April 27, 2010

HP Fic: The Book of Morgan Le Fey and The Final Reckoning by LavenderBrown

So I'm assuming you all read Finding Himself? And loved it like Sue and I did? Good. Well, I have a new Harry Potter fic to tell you about, which I hope you will love as well.

It is a series of two fics in fact. The Book of Morgan Le Fey, and The Final Reckoning by LavenderBrown. As they were started in 2003, before HBP came out, they are AU after OotP, chronicling the trio's last two years at Hogwarts. And a warning, they are long fics... I seem to always find the longest fics... never mind. You like long fics, right? I swear I'll find a shorter one a some point ;)
A sixth-year adventure told from Ron's perspective. RonHermione; HarrySusan. The Trio must stop Voldemort from wiping out Muggles. THIS IS A RE-WRITE. Rated R for language, violence, and sexual situations.
COMPLETE. Sequel to "The Book of Morgan Le Fey"; seventh year for The Trio; Ron is learning to use his new powers, and Harry gets a second chance at love...but Voldemort still looms...

So, as I'm sure you can guess, The Book of Morgan Le Fey follows them through Sixth Year, and is written from Ron's perspective. Now Ron happens to be perhaps my favourite character from the whole series, and is horribly caricatured in the films (and btw, I'm not blaming Rupert Grint for that), so this appealed to me straight away for that reason.
The second story flips between Ron's perspective and Harry's. I still prefered Ron's perspective but Harry's is essential to the story of the second fic.

The stories both follow the tried and tested formulae of the books, wherein the story falls within the school year, give or take a few weeks, with everything coming to a head near the end of the school year. And of course Voldemort is the one causing the havoc.

Throughout the story there is angst, romance, humour, action... you name it, it's probably there. There are also, well I feel lemons isn't quite the right word when I compare it to stuff in the Twilight fandom, but there are some scenes of that nature. And yes, I know they are school kids, but remember it's set in Britain so it's all good ;) . Saying that, those scenes are never there just for the sake of it.

Ron is your typical 16 year old young man in this. He starts off quite awkward, and unsure of his role in the inevitable war, that looms in the near future. Over the course of the two fics, you see him grow, evolve and come out the other side of everything as a man ready to face the world.

Initially he doesn't realise he may like Hermione just a leeeettle bit. But eventually with some pushing gentle prodding from Harry and a few others, he works it out. And a big part of both stories is the relationship between Ron and Hermione. Just so you know... Ron and Hermione are like Ross and Rachel to me. They are meant to be together!

Hermione, in this, is very in character but you get to see a different, more girly side of her from Ron's perspective. She has her insecurities and hang ups just like any girl her age, but also have complete confidence in her abilities as a witch. And for anyone unconvinced of the compatibility of Ron and Hermione, this, I think, should convince them.
The relationship between Harry and Ron is that of best friends and brothers. They rely on each other in so many ways, and that comes across perfectly. There are several "guy moments" between them which always made me smile and laugh. The character of Harry is very well balanced. Sometimes he can come across as bratty but here, even through Ron's eyes, Harry is maturing and accepting that some things just... are.

The second fic, The Final Reckoning is an emotional rollercoaster. One minute I would be literally on the verge of tears, or on the edge of my seat, and the next moment laughing as the action gets bigger, more dangerous, and darker.

Here's a quote:
Harry straightened up. 'What about Terry Boot?' he asked, not bothering to hide the eagerness in his voice.
'I heard he splinched himself and left behind--' Neville began, but then he looked at Hermione and blushed.
'What?' said Hermione, putting her hands on her hips.
Neville bit his lip. 'Uh...maybe...you could tell them, Seamus.'
Seamus grinned again, clearly relishing his role as the bearer of gossip.
'Well,' he said, lowering his voice further, prompting Ron, Hermione and Harry to lean in, 'Lavender told me that Parvati told her that Padma learned from Anthony Goldstein that Terry splinched off his willy.'
Hermione gasped and looked horrified; Ron's hand instinctively flew to his crotch; Neville winced and shook his head; Harry bit back a laugh and pretended to look appalled.
'That's terrible,' he croaked.
Ron shuddered; he couldn't even begin to imagine what he would do if he splinched off his...
Don't think about it.
I hope that has intrigued you to read it. Now I'm on the look out for some more Cedric/Hermione fics. Apparently people really like this pairing ;) so if you know of any good ones, give us a bell!

Another thing, Minisinoo, who wrote Finding Himself, is shutting down her site :(. But DON'T PANIC! Lol her stories aren't disappearing from the web. If you follow the link at the top to our post about it, you can find all the appropriate links to her stories. We may also have some .pdfs (with manips) of FH and Dulce if you ask nicely ;)


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NinjaKitten said...

Okay, so I will admit that I've cheated on TwiFic and I've read some HP fic in the past (like... five stories total). But I am right in the middle of Finding Himself and it is SO FREAKING GOOD. Like... not only is it a really really good story, it's just insanely well written.

I found your blog through the MaW contest (thanks again for that, btw!) and have thoroughly enjoyed some of the rec'ed fics that you have on here. So, thanks for expanding my realm of fic-reading-dom. I appreciate it.

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