April 9, 2010

Mimzy's Interview with Capricorn75 about 'Inhibitions'

Hi everyone! Mimzy here. Sue roped me into blogging for her, although she didn't have to work too hard. I'm pretty easy that way. ;-)

My choice for One-shot Week is Inhibitions by one of the coolest hoors I know, Capricorn75. I originally read this almost a year ago. It was the first Twi ff that I'd ever read with a DTE. For those that don't know, that means a Dirty Talking Edward, which also means a very turned on Mimzy.

Fanfiction synopsis:
Edward is in for a surprise when Bella comes home after a night drinking with the girls. What's happened to his shy, sweet Bella?

I'll tell you what happens. Bella finally puts on her big girl panties and lets go, leading to one helluva night for Edward.

But enough of my ramblings. Take a look at what Cappy had to say.

Where did you get the idea for your O/S?
Cap75: When I wrote this almost a year and a half ago, I did it because there were some things I wanted in lemons that I wasn't finding in the stories I read on FF or Twilighted. I thought if I could write out what I wanted, then heck- at least I'd have something to read, even if it was my own work.

I really, REALLY like talking during sex, especially dirty talk. I couldn't find much in the way of good dirty talking in the fics I was reading. It all seemed the same...Edward: Oh Bella, you're so wet/tight. Bella: Edward, you're so big. Take me!

Man, I wanted to read, well...the kinds of things I've said/had said to me during sex. I also wanted Bella to be a little more assertive than what I was reading. I know guys tend to run the show a lot when it comes to sex. I think it's important for women to be comfortable asking for what they want. They don't just have to lay on their backs and spread their legs.

Why a O/S and not a multichapter fic for this idea?
Cap75: I would love to write a multichapter story. The problem is I have no creativity when it comes to thinking up a plot. Give me a scene you want to see, and I can definitely go for it. But to think up an actual storyline? My mind goes totally blank. I have so much respect for anyone who can come up with a story idea and complete it.

Who do you "see" as your characters (if you envision anyone)?
Cap75: Well, this is embarrassing, but I picture myself in the female lead. (God, I hate Mary-Sue'rs!). But that's because I wrote from my own experience. I wish I could say I picture Rob as Edward, because really, there is no one more beautiful. But I see this Edward as older, and a bit more mature than our favorite posh-speaking hobo. So as I re-read 'Inhibitions', I'm thinking Henry Cavill- but not with the buzz cut he sports in 'The Tudors'. He's got longer hair for me to grab on to ;-)

Do you do anything special while writing? (listen to music ...need complete silence..eat a bag of M&Ms...drink heavily :P ..whatever)
Cap75: I stressed over writing this so bad. It really made me almost physically ill. I had loved writing when I was younger, but honestly had done anything since high school, and that was 15 years earlier. I mentioned to With the Vamps of Course that I was going to start writing a lemon, and she kept pushing me about it. So then I couldn't NOT do it and look like a total pussy. I worked on it one weekend while my kids were gone. I locked the doors and turned off the t.v. I had to have absolute silence to start with. I was scared to death that my neighbors in the building would just know that I was writing porn. My hands were shaking and my heart was racing. I forced out a couple of paragraphs. Calmed down and put it away while I recouped. Then came back to it. And just kind of repeated that process through-out the weekend until it was done.

Amorebella asks:

Do you use your own past encounters for reference when you write each O/S?
Cap75: Yep, I sure did. Except I'm easier than Bella, I didn't have to be drunk to say and do those things!

Mimzy asks:
What do you drink when you're trying to get lucky?
Cap75: I admit to liking my shots of Goldschlager and Blow Jobs. I hate the taste of alcohol, so I can only drink shots and fruity girly drinks. I do shots to impress the guys and the fruity drinks when I'm getting together with my girls.

Do you prefer canon pairings in your writing or do you like to mix it up? (You know I have to ask the naughty ones).
Cap75: Well, I've only written the one piece. But to me, Twilight is Bella and Edward. I like reading Edward/Carlisle and Edward/Jasper slash, but if he's screwing a chick, it better be Bella. That's the only pairing I can imagine writing.

FF Rec'd by Capricorn75:

I love fic reccing. I spent the past week and weekend reading two wonderful stories that are both complete. "A War of Cynics" by greeen goldfish can be read at http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5395585/1/ and "Expectations of Success" by LASMKE which is here http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5357763/1/ .

For anyone who, like me, despised 'Breaking Dawn', my pretty much all-time favorite story to take its place is 'Morning Star' by Consultant by Day at http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3776144/1/ . She wrote and published this on FF a year before 'BD' was released. Her writing voice is almost identical to SMeyer. It's very very very good.

So there you have it hoors. Read it (preferably with a hard drink and a lover close by), love it (DTE is epic win), review it (We've got to pull Cappy out of retirement!).


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