April 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Sue!!!!

If you haven't become aware of it from the big banner on top of the post, we're celebrating!

Today is our very own Sue's birthday!

"SuperFan Sue strikes again!"

Without her, we wouldn't have this blog (well... sort of ;) ) and we all know that Sue is an overall awesome person. So, we kind of browsed the interwebs and tried to get together greetings from everyone she's talking to. And that is a LOT of people. It took 2 weeks, at least 4 people, Twitter, Facebook and emails (and some minor cyber-stalking tendancies) to put together this post.

So, lean back and enjoy!!!

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What would your birthday be without a video the lovely Nicci put together for you!

My Dearest Sue,

My… special friend… the Lady Tater, informed me that your birthday was fast approaching. She also, strangely, informed me of your name, as prior I had only known you as ‘Chief’. It is a pleasure to finally know your given name as well.

The Lady also informed me that you had never once received a proper love note, which I, personally, find appalling. However, she made it clear that your significant other is actually quite a lovely man – he just is not versed in the ways of wooing a woman such as yourself with words.

So I have taken it upon myself to rectify the situation. The love note situation; not the spouse situation. As you well know, I am hardly ready for that.

Were I to be courting you in a proper fashion, I would be sure to express the following at every chance I was given:
From Lisa
Happy Birthday Bushie! May all your dreams come true! <3 BeachVamp

From Vanessa aka Vanzarelli
Happy Birthday you dirty hoor.

From Annetteskitty
Happy birthday to my new friend! -Annetteskitty

From Vicky aka Emerald_Rosalie
To my lovely, wonderful Sue,

Thank you for being so welcoming and friendly to me when you didn't know me, so funny and warm when becoming my friend, and so amazingly loyal when I needed it.

I appreciate everything that you do and everything you've done to help me in this fandom. You are fabulously outrageous, and make me laugh so much that it hurts. I wish more people were like you, my Sue.
Happy Birthday, Darling.

With much love and hugs,

Vic (Emerald_Rosalie). xoxox

From Bonnie aka bjr70 aka Hermia

From Shiv
To my darling Sue Sue. The woman who’s read everything out there that’s worth reading (and some that weren’t ;) )
Hope you have a gorgeous day of pampering and fic reading and delicious smoking Robporn.

Big huge lubs and hugs my lovely girl.


My little gift to you, my Chief cheerleader for Tudorward. For real... I had to dig deep in the courage stores to write this little thing, let alone post up here, but for you Sue I did it ;) And thank Lady Tater for holding my hand lol.

Happy Birthday!!!

- Hannah x
TEAK Banner
Outtake from Tudorward

Isabella ran down the hallway until she spotted a alcove and darted into it. She stood, breathing hard, listening for the answering footsteps. Without warning, Edward appeared right beside her, causing her to shriek in surprise. He clapped a hand over her mouth, grinning. She licked his palm in retaliation.

Edward removed his hand and scowled at her playfully, causing her to smirk up at him. He pulled himself flush against her, pushing her into the corner of the alcove, his gaze firmly on her lips. Her tongue flicked out, wetting them and Edward's eyes followed its movement with rapt attention. His hand trailed up her bodice, ghosting the edge of her breast before settling around her neck and pulling her mouth to his. He kissed her deeply, and Isabella held on to his doublet tightly to steady herself.

His other hand roved over her bodice, as if searching for a way in. Edward pulled back looking down at her dress in frustration.

"These confounded dresses! I really am starting to-" He paused because Isabella had started giggling at his frustration.

He grabbed her by the hand and dragged her, still laughing, through the hallways to his chambers. As they walked though to his bedchamber, he hurriedly dismissed the servants who were cleaning. He slammed the door shut and turned towards Isabella.

Isabella had stopped laughing and was staring coyly at Edward through her long lashes. He crossed the space between them and kissed her hard, before pushing her back slightly. Her gown was draped haphazardly on the chair by the door already. He fumbled briefly with the ties of her corset, before he pulled them quickly, loosening them. She lifted her arms, allowing Edward to pull the corset off her. She put her hands behind her, untying her skirt so that he could pull it away and toss it across the room. She now stood in her chemise and petticoat.

She ran her eyes down Edward, from head to toe.

"Someone is far too dressed for my liking," she purred teasingly, beginning to unfasten the many buttons on his doublet while he shrugged out of his fur-lined coat. She pushed the doublet off of his shoulders and then started untying his hose. Isabella’s hand brushed over Edward’s codpiece, which was strained from his arousal. She glanced up at Edward's face, pulling her bottom lip between her teeth. He pulled her hands away, and pushed her towards the bed. As she climbed on to the bed, Edward kicked off his hose leaving him in only his undershirt. He followed her up.

