August 16, 2012

CONTEST wanna win a Signed book?


I love having contests-wanna know why? Because when I have contests people actually talk to me here and I get some strange sense of validation; it feeds my egotistical side!!

AWESOME news I just got from the Author of FANGIRL!Angel Lawson :

She has informed me that our give away for our read a long on August 24th at 6pm central time

will feature not ONE signed book, but...


You can win one book signed by the author of this adorable fun story


You can win a book signed by both the artist and the author!

If you did not know, Fangirl! includes some fabulous original artwork by @AngstyG
 You can find her work HERE

NOW, here's how you do it !

I'm gonna make this one confusing:

  • You get one entry for leaving me a comment here on this post

  • You get another entry for joining us at some point on the night of the read a long
  •  (let me know if your twitter name and name you signed in here are different)

  • You get another entry for bringing a friend here. Have them say: "HEY SUE! (Your Name) told me to come here" in their comment on this blog post. Please make sure they use the name you used to comment here.

IF you are not following SYTYCW on Facebook, give me a follow there and a comment saying: "HEY SUE I'm following you!" (that gets you another entry) Again, if your names are different on each of these sites, you have to let me know WHO you are!!

Follow me AND Tweet me (@sytycw): "HEY SUE! I'm following you". Now remember you have to let me know if your twitter name, blog comment name, and FB name are different! (If you haven't already figured it out, this is IMPERATIVE if you want the maximum amount of entries!)

IF you are already following my crazy then bring a friend and have them say, "HEY SUE! I'm following you because (Your Name) said so."

SO get on that, all you Fangirls! You know you want to !!
ALSO there will be a drawing for this amazing shirt : yes it is a tank top yes it is cool and amazing



CharliDenae said...

Hey Sue!! I love free books, especially when they're by authors I'm not familiar with. I'm following you on both Twitter (I'm @CharliDenae) and Facebook (CharliDenae), and I also tweeted about your contest and shared it on Facebook. Yea!! See how good I am? :D

Thanks for the chance to win!!

Best wishes,

Sue said...

Good girl Charli! Im glad you are excited to join us in this adventure I read Fangirl! and I loved the story it is a fun read good luck!

Dani Marie said...

Awesome giveaway! And can I just say, I love that shirt. Haha. Truer words have never been spoken. On twitter I'm legendary_mei as well.

J C said...

I think the shirt is awesome!

Unknown said...

Hey Sue, I'll try to join the read along but I'm on vacation at the beach and will most likely be drunk so I can't make any promises!

michelle said...

I'd love to win a free book, and I'm going to do my very best to join the read along at some point on Friday.
@the_wonderwoman :D

T.M. Franklin said...

Oh, I'd love to win... and I'll try to be here Friday as well... :-)

Classicista said...

Hey Sue! You know I want in on this. Have the Kindle book, but wouldn't a nice PB look goood on my bookshelf? Or my daughter's, after Christmas?

Classicista said...

crap! went in under the wrong name! I'm Honestly_A on twitter

Detroitangel said...

DAdirtybird would like a copy!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I want that paperback!!! Read the book, LOVED IT!! Never done a read along so I will see if I can join in tomorrow! Don't want to wait till Angel comes to Houston for her to sign my book ;)Shirt is pretty awesome too, is it a big girl size? lol Twitter name is @reallydontcare_

Sue said...

I will work out the sizing of the shirt I believe it goes up to a 2X it is a sleeveless tank over on cafe press

Lelina Durrette said...

Must. Have. That. Shirt. Yes, I'm a FanGirl and I'm PROUD! (Okay, maybe I'm a little bit of a geek too. Don't hold it against me!)

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