April 11, 2010

Undiscovered Gems Volume 3


Hey girls (and guys)!

Welcome back to Volume 3 of "Undiscovered Gems". This is Tanja speaking and I have actually no idea what to say. Normally it should be Sue here but she's dealing with some minor internet difficulties.

So, I guess all there is to say is "lean back and enjoy this weeks stories". If you find a story you like here, leave the author some love. And if you have an Undiscovered Gem you'd like to share with us, here are the rules how you get a story posted here.

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SUE HERE : just wanted to let you know this little Disclaimer about Undiscovered Gems THIS is SELF PIMPAGE What this means is I HAVE NOT READ THESE STORIES nor has my staff
SO read these leave the author criticism of the constructive nature .....

Here's the official summary:

La Résistance

In the darkest days of World War 2 Esme plays a dangerous game. The fates of both her country and her heart hang in the balance.

WHY should I (the reader) read your story?
It's fairly different than anything else in the fandom (at least that I've come across). And it deals with weightier issues than we generally tackle (World War 2, Nazis, the Holocaust...). But that's not a bad thing! I think we could all stand to expand our horizons a bit!

Esme and Carlisle's backstory in Girl with a Red Umbrella is that they met during WW2 when they were both working for the French Resistance. This is the story of how and why Esme got involved with the Resistance and it follows the development of her relationship with Carlisle as they meet in secret to pass information.

Where did you get inspiration?
Like I said, it grew out of the brainstorming I did with justaskalice for Girl with a Red Umbrella. We talked about all the characters' histories, even if some of it never made it into the story. The ideas we tossed around for Esme and Carlisle just wouldn't leave me alone and before I knew it I was writing a fic.

What do you think is the BEST thing about your fic?
Well, I'm pretty proud of the research I've done. It's all fiction, but every date, place, and event mentioned is real. It took some time to weave the real timeline of the war into the timeline of the story, but it worked out in the end. And several readers have told me that they think this Esme kicks ass. She is pretty great, if I say so myself. ;)


Summary: Bella is a Red Cross volunteer stationed in Italy during World War II, thrown together with conflicted Army doctor Edward. Can they find solace in each other amidst the harsh realities of war? Their journey will take us from the Homefront to the Front Lines and back again.

"How she pictures Bella"

Why should I (the reader) read your story?
I have read a lot of the great stories already out there, so I wanted to do something a little different. I tried to incorporate a couple of things that I thought would make In the Name of Peace stand out. First, it's historical with a WWII setting but not from a soldier's perspective. Edward and Bella are serving overseas in Italy as a doctor and Red Cross volunteer and their closeness develops from there. Second, it's M rated but more for themes than explicit lemons. My hope is to write the lemony moments in ways that are still hot but that fit within the more restrained time period. I had a lot of fun imagining 1940's versions of the characters, especially focusing on the unique opportunities that started to open up for women during that time. If you want something on the angsty/sweet side with a bit of drama thrown in, I would love if you checked it out and let me know what you think.

Where did you get inspiration?
The source for the story's inspiration was a combination of a book of wartime love letters and an old WWII movie about Army Nurses. I could picture how exciting and scary it must have been for those women to volunteer when their life options were more limited and wanted to capture that feeling. The inspiration to actually write it came came from the Indies First Time Writers Challenge, and it started as a one-shot contest entry called Finding Peace. I was surprised and thrilled when the judges gave it their rec for best M rated, and decided to continue it as a multi-chapter fic to tell more of the story.

What do you think is the best thing about your fic?
I try to stay as true to the details of the time period as possible, and I think readers appreciate that. Obviously there is some creative license since it's fiction, but it's important to me cause I'm a bit of a nerd like that. I had a reader tell me that she sees the whole thing like an old, black and white movie and that's definitely how it plays in my own head. I think that it would appeal to anyone who enjoys that vibe.

Thanks to Sue for letting us pimp our newbie selves and thanks to everyone who reads~ xo lara


Im Marie, I write under the pen name "Marie0912" at FF.Net (the story I'm gonna ask you to read is pending approval at Twilighted atm)

Now, I don't actually have a banner for this story, but I made one for your benefit (forgive its awfulness, it was made in Paint):

<- Ok so I also added a few pics for fun... OH! Delicious men... we need those too!


OK... I got carried away... sorry...

OH! We can add this!!

LOL! Classic!!! *le sigh* I miss The Office...

So the name of this fic is "Smooth Vanilla and Deviant Sprinkles" and its relatively new, only 4 chapters in, though long ones cos... I just love detailed lemons:P

Summary: Bella has been faking for a while,deeply unsatisfied, her desires and fantasies too dark and deviant to confess to her husband.
She writes what she truly longs for down on paper,unknowingly leaving it for Edward to find and read.

