April 11, 2010

Recipe to fatten up skinny boys! Chicken Lasagna Roll Ups

I have been asked about this many times please know I taught myself how to cook ....

OK HERE IS MY DISCLAIMER he warned it is a wordy one!

1) I cook for 7 people so I do not do normal measurements I do not know what they are so you can cut this anyway you want

2) I NEVER claimed to be a good cook or a healthy cook just reading this recipe may cause you to gain weight so don't blame me

3) I use cooking terms such as "cook till done" if that shit does not frighten you away then Lets get this underway PLEASE read through this all before hand

Chicken Lasagna Roll ups

Pans you will need 
Baking dish such as a 9X12 cake pan (remember I cook for MANY)

Pot to boil noodles

Pot to cook chicken and sauce stuff 1 pot


Lasagna noodles
Diced Italian Tomatoes
Ricotta cheese
Mozzarella Cheese
Parmesan Cheese
Garlic powder
Olive Oil
Loose leaf baby spinach
Chicken Breasts (I use boneless frozen ones)


Boil noodles till pliable
IN a separate bowl combine
3 cheeses Ricotta and Motz add Parm to YOUR taste(I don't measure REMEMBER)
basil and garlic to taste
Shred fresh spinach to YOUR taste
Fold all together

Lay noodle flat in your olive oiled baking pan

Spread the cheese stuff on the noodle

Roll it up

Repeat till you fill your pan

Spread motz cheese on top of the noodles and put them in a preheated 350 degree oven to bake
(for my overseas friends use whatever temperature you use for a casserole)

Cook frozen chicken breasts on the stove top (no I do not thaw them I am too lazy I add water to the pan cover them and boil the hell outta them) add some olive oil garlic basil black pepper etc to YOUR tastes and once the chicken is cooked (or as it is cooking which is what I do) cut the chicken up into smallish bite sized chucks

(warned you I am not good cook LOL)

Once your chicken is cooked add some cans of the Tomatoes

This is what the noodles look like when done I have NO IDEA why my flash decided to not work

Serve one Roll Up with a scoop of the chicken sauce on top

try not to eat the whole pan


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