July 13, 2012

New Friday Feature

I was going through my favorites list looking to see if there was anything in there I had not rec'd.
ALL I could think to myself was
I really wish I could talk about this fic.
OHHH look here is ____. I love that story. I wish I could read it for the first time again.
OR I wish I could introduce people to this story that was fun. When I did that, that is when it hit me.........


Every Friday I will feature a "classic" story. Be it from Twifandom or a classic HPfic I loved. It all depends on my mood, you know.

NOW for the fun stuff!!!
NOT ONLY is this going to be ME talking BUT
I want to hear from YOU!!!!
So, if you ever had the urge to write a post and you want to do a feature here on SYTYCW, just let me know !
You too can post here.
OK. Now, we need some rules:

1) IF the fic is pulled and NOT available FROM the original writer in PDF form. Or on their blog or someplace THEY put it, then well sadly we cannot talk about it.

2) Pulled to publish this is a sticky area. So, FOR NOW, lets talk about fics that are still out there somewhere in fic form.

3) If someone recs a fic you want to rec, pick another one. There are lots!

4) This will be a first come, first serve based on who gets their message into my e-mail box first.

 I will do the first flashback rec next Friday. So, you can get an idea of what kind of a post I am looking for. Please have your flashback rec into my email (sytycw@live.de) before Wednesday for consideration on the following Friday.

Things your rec will need:

1) Why you like the fic. Explain it to me and convince me why I should read it.

2) LINKS pictures that make you think of the fic.
 NO MANIPS please!!!! Yes, if you must, the pics can be pornish. Just NO MANIPS!!!
I ask for links to the pics rather than sending me the pic itself for me to download. It is just easier that way. 

3) An active link to where people can read the story.

Next week I will reveal the banner for this feature !!

SO, does this sound like fun? Sure does to me!!! I look forward to hearing from you !

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CharliDenae said...

Sounds great to me!! I hope you'll feature some Alice/Jasper fics instead of just Edward and Bella.

Looking forward to Fridays!

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