s worth, dear boy, I feel you deserve a little privacy. I feel you have the right to say no. And I am sorry for what your life has become.

As you can see, Lady Tater is more eloquent than I am and she put things in a much nicer way.
Now let's hear what Hannah had to say. Again she is WAY less hot headed than SUE.

There is a problem in today’s society, it seems. We can’t seem to get enough of celebrity. There is an innate human trait to want to know how the other half lives, so to speak. This is why we gossip about our enemies, as well as friends. It is why we ask people how their day has been. However, there comes a point where we all realise that a part of someone’s life is not our business. We step back, stop asking questions, and try to stop gossiping about it. We have a moral stop point, where we know that if we ask that question we have stepped over the line.

Unfortunately, today’s paparazzi seem to have lost their moral compass. The photos that were released today showed a harassed person, who could not even walk forward without some camera lens in his face, or flashes blinding him. There was even a camera man trying to get an upward shot, essentially trying to trip him!

I love looking at photos of the Pretty as much as the next person. I mean look at him! He is very easy on the eyes. But I got absolutely no enjoyment out of looking at the photos from today. In fact, I almost wanted to cry. I definitely wanted to punch those paps, as well as smash those bloody cameras!

If it were up to me, if the person, celebrity or not, did not want to be photographed, as the Pretty clearly did not want to be, the paps should just let it be. It is not as if they will get a good photograph from someone who is desperately pulling his cap lower and lower. A good photograph is one that will come from a formal photocall, where he is smiling, laughing, etc. We have just had the most ridiculous amount of photos of the Pretty in the last 4-5 weeks. And those pics have been enjoyable to drool over... Surely we can let the Pretty have a month or two off, preferably back in England with his family over Christmas?

Rob is another living, breathing human being, who should be allowed the common courtesy to walk down a street without a pap shoving a camera in his face! I’m pretty sure someone could argue that that is a human right, right?


So those are the comments from SOME of the Staff of SYTYCW. Any other staff member who wants to add their own thoughts, feel free. You all know I am easy...

ALSO, I encourage EVERYONE to join in this protest. Wanna know how you can help??

HERE are the steps you can take.


DO NOT buy ANY magazines or newpapers that have pap pics in them. Buy ONLY magazines with PHOTOSHOOTS.

The only time pap pics are WELCOME is during movie openings or other events. THEN they are controled and behind a barrier, not hunting them down.
I think you all know the names of the ragmags that buy this shit. Here are a few examples.

OK magazine
Star Magazine
National enquirer

You get the idea.

ALSO, do not go to the web sites that show this crap, OR, if you do, TELL THEM YOU DO NOT LIKE IT and do not want to see it.

PERHAPS if enough people protest this treatment of stars we will not see them treated like crap.


If you are one of the lucky people who happens to see ANY star, treat them with respect. They don't know you, just cause you know who they are!! Also they are people they have lives outside of their jobs, just like you do. They appreciate their fans but that does not, DOES NOT give fans the right to intrude on their lives.

So leave them alone. Give them a smile. DO NOT scream or tweet or text your friends. DO NOT expect them to sign anything when they are having dinner or whatever.

THINK before you act.

The WEB site, Thinking of ROB, has a special protest post up with fans who have submitted pics with their hands over their faces. We DON'T want pap pics not like this. You can join in and view this here.


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