April 10, 2010

Sue's Interview with StaceyGirl aka Jackbauer about 'Controlled Burn'

I was told ORDERED by WriteOnTime to read this fic. She told me to read this one, and another one, and well if you have ever EVER been told to do something by Nina... you just do it.


No, really. Thanks for the rec! I love this story, such a neat idea.

But first I have to say to my readers:



WHY?? Why the Flip are you not gonna swear?

WELL, you see, Stacy does not like it.

And I offered, so let's see how well I do!

NOW back to the story!

Bella has always joked about marrying Alice’s much younger brother so she could be a part of her best friend’s family, but now he’s all grown up and got hot. Bella tries to control the burn for him, but it quickly becomes a raging fire. ExB AH

NOW for my version

Bella is older, becomes friends with Alice. They become BFFs.

Edward is Alice's little brother!

Relax, all you pervs! He is only 7 yrs younger than Bella.

Bella and Alice joke about how great it would be to be sisters.
Bella teases Alice, saying someday she will marry her younger brother, Edward.

All is great and funny and light hearted till....


Bella and Edward meet when he is older.


So what happens to a friendship when you fall for your BFF's kid brother, even if he is legal?

Can you take the man before you seriously, if you have known of him as your BFF's kid bro?
How does the fam take it?
How will Alice deal with it?

NOW I do not usually read Teen-rated fics, I like the schmexin too much.

THIS FIC has one of the sweetest most lovin schmexin scenes in it that I have ever read, without being an M lemon!

Here is my interview with Stacy. Be warned! She brought friends for moral support and she goes a tad fangirl on Profmom72 (Trisha), and really who can blame her? Tricia is a heck of human being!

IN ATTENDANCE, and I KNOW I will forget someone cause it is how I am:

Stacey ...... author

Tricia ....... Profmom72 author and heckofa humanbeing!

ME .......... crazed blogger

Katie ....... Friend of Stacey there for moral support



I sure hope I got everyone's names right if not call me on it and I will fix the mess I made


Where did you get the idea for this story? What was your inspiration?
Well I was actually in Seattle over the summer, at a friend's house, we met in 2002. when I was working in Isreal . She had a brother, who was 14 at the time and I met her brother later and he was really attractive. I joked about having a crush on him for about 9 yrs and I thought it would make a great fic (you really are a cougar).I would like to be!! I have my relationship with Katie, this is kind of an allegory for my love for her (Katie). I am even the more mature one!


Is there anything you would want readers to know specifically?
I don't know. Tricia, what would I like my readers to know?
Tricia: why would I know what is in your head?
If they think it is bad now, it has been through a rigorous BETA process. A lot of things that are really funny, like Edward being hung like a horse, gets cut out.
I have Katie on Gchat and ask her if it is funny, and she tells me if anything is really bad. Then I send it to Tricia and she tells me to cut out half of it, because it is stupid.
Tricia: no one should ever say shiz
They are all laughing because of the fake cuss words.
I put a disclaimer on it because it did not pass the beta process. After Tricia, it goes to Twike, and then to other people who tell me it is OK.
FOR THE NEXT ONE Rogue Elephant is in the next one
Aliison cannot end up with Jacob in the next one!

Why should readers read your story?
Well I think that... oh man, I could say things that offend people. I have to check with Tricia first before I offend them. They can feel good because they dont have bleach their brains out. No butt sex!

So you do anything special while writing a chapter like listen to special music, need total silence, eat a bag of M&M's, drink heavily whatever …?
No, I usually write while I am watching TV, and reading a fic, and chatting with at least two people, while drinking caffinated beverages. I multi-task, so it goes kinda slow lately. I write some every day.

What do you do after you click the submit button for a chapter?
I will get nervous after I submit this next chapter, but I usually submit while at work and take care of work stuff while I wait for Alison to review. She writes the best reviews and Lucy writes snarky ones.

Do you have a soundtrack to your stories?
NOPE.. I have a laugh track. They all say I snort when I laugh but I don't!
What actor/actress do you picture as YOUR Edward and Bella? 
For this one, I kinda picture Rob. But for the other ones, and for Bella, I picture myself because I am prettier than any other actress out there! I don't really have a Bella. She is kind of faceless. I don't really like KStew. This Bella has to be older, like natalie Portman, or Alison because she is really pretty!
Is the story all planned out or do you do it as a fly by the seat of your pants thing?
I did plan it out, but I planned for more of it to be a bit more angsty. I did not feel like the original plan was for it to not to have a HEA, and be kind of a Bodyguard with an 'I will always love you' but we wont be together sort of ending.

Do you have a posting Schedule ? If so what is it ?
I post on Thursdays, EVERY Thursday. I was doing twice a week but it slowed down to once a week.

Do you believe in HEA?
YES! I sure do.
I don't want to read a story without an HEA.

Give me a list of your current projects AND do you have any more fic plans in the future?
I beta for Kaitie Daisy3853. She writes a poetic heartwrenching beautiful wonderful amazing fic called Underexposed.

(one of them) :Everything that Stacy said was True

I am a dedicated E/B shipper, and this is not E/B. Katie changed my mind. It's Jasper/Bella and it is great and she has little easter eggs in her story for dedicated people to find!

