July 11, 2012

Find that Fic UPPDATED Fic Found


While hanging out on twitter I saw someone asking about this fic. I figured it would be a good way for us to start back into this blogging thing. So, have at it!

 Bella taught Edward's son piano. She was a runner and lived down the beach from Edward. He had a huge dog. Edward pretended to hate it, but his kid loved the dog. I *think* the son was Jake, but I do not remember. Bella lived in a 3 story home.  While he lived in a condo. I'm pretty sure his brother lived in the same building.  I remember the kid hanging out with Aunt Rose from time to time. It is altered POVs; Edward and his son talked about cooking steak because it was man food.
ALSO, she invited him over for dinner a couple of times.  They waited to have sex, but I can not remember why. 
   That's all I remember. Thank you!

Does this sound like a fic you know? If so, leave a comment to tell us the name OR contact us on Twitter!!

ANNND the fic has been found by @jaylea84 on twitter. She said it sounded like....

The Ride of your life  

by  Forever-Liz

So, a big thanks from @JadedandBoring to you @Jaylea84!!!!!

hope all those that thought this fic sounded interesting go give it a read!


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