Isabella was reclined against the pillows and Edward crawled towards her like a feral cat. He stroked his hands up her legs, bunching the petticoat up around her thighs. He came level with her face, and kissed her softly.

Suddenly Isabella pushed him over, straddling his hips. Edward looked up at her surprised but definitely aroused. She ran her hands down his chest, to his thighs before she allowed her cool fingers to slip beneath his undershirt, causing him to hiss. He leaned forward, allowing her to pull the undershirt off so that her hands could continue to roam over his toned chest, making their way lower.

Isabella paused, inches away from touching him where Edward desperately wanted to be touched. She looked at his face, and cocked her head to the side and said, "Can I just... try something, Edward?"

Edward was beginning to get impatient.

"If you must. Why? What did you-" Before he could finish, Isabella had jumped down from the bed and made her way to a locked cupboard. She took the key from the drawer and opened it, a devious smile on her face. She took out what she wanted and clambered back onto the bed.

"Wear this?" She asked, handing him the item. He raised an eyebrow, incredulity colouring his face.

"You want me to wear... a crown?"

Isabella blushed scarlet, fiddled with the hem of her chemise, and nodded. His lips twitched, trying to hold in a smile. He placed the crown on his head and then put out his hands as if to say, 'Is this what you wanted?'. Isabella lent forward and repositioned it so that it sat crooked over his hair. He rolled his eyes, smiling at her indulgently.

Edward pulled Isabella forward over his hips, nestling them together but not entering her yet. He pushed the shoulders of her chemise down, leaving it bunched around her waist and sighed in contentment as he palmed her breasts. Isabella rocked forward slightly and Edward slipped inside, groaning with pleasure and relief. Isabella started moving, running her hands up and down his chest, her hair falling like a curtain to the outside world. His hands on her hips gripped tightly as he moved to match her rhythm.

Isabella threw her head back, her hair falling over her shoulders and spilling down over his thighs as Edward's hand snaked between her legs. Their movements became more frantic and Edward's stomach started clenching as he was reaching climax. Isabella's back arched, and she shuddered around him, calling his name and spurring Edward to release into her with a long groan. They stilled a moment before Isabella fell against him, breathing heavily. She kissed him languorously, untangling herself from Edward and lying next to him, her arm wrapping around his waist. Edward pulled his arm out from between them and folded it around her shoulders, pulling her even closer.

"Hmm, I think I like wearing this crown. It brings out an interesting side to you, my love."


From Rae
From Tanja
In the about 9 months that I've known you there haven't been much days I haven't talked to you. No matter if you're recc'ing fics, talking movies, looking at teh pretty or need help editing the blog, you're always there. Thanks to you, I've done things I would never have done otherwise (i.e. blog work, interviewing authors,...)

And that's why ILY! (got I'm going all emo here =) )

Anyhow, have a fantaboulus birthday, h00r!!! <3333

I've been thinking long and hard about what I could give you for your special day.
I don't write fics (not that you need anything more to read =) ), I don't make videos, I'm only mildly funny...
but hey, there's always Robporn to ogle! So enjoy!
From Mimzy


May your inbox stay crammed to the max with titillating fics--and all manner of other dirty things! :P xoxo Mimz

From Kat
Happy Birthday Sue!

I <3 you not only because you are the only woman I know who reads more than me and can talk just as much as me, but because you have brought nothing but smiles and laughter into my life since I bumped into you on Twitter.

Wishing you the best year filled with lots of Robporn, smut and overall happiness!

From Vanessa
Well, Sue, all I have to say to you is this: Yous nothin like a girl I've eva seen befo, nothin you can compare to yo neighborhood ho, I'm tryin ta find the words to describe you without bein disrespectfuuuuuul. Damn, yousa sexay bitch, a sexay bitch, damn yousa sexay bitch, dayum gurl, dayum gurl.

So there you have it, in the words of a Mr. David Guetta. He does have a point, there. If you weren't already married to Dave, with a basketball team in the house, I'd take you as my own. We'd have to live in Chicago though, because I don't do Wisconsin. ILY!

Happy birthday, my dear!!!

From Tara
Happy Birthday Sue!

Hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots and lots of Smoking RobPorn!

Thanks for always making me laugh!!

<3 Tara

From Shannies
ZOMG! It's SUE's bday!


Hope you have a good one you technotarded, robsessed, gardening, third-person-speak-loving, crazy person!


From Teddi
Happy Birthday Sue!
You are the best! You have introduced me to so much awesome fic, much to the detriment of my job, clean house and regular life, but, really, are those THAT important?? Thanks so much for so many laughs, guffaws, and giggles and I can't wait to see wait is in store as we gear up for Remember Me, Eclipse and God help us all, Bel Ami!