Now to the Questions!

The reason you should read my story:
Well, for one, its pure and graphic smut. That by itself is a reason I think;)
The lemons are the plot in this fic, and I have never written as graphic or challenged myself the way I have with this one.
I have taken inspiration from my favorite fanfic authors poetic flow and combined it with the lemons I keep missing.
YOu know the feeling where you are DYING for someone to write you a certain scene? Well, I got tired of waiting.
I never post without a beta, the characters are lovable and I always test it out before I write.
In addition to this I have a couple of trial rabbits that test out my "stunts" beforehand if I cant do it alone. (Im single atm and cannot pretent to know how a penis feels;)
I try very hard not to lemon- lie.
I have also put down a hard limmit on the use of "heated core" and "heated center" since they make me wanna rip my hair out.

What else? Oh yes... English is my second language (I'm Norwegian). So I think that earns me some brownie points too, dont you?
Oh shit, please dont make that count against me!! hahah! I really am fluent, and most dont even notice.

As for my inspiration, it was rather a personal challenge. I dont write graphic smut normally, and sometimes you just want to...
My writing inspiration, the flow and phrasing is very inspired by MrsTheKing and SebastienRubichaud who both write in a way that takes my breath away.
Also... Weheartit played a part;)

The best thing about my fic is the way its realistic, there are no highschool teenage pornstars here, this is a normal couple struggling with communication, with their every day life and trying to find their way back to eachother.
Its warm, they care and it shows.
And ofcourse anything that is written here is possible to test out in the bedroom without having to call an ambulance afterwards...

All in all, I have been told its a panty soaker;)

Alrighty.... I think that this covers the most important issues...
I have a few others that I thought about asking you to read as well, but this one is suffering at the moment since people add it to alerts and favorites like crazy, but people are either too scared or too lazy to review it and it buggs me.

Well that wraps it up I guess. I do hope I didnt ramble too much and that you will give it a chance=)

Thank you for your time,


Banner/Chapter Banners (Take your pick lol):
(main banner)

(Chapter 15 Banner)

(Silence insperation)

Silence by Padme-And-Anakin-4-Ever

Summary: Bella Swan hasn't spoken since her parents were killed nearly 4 years ago.She moves in with her Godfather,Billy.What happens when broken, mute Bella, meets the popular ladies man Edward? Can he help her break the silence? Will she let him?

WHY should I (the reader) read your story?: Well, if you are into angsty stories then this may be a story for you. Silence is full of angst and snippets of humor (Especially in Edward's POV) I truly put my heart and soul into this fanfic, I have a few others that I've put on hold to actually write this one. I feel that Silence is pretty original, or at least I hope it is. The idea that Bella can't (I should say won't) speak is difficult to write, but its also a fun way to write. I love her internal battle with herself, and Edward's internal monologue is my favorite parts to write. I'm rambling now lol. Hopefully I have not bored you to death!

Where did you get inspiration?: I actually had a dream about it and when I woke up I just had to write it. It started out as a dream about how Bella's parents were killed, and it just went from there. I sat down at the computer and started typing and it all came pouring out.

What do you think is the BEST thing about your fic?: Well I feel its original like I said before. I try not to rush things in the story (although it may seem rushed at times lol). The past chapters were un betaed but I now have betaed versions that I will replace them with so hopefully people can over look the grammar mistakes until I get them fixed. I think the best part about the fic is I don't give too much away right away. I give little hints to see if the reader catches it but try not to give too much away. Like I said, if you like angst (that will end in a HEA lol. I'm an HEA kinda girl) then perhaps this is a story that you will hopefully enjoy.

Thanks a ton for your time! Its really awesome that you're doing this for writers =3

-Emma =)

Summary - "The Holocaust. They told us never to forget, and we promised always to remember. But like everything else, it is left untouched, and slowly forgotten. The over-population of the Earth is now a high priority. The situation is critical and it seems like the extermination and genocide of human beings is the only “logical” answer to survival. The shadow of another Holocaust is on the horizon. Edward a confused and troubled military conformant is pressed into doing what is considered “right” to protect his family and following his heart, knowing that they both would ultimately lead to his demise."

