April 10, 2010


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SO, why the Bday greeting to Vrae? 'cause I want to.

So I gathered some hoors together and we got Bday greetings and porn and a special treat for VRae

If you are NOT a member of Team "I just dont give a fuck" then you wont like this post

SUE, what is Team "I dont give a fuck"?

This is for the group of people that do not fit in with the Rstens, the Nonstens or IDKstens

We are people that dont give a hoot.

We are the ones that are just sick of speculation without proof. If it happens, it does. If not, fine.


Our first order of bussiness is to show off an Icon made especially for her.

because really, who does?

NOW onto the greetings:

I scoured Twitter 'till my fingertips bled and I got these greetings from your friends

Love you !!


Happy Birthday VRae!!!

A little Robporn...

This one Is from Nina ....and ELLLLVISSSS!!!!


From Autumn and I added some Rob porn as well cause I wanted to look at it

Happy birthday, bb! Take a few minutes for yourself, relax, and enjoy
the day!


OF course we bond over other things like fics
THANKS for pushing me to read ELEMENTAL I blame you fully for that night of lost sleep and the disturbing fuckin dreams cause well yeah

FOR those that DON't know Vrae also has written a little fic
cakes cakes cakes cakes cakes cakes cakes
I am too lazy to write the rest of it but it is Cake to the 17th power

Seventeen Cakes

From Tanja

Happy Birthday, Vanessa!

Here's a little something for you!

Happy Birthday V

This is from Shannies!!

Happy birthday V! I hope that all of your multitasking efforts continue to thrive &..you smack some bitches around if you feel like it. k?


Here goes then. To V, Lá breithe maith duit, a thaisce! Heres to another year of pervy h00rness. Love and lots of The Pretty - and the irish bit just means happy birthday love.


"Happy Birthday baby!! Have a kickass day! Much love!"


"Happy Birthday to my favorite (and only) reader... you're the reason I post every three months. Love you lots - have a fuckawesome day!"

From Dave

Happy birthday I hope you get over your affliction of chicago sports teams your salvation lies in the Packer Fandom !!

From Kat aka silvertwi

From Lady Tater

Dearest Vanessarae, Purveyor of Pretty, Spectacular Scribe and Fun Friend, I hope you have a Happy Birthday! Chubward will be by shortly with a bottle of Shiraz, wearing only a bow (placement of your choice) and a smile. Enjoy your big day!

From your friends at TOR

. Happy Birthday V! Hope you have a great day. We love having you with us on ToR.Kisses n shit
And sign it FP, Christy and Shannon.

You can visit their lovely post in honor of V here


I would totally add the gifs on there to this one my personal fav is Rob giving a Tackle hug to the guy that played Krum in HP4 funny funny shit

however since I am LAZY and bad at that shit just go Support TOR and check it out there!!

AND that is all the people I could get to respond to me!!

of course you know me I did not try THAT hard

SO for those I did not get to

Leave a comment and if you want to do something MORE special for V on this FINE day honoring her birth

you can e-mail me and I will add your stuff to the post

So V honey from your friends former BBRhoors etc


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