April 8, 2010

Teas With "Rob" Volume 6


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Good morning, my dears. Are you ready to put on your company manners, adjust your puppy pads, fluff the girls and listen to the marvelous information uncovered from our very own Lady Tater???
Yeah, yeah, I know, shut up SUE, and bring us "ROB"!

Your wish is my demand!!

Amorebella asks: Which style of sexing do you prefer, passionate love-making or animalistic, raw need, rip each other's clothes off f*cking?
My lovely boy scratched his scruffy chin, his lips twitching as he mulled over the question. I considered prompting him by reminding him of an episode or ten in his past that I was intimately aware of, but I felt the need to let him answer of his own accord. After a moment, he shook his head, telling me that he couldn’t decide and it completely depended upon the situation.
I asked for an example and he paused again, contemplating before sharing that if he met a tart in a bar or a club and she was… dressed in a certain manner (read, slutty), he vastly preferred banging her like a rutting boar against the alley wall. If he was a bit more interested in the young lady, for example, he’d pick up her tab and take her back to the hotel, he had nothing against a bit of Barry White and candlelight.
To test his theory, I surreptitiously showed him my new Eres demi-cup and he immediately blurted “Marvin Gaye, roses, Cristal”.

Amorebella asks: What is the best kind of Porn?
Our sweet just laughed, tossing his head back before running his hand through his tussled hair. His answer, simple. “The kind I’m involved in.”
I pointed to the video camera against the far wall…

What kind of Shrubbery do you prefer? Bare Trimmed or WILD
The sweet son of England thought for a long moment before answering. Apparently, he is not into the “Throwback Bush” resembling Diana Ross in the 70’s, but, at the same time, a grown woman looking like a twelve year old was a bit disturbing as well. I queried if he preferred a “landing strip” and he cocked a brow. Rolling my eyes, I wiggled my cheekies down from under my skirt, which he immediately proffered, and let my legs part as I re-crossed them in a ladylike fashion. He nodded approvingly, advising me that would do just fine…

Hot Tub or Jacuzzi sexin yes or no?
The lovely wrinkled his nose and tapped his temple while contemplating the question. According to the dear boy, if it is *his* Jacuzzi, it is fine. Hotels and public Jacuzzi’s, absolutely not. When I questioned further, he mentioned something about if he did it, others certainly had and the rate at which bacteria brewed in warm water. Of course, I whole-heartedly agreed. One must protect the Bishop from protozoan attack…

Mimz -- Rob, do you mind wearing this blindfold. I just want........to try one thing. *grabs riding crop and proceeds to spank* "Say it! Say my name bitch!" :D
“Lady!” He screamed as I spanked him. I leaned down to whisper the question again in his ear. “Mimz!” he yelped as I welted his lovely arse with an Ariat. “Please just don’t call me bitch”.
Of course, I assisted with the application of salve after that question.

Gia asks: will he make it thru the NM premiere or leave halfway thru to go bone for stress relief? Tater's choice who he's boning.
Our lovely child laughed at this. He stated that he would never leave his premiere. He has mastered the fine art of the armrest-lift-skirt-slide-panty-removal-movie-seat-slide-and-glide. It’s much the same as the mile-high-pork-and-ride. He can attend and bone simultaneously.

Mimzay asks: Ask him if he's really into his balls? (Hopefully the answer is no for those of us with nut allergies.)
The darling’s brows scrunched when I asked him this question. He wasn’t quite sure what was meant by “into his balls”. I rolled my eyes and beckoned him to me like a wayward child, gesturing for access to the Bishop and his Cardinals. Like the good boy that he is, he flicked open his jeans, allowing them to pool at his ankles. As he has learned over his many interviews with the Lady, no undergarments were required. Reaching forward, I demonstrated the spirit of the question, anointing the Cardinals with my fingers and mouth and then…
Taking a half hour break.
The answer is that he is quite fond of his berries.

Nikki is having a bad day and wants to know: I want to know how Rob feels about angry, bruise his woman, rough sex. And can I get some now?
The answer to this question was simple to our giving child, never wanting to leave a lady in need. “Where is she and does she like being spanked with empty vodka bottles?”

From Autumn: I notices you have a chin scar describe in Detail how you got it...
The sweet young one blushed a bit while framing the answer to this question. Intrigued by his response, I smiled, fluffing the girls a bit in encouragement. He explained how he was once a wee bit drunk on a boat off the French Rivera. Of course, he was on said venture as a purely humanitarian mission, researching the flora and fauna of the coast. Of course, part of said flora belonged to a lovely girl who spoke some Slavic dialect he was not familiar with. Apparently, he thought she was asking for the use of the Bishop, however, she was merely asking to pass the martini olives. When His Holiness made an appearance, she punched him, knocking him to the railing of the vessel and splitting his chin.

Of course, after this sad, sad story, the Lady took it upon herself to kiss his boo boo better.


Oh! That Tater and her Naughty boy. They are so much fun to listen to on a Saturday!!

Come back on Monday ladies, we have a special event planned AND I also have a new theme for the week:

(WHAT?? Sue really?)

Yes, I found two fics that fit this theme well AND they are so awesome. Must-reads if you ask me.

Cannabean Betrothal by Itzmegan


The Caged Bird by Kristen Nicole

So, if you have not started these fics yet DO IT! Both are fabulous, I mean it !!

And, of course, I have to leave you with some gratuitous Rob Porn:


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