WHY should I (the reader) read your story? Where did you get inspiration? What do you think is the BEST thing about your story?
Basically the story takes the parallels of what happened during the Holocaust and concentration camps and places it in our near future. Rather than Nazism being the threat, the threat is the overpopulation of the world. The sick and twisted governments and world leaders have governed a plan to extinguish people based on their societal standing, by placing them in death camps to work to their death. Edward is given a chance to protect his family by essentially doing the government's dirty work in one of these camps. This is already something he can't stomach, but what happens when he discovers a girl who is imprisoned to the camp that he has a natural yearning to protect. I guess you could say that this is my story to tell.

I think the best part of the story is that it has a unique premise and it also has a special meaning behind the story. I know this is really cliche but ultimately Ashen Skies is about love over conquering all evils, even death.

Thank you for this great opportunity!



I'm forcing myself to be brave and send this to you now before I lose my nerve!

Okay, I'm Silk and Steel

My FanFiction - Cullen Technologies Inc.

Summary: Edward Cullen returns to Chicago from his self imposed exile in Italy to take up the position of CEO of Cullen Technologies Inc. What secrets have kept him away for so long? E/B OOC/AH Rated M for language/lemons.

I'm afraid I don't currently have any visuals or banners, I don't know any of the people who produce the brilliant banners and I'm a bit of a technophobe so my technical knowledge is pretty pathetic, at the moment I'm still learning my way around, let alone trying to do anything too clever...

Why should you read it?
I'm currently working on the eleventh chapter of C.T.I. The first nine chapters have been in BPOV and I'm now working on EPOV. Although this is a "Bella and Edward in the office" fanfic, I hope that my interpretation of the characters puts a new and fresh spin on it. Bella isn't as shy and awkward and clumsy as I've found she's often portrayed, my reviewers so far seem to be appreciating my apparent penchant for putting her in somewhat embarrassing situations, for example her first meeting with her new boss takes place while she is on her knees in front of him...

I'm aiming for a nice mixture of lemons which I am enjoying writing immensely, with a plot line running through to hold it all together properly, I do have a lot of plans for all the characters which btw will be canon couples, I cannot bear the idea of writing anything other than!

My inspiration pretty much comes from the idea of Edward all dressed up in a suit and tie, my idea of heaven. I'm also including quite a lot of detail in future about Italy as I spent time there working when I was younger and love the place.

The best thing about my fic I hope is going to be the realistic timescale and the lemons! I didn't want to write a fic where they meet on day one, declare their love on day two, become pregnant with triplets on day three and live happily ever after from day four. It's taken seven chapters before the main characters met and all the reviews I got agreed that it was worth the wait, so I'm absolutely thrilled. I'm really enjoying hearing readers thoughts and comments so far, they bolster me when I'm having a bad day and definitely help my confidence in my writing! (As for the lemons, most of them will be in the future - realism again, but I've loved writing the fantasy sequences so far and can't wait to add in more!)

I hope this gives you an idea of my fic so far, I'm really proud of myself for daring to go outside my comfort zone and try writing for the first time, hopefully you will have a look and see what you think...

Please let me know if you would like any further information, I'll be happy to try and help with any questions.

Kind regards,

Silk & Steel



In The Middle Of The Night by Loves-to-blame

WHY should I (the reader) read your story?
Besides the fact that it's awesome? Well maybe because its a bit different from most fics. It's dark and twisty but at the same time it's full of hope and some (well 1 reviewer really) say that it's almost maical

Where did you get inspiration?
Like most of my stories it just came to me, and I just started writing. It's full of twists and turns that surprise even me. My biggest inspiration for this story is probably my younger self though.

What do you think is the BEST thing about your fic?
The best thing about my fic is that I wrote it...No just kidding. There are so many things that i love about it- the plot, the characters, the secret meanings. The absolute best thing has to be the ending. It just came to me and I love it...I haven't finished the fic yet but just know that it had an unhappy happy ending.


Summary: Bella, a lonely girl from Forks High, who works at the local library as an assistant, sees her world change when something pretty strange happens in a Friday night AH/ cannons

WHY should I (the reader) read your story?
Because is a story about a normal 16 yo in a journey of self discover and self love. A story every shy, self conscious girl can relate to, and also because I have a sexy, smart-ass and very confused Edward.

Where did you get inspiration?
I was a teenager I had only a few friends, I was self conscious and had a distort vision of myself. But I also always had a sense of humor and an explosive character, I based my Bella in that feelings. My Edward come from the fact that I don´t like “perfect” Eds, I think problematic Eds are more Fun. I also made him very grey, not black and white. Not all good or all bad, just a confused Teenager.

What do you think is the BEST thing about your fic?
The best think about it, is that I try my best to make my characters age appropriate they are not “little 30 years old” they are confused, impulsive, sensitive. I try to make then real and relatable.


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