April 26, 2010

'Men At Work' Contest Winners

NOW that I have your attention let's see what Rae and Silver have to say! 

This was such a fun contest to host and we were so excited about the turnout and interest! But really, who doesn’t want to see a hard-workin’ sexy Cullen man getting all sweaty and dirty?! It was a lot of fun to read the entries. We had a lot of wonderful stories submitted. We want to thank everyone who wrote and entry, they were all wonderful in their own way! We wish everyone could have won something! Thank you to everyone who read, reviewed, voted, pimped out the contest and anything else! It wouldn’t have been the same without you. BIG HUGE thanks goes out to ReachingAsIFall for her awesome banner making skills and working so hard on these. They turned out wonderfully!! Thank you to our four fabulous judges: RoseLover24, thurtysomething, NanMcCullen and pomme_de_terre! They’ve each take the time to write a little something for each of the winners.

~ RaeCullen and Silver Sniper

Now… the winners!

First Place Judges Choice: THE CHALLENGE by Ms. Bond and RobotMoose

There were so many wonderful choices in this fabulous contest, and SO many different kind of hot working men. It made it an extremely difficult contest to judge, but there were a few stories that stood out in my mind. The Challenge was one in particular. While the writing was done extremely well and there were little to no grammatical errors, what really stood out for me was how much it struck a chord with me. You see, I too used to work in the construction industry, which is a male-dominated world. Women have a very hard time finding their niche, whether they know what they're doing or not. Most of the men believe that we're pretty things to look at who belong behind the desk filing paperwork and making phone calls. Little do they know that there are quite a few of us out there that can and will get down and dirty, and swing a hammer or two if we must. I really enjoyed the fact that not only did it have the conceited construction worker in Edward, in a nice pair of tight jeans might I add, but it also had three very strong-willed women that knew what they wanted and how to go about getting it. Above and beyond that, the sexual tension between Edward and Bella is fucking ridiculous... and the sex? Oh. My. God. I thank the baby Jesus everyday for smut of this caliber. After a change of panties, I decided that I am not above demanding a continuation of this little ditty. So write on, girl... write on. And for the love of all that is holy, please to be giving me some more hot sexing between these two. Please. And thank you. ;) ~ NanMcCullen

SUE is trying REALLY hard not to be distracted by the hot man pretty!

Second Place Judges Choice: SWIMMING WITH SWAN by Flplmtree95

When the opportunity arose to judge for this contest, I had no idea how much I would enjoy reading about hot, sweaty, hard working men. Hah! Who am I fooling, I was stoked! The entries all wowed me in some way, but Swimming with Swan tickled my funny bone like no other. Rich girl Bella Swan takes swim lessons from gorgeous, funny Edward Cullen. Yes, Edward is wet. Isn't that enough reason to read it? Oh, and Edward's inner dialogue and Bella's playfulness captured me from the start. Not to mention it was HOT. The plot moved along nicely and kept me entertained. When I reached the end, I was a little sad it was over, however; the author left the ending open for additional chapters. I'm keeping my fingers crossed she continues it, as she has already won me over! ~ thurtysomething

I find this pic fitting for Swimming with the Swan ...no?

First Place Voters Choice: CUSTOM BUILT by NinjaKitten 3782

WELL my turn I guess. As you all know by now the 'Men At Work' contest started because of me and my girlies talking on Twitter about our favorite season of the year 

We have a great appreciation for some fine sweaty working men, be they firemen, construction workers or well gosh anything. So we judges decided to randomly talk about the top 4 fics to present them to you. The fic I get to discuss is Custom Built which this contest is Custom made just for me and my pervy ways! Custom built starts out with a letter Bella recieves about how she has been left a house by her Uncle Marcus this house is in need of repair so Bella hires a construction company from the area to rebuild it for her. Her main contact is Edward. They build a friendship over the phone, discussing the various things that will need to be done to the house before her move there from 
New York. When they first meet, sparks fly of course but the bigger deal to me is not the instant connection but the banter and friendship they have on the phone. To me that is what makes this fic special along with (I wonder if I can spoil...??? hmmm)


Edward likes Bella so much because of the relationship they have built that he decides to truly put a piece of himself into her home. He uses his skills and his craftsmanship to build her library for her


any girl who loves books would ADORE the way this library work area is described. I know I did ... Really makes me wish that working with wood my hubbys art medium ...

So my dears I hope you all enjoyed this contest as much as I did like the other ladies said judging this contest was hard ! so many good fics I wish each and every author who wrote for this contest the best of luck you all did so well!!

Thanks for your participation!

To my fellow judges and our gracious hosts Thanks for giving me some fun time with my blue collar boys! ~ Roselover24

The pictures SUE has added have absolutely NOTHING to do with the stories but really WHO CARES???

Second Place Voters Choice: SIMPLE MATH by Skeezon

This was such a hard contest to judge because, other than the cavalcade of hot, sweaty man-meat, there were some great plotlines and characterizations. Simple Math, however, really stood out to me when reading all the entries because it captured the spirit of the contest. Edward the nail gun wielding, shirtless construction worker next door and Bella the horny, cupcake-baking business owner just seemed to fit. In a short amount of time, the characters were fully developed, the relationship progressed at a realistic pace and the sex was haaaawt! Jebus on a water slide! *fans self*. Not only that, but the story was really well-written and felt complete when it wrapped up. In short, I loved this little one-shot and am really going to start double checking that there’s no Edward hiding amongst the construction workers next door to my building! ~ pomme_de_terre

 And with that I leave you with the winners and their banners thanks for all the support please read ALL of the submissions to this contest they were all fantastic!!



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The banners are FABULOSO! Congrats writers! And thanks to SYTYCW for this contest! Way fun! ;)

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It was a fun contest =) Congradz to the winners! The banners are AMAZING! Y'aw deserved them! Congradz again!

-Emma / Padme-And-Anakin-4-Ever

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Thank you guys so much for hosting this amazing contest!

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Missed the voting but enjoying reading the top 4 :)

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