I also beta stuff for Tricia. I read her stuff and tell her I love it.
I am on the Twi 25.
I wanna do a collab with another person, who is funny, but I do not know yet. She has to finish her story first.We are gonna write a chapter all on twitter.
I anonymously wrote another story, that is really really good. Lucy does this great dramatic reading of it and Katie and I are gonna do the 2nd chapter on Twitter.
Controlled Burn will be done in 2 weeks.
Katie and I are writing a gift exchange and Jasper is a a ballet dancer ,Emmett is a bellydancer, co-written by daisy!! LOL
(Stacy is being a shiz right now. I cannot tell if this fic is really happening, but it is VERY funny either way )
Stacy enjoys being a shiz!
My author's notes/threats/begging, bribes have worked out pretty well for me.
Author's notes are supposed to be stupid. I do not want to exploit that my mom only has one eye for people to feel sorry me. I mean they should know I have a hard life and reviews are all I have.

What brought you to fanfic? To twilight?
Ummm, it is kinda the clichéd story. I was disappointed with the fade to black, even though I am prude. (True love waits Katie !!deal)
I was reading a review on Amazon, and it said thank god for FF and I started reading. One day, I was in my living room and I said I could do this. This was in August of 08. I used to be really cool when I first started.

What is your background in writing?
I write This is the first thing I have written in a long time, as far as fiction, or for fun is concerned. I wrote a book for my profession. I am a social worker, I work with kids. I do not have any other expeerience in creative writing, except for a dream that will not die, but I am published.
I am writing another book to be published, so everyone can get my autograph for free. I won't even charge that much LOL!

If you could have 15 minutes with any Edward FF or SM's, which one would you choose and what would you do?
If you do not LIKE any of the Edwards, feel to substitute an actor here. Rob, Kellan, PFATCH or even that skinny dude with the poofy hair.
Let's see. I did write a little thing once, where I took a fake Edward to church, so that is kind of a fantasy of mine. I don't have a funny answer. Tricia, what is my answer?
Tricia: you don't come to me for funny, Stacy?
I like the edward from My Brother's Best Friend, he was one of the first.
Dangerous Affections Edward, I like his big gun.
I like the Edward from this O/S, called Just This Once. If I had to choose an Edward to give my carnal treasure to, it would be him ! (Tricia wrote Just This Once)

What is your FF pet peeve?
I think unnecessary cussing is my number one pet peeve.
(Oh fuck) That was Katie
Unnecessary swearing is the shiz.
It is ducking awesome!
I mean if they are mad, fine. But if they are just stuck in the snow, then no.
I went in and edited out swears in our collab, I left the mild ones.
When stories go on too long ....
Characters bond over cussing.

What is your Fandom PetPeeve?
I would like for people to get along. I don't enjoy drama at all.
It annoys me sometimes, when we all take it too seriously.

Which character do you identify with the most?
I identify with all of them. I act like Alice a little bit. I am possessive and I don't let Katie to have other friends. She keeps loving other people and that bothers me. I am like Edward in that I pout, and I am like Bella. I talk a lot and get myself in toruble and i am pretty immature for my age.
When Tricia writes her characters, they are not like me, but my characters are all like me and based on all the things I have seen, or heard, or done.

Any character who would you like to see yourself with? Either as buddies or more?
Edward is already my BF in real life so... Umm, sometimes I carry around my Edward action figure in my purse and I talk to him. That worries my friends and family. When I am out with my mom, I pulled it out to embarass her.
Someone gave me Littlest Edward at my birthday party, and she gave me it because he was my sex scene Edward. I figured out different lemons from dfferent FF. That was embarassing, he has become my most prized possession. Besides Katie, I own her.

Which RL author inspires you?
I make most of my Real life friends call me JK, short for JK Rowling. They do this only when I tell them to.
I stopped reading after I started FF and I get Suzanne Collins hunger pains.

Did any FF authors inspire you?
OH YES! Profmom72, the most in the world! Legna989, her one shots. I read a lot of my friends stuff, Daisy. I am so lame, I am really sorry.
Son of Preacherman by laviepastiche
She can say stuff like retarded, and Alison is her beta.

Any recs for us?
Girl with a Red Umbrella, Breaking News. Living Backwards, Rabbit Hole, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Just This Once (she is kissing ass ) and Facebook Friends too!!

If you could ask any Twilight Cast member a Question, who would you ask and what would your Question be?
Katie: Rob, will you marry me?
Lucy : Stacy could ask Rob if he is hung like a rogue Elephant... purely for fic purposes.
Stacy: Want to ask Rachelle Lefevere what exactly happened to get her fired?
I would ask Jackson if they are doing that to be funny, the way he talks and his hair. I am not wording that very well. Is that director being funny, making fun of the first movie or what? I am still not wording that very well.
I would like to ask Rob which FF he has read?
Stacy did not say this : and would he be interested in acting them out with me?

Anything else you would like to add?
I guess I would just like to thank people for reading my T-rated story. It has done a lot better than I ever could have imagined and now that I am FF rock star, I still remember all the little people. Now that I have so many reviews, it is hard to still be friends with you, Lucy.
I am still able to keep track in my mind, who has and has not reviewed every chapter.

NOW I was intelligent enough to stay sober for this chat, which is a good thing.

Stacy is a lovely girl and it was fun to chat with her and the three other ladies who joined us. Sadly I was once again not able to capture ALL of the funny stuff that went on OR get ALL of the names of those in attendance, as they spoke while I was typing and I tried my best.

So my rec for the day is Controlled Burn. Read it because it was REALLY good!


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