April 10, 2010

RESPECT the authors!! A bitching post by SUE

"R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Find out what it means to me!"

Ok SUE HERE. Folks, be warned. Sue is in 3rd person mode and that means someone has pissed SUE off again!
That also means a rambling post about RESPECT.

As you all know, Sue reads a FUCKTON of fic and SUE talks to a LOT of authors.

So here, SUE is gonna clue you all in on a few points.

SUE hates it when people bitch about fic.

SUE has read her fair share of fics she does not like.

YUP. You heard me. SUE does not LOVE everything she reads.


SUE respects the authors right to write whatever THEY want to write.


Because the story is NOT Sue's story to tell.
SUE holds no ownership on said fic.

SO ONCE AGAIN I give you.


  1. IF you don't like a story or you don't like the direction a story is taking, STOP READING IT. That's right. Click that little X in the top corner and WALK AWAY
  2. DO NOT leave a scathing review. If you don't like something, leave what is called CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. This means that you ask questions and that you say things like: I like this. Why did you do that? Instead of saying things like: This fucking sucks you are a shitty writer and you have no bussiness writing (with the dodgy spelling, and grammar too). No lie, SUE knows PLENTY of authors who have gotten that for a review.
  3. REMEMBER! There is a REAL PERSON on the other side of the computer who READS what you say.
  4. DON'T STEAL. THIS one pisses me off to NO END. The stories' NAMES belong to SM. The STORY LINE in AuH belongs to the author who created it, so stop being a bitch. You wanna write, write your own fic and BE WARNED, if ANYONE in fandom finds out you stole from another author, the fic will get pulled. Big author or small, we don't care. We get it DONE! Stealing is not a way to make friends!
  5. When it comes to things like charity drives etc. don't be a bitch and post things that were meant for those who contributed to the charity. If you don't like it, DON'T READ IT!
  6. TALK TO THE AUTHOR if you have an issue. Don't bitch to your friends, or bitch on twitter. Contact them. SUE swears (like a sailor, we know) that authors are, indeed, willing to talk to people, so long as you don't get all bitchy. So take a midol and BEHAVE, and REMEMBER RULE 3!!
  7. IF you can do it better then do it yourself. SUE is BIG on this, which is why SUE does not write FF. SUE knows she can't do better than those amazing folks out there, who have taken time away from their families, their homes and thier lives.
  8. THIS FORM OF ENTERTAINMENT IS FREE. Don't ever forget that you are not paying for it. You are getting FREE entertainment. If you don't like it, CLICK THE X!
  9. Shit, what was number 9...? Ummmm... OH YEAH! NOPE. Gone... sorry. 5 yr old kidlet is playing a WOW WOW WUBZY game on Hub's lappie, and all thoughts went outta my head. Have a picture instead...
    "Wow Wow Wubsy apologizes for interrupting Sue's train of thought"
  10. STFU about begging for updates in PMs etc. Seriously, authors LOVE that you love their story, however they have lives. They are moms, working women, students, wives etc. They have LIVES and write in their SPARE time. Think of it this way, did you bitch to SM when she took her time between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn?? Did you send hate mail to JK between books 6 and 7?? OH and WAITING 2 weeks is NOTHING! SUE has fics on her list that she has been waiting for over 6 months for an update, so STFU!
I can't think of anymore but sing it with me h00rz!


In conclusion, I want everyone to remember WE ARE A COMMUNITY. We may not agree with each other all the time.
For example, SUE does not like reading slash but you don't see SUE attacking the authors of slash fics. HELL NO! That would be small-minded of SUE, and NOTHING about SUE is small. As a matter of fact, I would LOVE to find a slash fan to write reviews of slash fics... (apply within lol).

At any rate, WE NEED to remember that we are a COMMUNITY. We need to support ALL of us: authors, readers, bloggers etc. No one is bigger or bettter than the other. We are HERE for each other. We may not agree, but stop the nonsense. Behave yourselves, or no cookies for you!


This has been a PSA by a pissed off SUE.

"Rob feels your pain too, Sue."



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Carroll said...

AMEN!!! If I don't like a fic, then I don't read it! Although I may send a PM asking when an author is going to update, it is only when the story has not updated in over 6 months!

Anonymous said...

Nicely ranted.
There is something for everyone. While I do love slash, I'm a little worn out on High School fic. Would I ever trash a fic because of that setting? Um, no.
Golden Rule People.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous... couldn't have said it better myself! :-)

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