April 10, 2010

What I learned from Authors...by SUE

I have had this blog since the last week of July


It was set up as a form of therapy for me by my concerned friend Shannies. She was worried that I had a bit of an addiction and she figured that since I was already telling everyone who would listen (and many who did not) about fics that I should blog about it and let the people come to me...

What started out as a little blog talking about fics and silly stupid polls (which I love and miss dearly) expanded into something slightly bigger I would say instead of just 13 fans I have about 20 and most of them write for the blog LOL

Has this helped my fic addiction


So since I have nothing planned for this week because I FAIL like that

I figured that we would have some posts about writing, kind of a challenge to new Authors or those who NEVER thought they could write.

I will do my darndest to get authors up here to write some things for you to tell you HOW they do it. And Gia has some lovely thing about writing; I forget what it is because I have not had enough coffee yet

SO without further rambling, here is a list of I don't know how many things I have learned from authors !!

Number 1)
Authors are not that scary to talk to ...no, really. I am a super fan of the authors I read, and before EVERY interview I got all giggly and nervous and in the case of some SERIOUSLY intimidated. You know what? They are ALL people. I have said it a million times: they are wives, moms, students, co-workers, homemakers, etc. Just normal folks that write.

Number 2)
No matter how great the fic, the authors ALL get bad reviews.
YUP, even your favorites have gotten SCATHING reviews and some of the reviews are down-right insulting! Here is the thing folks: if you are gonna review and you don't like something, say it with some tact and if you can't use tact, DON'T leave a review. This topic could be a post in itself and the way this week is going already it might be!!

Number 3)
EVERY author gets nervous right before they post their chapter.

YUP, every single one of them. Some go hide in a bunker, some drink heavily, some vanish from their computer for a while, others need hugs.

Number 4)
The BEST stories have a plan. Sounds silly to have to say it, but really it is true. They might not work from a detailed outline, but the story has a way to get from beginning to middle to end. So, if you plan on writing work that stuff out first.

Number 5)
Authors hate it when people BEG for updates.
You can't rush art, folks, and while some will argue that Fic is not art, I will argue back that it is creative writing and it is INDEED art. So don't beg. Chapters get up when they get up, and by begging you are putting pressure on the author and that makes it harder for them to write!!!

Number 6)
THE BEST stories are the story that the author writes for THEMSELVES and not for the fans. What this means is that they follow their original plan. Of course, they might change it here and there, but we as fans must remember that they are writing MOSTLY for themselves. We are just allowed the privilege of reading it.

Number 7)
ALL Authors love their fans and they are humbled by any of the attention they get for their story.
REALLY Every author I have interviewed gets all giggly when I fan girl over their work. It is cool!

Number 8 )
Every story has merit.

FOR REAL each and every story out there has good stuff and bad stuff in it

Number 9)
THE BEST AuH stories are the ones where you can substitute the names to anything you want and it still makes sense and works.
So if you are writing and are unsure if your story is good change the names- it will make it better !

Number 10)
ALL authors deserve respect.
Whether their story is popular or not, well written or not, it takes a LOT to put yourself out there. Each story has a piece of the author in them. While writing that story, they have taken time away from their family and other obligations to BRING us entertainment. They are NOT getting paid. They get very little in the way of recognition. That part makes me a bit sad, because I have read stories that would be FABULOUS as books, or movies, or hell, even TV miniseries. I wish I could make that happen for them, but sadly all I can do is give them a tramp stamp to wear on their siggy if they choose to and go a little fan girl on them !!

SO when your reading fic this year, try to remember those things !! And when you are writing, or trying to write a story, or thinking about writing a story, remember YOU are not alone.

It is my hope for the new year that we get the little bit of bitchiness in this fandom to disappear and remember we are a bunch of women and a few men with common purpose.


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