Giant hugs!!!

Love ya - Teddi
From ladymystique

From Heather aka IdreamofEC17

From SilverSnipper
To Sue,

Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a fantastic day. Thank you for everything you do for all of us, it's really appreciated!

Lots of love and RobPorn

Silver Sniper xxxx

From Emmy
Happy Birthday Sue!
A crazy day for a crazy hoor! Thanks for all the laughs! I love you baby!


From Dave:
What can I say to the love of my life but thank you for always being there. You are my beta to life.


From Gia:

What can I say? From the first moment we began planning on kidnapping The Sparkly One in a trunk, to the crazed phone calls (what little we can hear of each other when we're not screaming at kids), to Screen Queens and numerous blog posts, interviews, Big Girl Panties and finding the One I Cannot Live Without, thank you. Thank you thank you thank you for being such a wonderful friend (and dare I say playmate? lol). You're the best, and you deserve the happiest day possible.

So here's to cigs, grandpa slippers and a fridge full of Honeyweiss... cheers!
love, Gia

From Nina aka Ninapolitan
My dearest Sue! I hope that your birthday is fantastic. That your children behave and your hubs gives it to you good.

Much love and spanks.

Nina xxoo

From Michelle
From venis_envy


From Tammy
WARNING: Don't drink anything while watching...... ROTFLMAO

From Mels and JustForkIt

The scene: Stalking characters Emmett, Edward, Jasper, Alice, Bella, and Rosalie are sitting in director's chairs in front of a video camera.

Jasper smiles warmly. “Well, on behalf of the entire cast of Stalking, I'd like to say a big Happy Birthday to our pal, Sue!”

Emmett gives a reproachful stare to the Kraft table, eyeing the tray of Twinkies that Rosalie purposefully left for him to see. He sighs longingly. "When do I get to say something? I'm hungry and I'm getting cranky."

Edward glares at his brother and then gives a sappy and pathetic smile to Bella, who is staring around into space not paying attention at all. Alice nudges her arm, making her jump and paying attention to what is going on.

"I'm Bella Swan," she says randomly.

Rosalie laughs and turns to the camera, giving her sexy smile. "Well, Sue, on behalf of the cast of Carlisle's Angels, we wanted to wish you a great birthday! We know you're a huge fan and a big supporter, so we hope your day is just as special as you are!

She leans in closer to the camera and whispers loudly. "And if you're gonna take one of those guys as a present, don't take Emmett. Your best bet is probably Jasper."

Alice glares at her. "Hey, don't be givin' away what isn't yours!"

"Why does everyone always choose Jasper?! I am way cooler than Jasper... just because the chicks who write Stalking haven't chosen to give away MY storyline yet doesn't make me less important...." Emmett starts yelling. He is interrupted by Edward who gives him a humorless laugh.

"YOU?!?" REALLY?!?!" Edward yells dramatically. "I am the one getting screwed! They gave me a lame-ass tattoo...I have an embarrassing...dream...WHEN THE HELL WILL EDWARD GET HIS DAY?!"

JustForkIt and Mel bust into the room, breathing heavily.

"We have a plan! Everyone just calm down!" JustForkIt yells.

"And whoever tried to lock me out of this room is going to be really sorry for that in the next chapter," Mel says, scanning her eyes across the row of chairs. No one makes eye contact except Alice, who waves excitedly.

Emmett smiles at JustForkIt. "Sup, girl?"

JustForkIt walks in as a film assistant brings her a chair, seating her next to the guys. Jasper leans over and fist-bumps her as she settles in.

Mel lets out a low growl until someone brings her a Red Bull and a chair of her own. She sits down and winks at Edward, who smiles warmly.

Bella looks at Mel and JustForkIt before looking back at Edward. "I'm the one who got my boob grabbed. I have been through more emotionally traumatic..."

Mel sighs and mumbles, "Here we go again. Always the center of attention."

Emmett laughs boisterously and pulls Mel into a headlock. "You're my girl, Mel!"

"All I'm asking," Bella yells loudly, "is that you don't make me have butt sex with Edward! I can handle anything but the butt sex!"

Edward chokes on the water he was sipping while Jasper and Alice both remind everyone that this is not a conversation about butt sex.

"Have you tried it?!?!?" Emmett yells over the ruckus.

Rosalie nods in agreement. Emmett sees her and gives her a ridiculous, yet slightly creepy smile.

Rosalie looks to Mel and JustForkIt. "No. No. No. Save something for the sequel!"

