April 23, 2010

Autumn's Interview with Mothlights about 'Bronze'

BRONZE by Mothlights

Summary: Edward is a rebellious newborn lashing out at those who try to help him. At his wit's end, Carlisle asks Isabella, the woman who was once his mentor, to take Edward in until his bloodlust cools.  ExB AU

Anyone who knows me, knows that Twicliches drive me crazy. Like absolutely, raving, grab-the-soapbox-out-of-the-closet nuts. I hates them, in other words. When I saw the title of this fic, I sighed. I groaned. I winced. Keep in mind, I threatened publicly on Twitter last week to beat down the next user of the term ‘bronze hair’ (amongst a few other choice terms).

I needn’t have worried. In the entirety of the story thus far, I can’t recall Mothlights ever using that vile term. What she has done, however, is craft a story that is really unique. ‘BRONZE’ Edward has been a bad boy. A relative newborn, his temper has led him to severely wound Esme (well, as severe as vamp damage can get, short of burning them), and has been left by Carlisle in the care of an ancient vamp who lives deep in a forest far from Forks. She was turned as a teen, has dark hair… three guesses who we have here, and the first two don’t count. Our semi-feral Edward is incredibly attracted to her and the strange life she leads, and is terrified of her and her power (not telling) at the same time.

I read Aegis, by Mothlights, and really liked it, but this is just exceptional. The chapters are short, the dialogue sharp, the UST off the charts. I am not a Bella fan. Gotta tell you that straight up. This Bella, though… yeah. I likes this Bella. I don’t want to give anything else away, so let’s just let Mothlights have her say:

1. Where did you get the idea for this story? What was your inspiration?
Edward usually calls the shots in the books. You should’ve heard me shout “Hallelujah!” in Eclipse, when he relents and says he’s going to trust Bella’s judgment. That, and a love of ancient civilizations, gave me the idea to turn the tables and make Bella older than the Volturi. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with what it would be like to live for thousands of years.

2. Why do you think readers should read your story?
Bella has been solitary for a very long time, and newborn Edward is struggling with violent mood swings. That sets up the tension between them, and there’s also humor and a chain smoking old Viking vamp, so yeah, why not have a look?

3. Is there anything you would want readers to know specifically?
No, just come as you are, and thanks for reading.

(Q courtesy of Mels) Give us a Random Fact about yourself
I’ve broken my nose twice. I’m not nearly as tough as that makes me sound.

4. Do you do anything special while writing a chapter like listen to special music, need total silence, eat a bag of M&Ms, drink heavily, whatever
I stick to instrumental music or foreign language lyrics, like a French cover of “Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones. I loop one track for hours. Drives my husband crazy eventually, so I use headphones.

5. What do you do after you click the submit button for a chapter?
Read the updates I missed over the weekend!

6. Do you have a soundtrack to your stories?
No, but I love stories that include music in the plot, like philadelphic’s La canzone della Bella Cigna. In Bronze, I had Edward play a manic Mozart piece when he was going berserk in chapter two, and I linked to a recording of it at the end, but that’s it.

7. What actor/actress do you picture as YOUR Edward and Bella?
It’s odd, since I haven’t even seen New Moon yet – can I say that?! lol. I’m waiting for the DVD to be released in New Zealand tomorrow – but I picture Rob and Kristen unless the author gives me details that contradict.

8. Is the story all planned out or do you do it as a fly by the seat of your pants thing?
I know when the major events will happen, at what points Edward and Bella’s relationship will evolve, and how it will end. I also have a timeline, starting at 2300 BC, of Bella’s past, because otherwise I’d eventually write her in two places at once. I don’t plan specific scenes, like the shower or chess scenes. I don’t know the details of what they’ll be doing until I’ve written my way up to it.

10. Do you believe in HEA?
When I read, I’m an HEA junkie. Not necessarily everything tied up in a bow, but I’m a wimp about things ending in heartbreak. I want to see them wind up together, and yet I don’t want to know in advance if a story is going to end well. Nothing makes an HEA sweeter than having gone through the fear that you won’t get one.

11. Give me a list of your current projects.
I just finished Aegis, so now Bronze is the only thing on my plate.

Do you have any more fic plans in the future?
I have an idea for a story where a broken Edward shows up at Bella’s apartment door, but I don’t like juggling fics, so it will either be a one shot, or it will have to wait until Bronze is complete.

12. What brought you to fanfic? To Twilight?
I used to be a young adult librarian, and I still enjoy YA novels. That’s how I stumbled on Twilight. Honestly, until last year, my knowledge of fanfic was from a girl on my school bus years ago; she used to write her friends into stories about Duran Duran. I originally got online just to read past SM’s honeymoon fade to black. Then I discovered that very talented authors had fleshed out the characters and reinterpreted them, putting them in situations that brought out new sides to their personality, and I was hooked. AU is my real love. I like the vamps, and I love to see authors run with a new idea while still using the books as their springboard.

13. What is your background in writing?
I filled journals growing up. I started writing fiction in college and was lucky enough to meet an author who took me under his wing and gave me the encouragement I needed to pursue it further. I have an MA in writing and English. I sold one story to a magazine, but then I stopped writing for thirteen years. Fan fiction drew me back in, and I’ve experimented with (the not-so-popular) multiple pov, and I’ve used third person for the first time. There’s a lot to be learned, if I put my mind and heart into it, by sticking to a writing schedule and getting feedback from other authors and from readers.

If you could have 15 minutes with any Edward FF or SMs which one would you choose and what would you do?
(If you do not LIKE any of the Edwards feel to substitute an actor here. Rob, Kellan, PFac or Jackson)
Oh that’s easy! Give me Edward from The Sweater by LolaShoes. Anything – and I mean anything – he wants to do is fine by me, as long as I don’t have to wear the knitted green monstrosity

15. What is your FF pet peeve?
Bella blithely going along with whatever a Darkward does. If Edward is abusive, I want Bella to behave realistically, like she does at the beginning of Hide and Drink by Savage; she’s absolutely terrified, and she should be!

16. What is your Fandom pet peeve? ---

17. Which character do you Identify with the most? Any character who would you like to see yourself with? Either as buddies or more?
I don’t really see myself as one of them; I’d like to say Alice, but I know I don’t have that much drive and determination.

For a night, I see myself with Edward and/or Jasper. For the rest of my life, honestly, it’s probably Ben. My husband and I make decisions together, and he’s so damn sweet that I can’t imagine putting up with much brooding or controlling behavior in a relationship. But if Edward were to chill out a little, he’d be pretty terrific.

18. Which RL author inspires you?
I have a love of Anna Karenina that borders on the obsessive. That book got me through a hard time. I also love Margaret Atwood, Italo Calvino, Terry Pratchett, Raymond Carver, Beverly Cleary, Philip K. Dick, Marilynne Robinson… Uhm you said author – singular – didn’t you? I got carried away.

Did any FF authors inspire you?
I read Laura Cullen first. Her stories inspired me, along with those by philadelphic, Lolashoes, Halo Jones, Amethyst Jackson, AngstGoddess003, ItzMegan73, quothme, TalulaBlue, FeistyYBeden, Duskwatcher, Temptations Girl, and the lovely April09… I read a lot of fanfic.

19. If you could ask any Twilight Cast member a Question who would you ask and what would your Question be? ---

20. Anything else you would like to add?
Just a thank you to people who take the time to review. I appreciate concrit, and when you tell me how a chapter came across to you, it lets me know whether I’ve done what I set out to do.


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