Mel makes a choking noise and narrows her eyes at Rosalie. "If you don't stop talking about it, there won't be a sequel. Ever heard of a tragic accident?"

Jasper leans over and looks at Mel. "Don't do it, darlin’. I know you're better than that. We'll get you whatever you're wantin’."

Mel sighs. "Damn you, Jasper, and your sensibility…and I want a convention named after me. Or a part in the next CA movie. I mean it. JustForkIt and I work hard to bring you all to life. Can we just stop talking about butt sex?!"

Alice nods. "Yeah! I brought my guitar, anyone wanna jam?"

JustForkIt gives Alice a sideways look. "You're being a little too Jackson Rathbone right now. Let's tone it down a bit."

Mel starts to protest, claiming her undying love and affection for Mr. Jackson Rathbone. She stops when JustForkIt gives her a knowing stare.

Mel throws her hands up in surrender. "Whatever."

Edward leans over closer to Mel and whispers something in her ear which makes her giggle. She looks over at Bella, who is running her hand through her hair, and busts out laughing.

Bella looks over, her eyebrows furrowed. "What's funny?"

"Oh, nothing," Mel says in a singsong voice.

Edward begins to stare a little too intently and Mel pinches his side, causing him to let out a girlish scream. Bella laughs at him and looks around, her hand touching the side of her own face in nervousness.

Alice looks back to the camera. "Alright, Sue, well I wanted to let you know if you're ever in the area, to come stop on by the Spider Monkeys apartment and hang out! Just let us know ahead of time so I can pick up all the trash lying around."

Edward looks sad that he wasn't invited but Jasper gives him a reassuring pat. "Don't worry, buddy, you're gonna be just fine."

Emmett stands up and gets a foot away from the camera, shoving his face at it. "I just want the record to show that I was specifically asked by the chicks that write Stalking, not to mention the fact that I am soooooo onto Jasper and Alice...I know things. I see it. Like that little dancing Vampire in Twilight did."

Mel stands up, trying to push Emmett aside. "And on that note, a one, a two, a three..." and she begins singing "Happy Birthday."

The rest of the cast begins to join in, and Emmett's loud and off-key voice rises above the rest. At the end of the song they all stand up and form a long line, arms looped around each other, and begin laughing and talking amongst themselves.

Bella has wandered over to Edward and they are talking quietly, his face in pure awe.

Jasper and Alice are talking about guitars while his hand mirrors hers that is by her side.

Mel and JustForkIt are talking and texting on their phones, most likely tweeting to readers about what has just happened.

Rosalie is eating some gummy bears she snagged off the Kraft table.

And Emmett...well, he has once again taken over the camera, talking to Sue, and telling her all about why he is the best option for any woman, and all his theories about his best friend, Jasper Whitlock.

"Emmett!" JustForkIt and Mel yell together.

He winks into the camera and then smiles. "Happy Birthday, Sue!"

A/N: We hope you enjoyed our interview with the cast of Stalking! Happy Birthday! Love JustForkIt and Mels


From ABG feat. Lady Tater:
To the tune of I Wanna Sex You Up by Color Me Bad.
I Wanna Sex You Up
On that fat cock,
Ya don't Stop,
On that fat cock,
Ya don't Stop...

Come and take off all your clothes
I wanna look then blow my load
Now lets do a shot of gin
I'll show you which hole I will be in
I've been waiting all my life
Now let me rub my cock on you
Coz I've been spanking for you girl
Now let me spew...

Girl I know that fic is good,
But we can do it til we wake up
Girl you I wanna ride you
and this is what i'll do,
(I wanna rub you down)
I want you to stroke my cock
All night until I cum on you
I want you to stroke my cock

Let me rip off all your clothes.
Take the twitter off your phone so nobody knows.
Lemme cram you with all you can handle,
Forget Edward, I can fuck you better.
Makin' hot monkey sex until we drown.

Sue, you know my bishop feels good.
Lemme see how much your ass can take up.
Sue, you know I need to freak with you.
Make hot monkey sex all night long...
(I wanna sex you up)
Feels so tight it can't be wrong...
Don't be shy girl ride me...
(I wanna sex you up)


From Danielle aka Floridachickie
ear Sue,

I am rushing to take my next flight outta JFK, but I told Danielle (FloridaChickie) to make sure you know that I wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Much love,

From Shell


So there you have it, Sue. Two weeks of frantic emailing, tweeting, Facebooking etc. to produce a post of, if we do say so ourselves, quite epic proportions.
We hope you enjoyed it, and that you have a great birthday, Sue!!!
Love from all of us @SYTYCW xoxo
(Leave your birthday messages in the comments or contact us, we'll make sure to add it here!)


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