February 7, 2012

Sue's interview with Perry Maxwell about her fic "Unrequited"

AH, BPOV: Edward left Bella almost a year ago, upending her whole world. What happens when Bella receives a phone call that just might shatter it? "Wait, Alice…Edward is dying?" I choked out.

Twilight - Rated: M - English - Angst/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 14 - Words: 62,095 - Reviews: 1892 - Updated: 1-14-12 - Published: 10-8-11 - Bella & Edward

I know it has been a while but we’ve been a little wrapped up with the holidays and real life things that reading and actually typing out a review took a back seat. I will do my best to get some done with the things I have been reading.

I know this writer from chatting on Twitter and because she is a Beta for several stories I read and love. This is her first story as a writer and it is captivating.

This is not your typical “they meet and fall in love” thing. Here we come into the story at what seems to be the end of their relationship. He leaves her, says he does not love her. As the story unwinds we find out how close they were, how much in love they were and how she questions everything they ever had. You are going to want to slap him silly because of the way he acts. He is not sympathetic till you find out more about what is going on.

What can explain his massive change? Bella knew he had a brain tumor, can that be the cause of the change? Why did his family, that professed so much love for her, abandon her? 

What I like about this story is that it shows a woman who has had her confidence in everything. She knew shaken. It is one thing to say "well a confident woman would____" but to have everything you had faith in suddenly taken away from her and to have to rebuild herself and her life it is devastating to watch. 

I love how you feel real sympathy for this Bella. I love how lovable she is. You just want to take her home, make her brownies, wrap her in a warm blanket and say “it is OK honey he is an ass!”

And this Bella has a friend that kinda does this (he is a guy so he does not bake her brownies). Her friend is Jamie (yes, James is a good guy). He is a brother like figure in her life and I adore him! 

So my suggestion to you if you enjoy a well written story where you have no idea from chapter to chapter if you want to slap Edward or feel bad for him, where you can feel comfortable liking Bella, where James is a good guy, then you will LOVE this read. Give it a shot and let me know if you agree with me! 

Now on to the interview:

What was it that gave you the 'spark' for your story?   Was it a picture? A moment or event? Can you remember the initial inspiration?
Unrequited is based on events from my life, specifically regarding the effects of a brain tumor on my husband.

Do you have a particular process when it comes to your writing, perhaps a certain mood, environment or music? Do you have any 'triggers' to get you in the writing mood?
I need music when I write.  In fact, I could listen to a song in the car or something and get an idea -- either for my story or something new entirely.  There's no particular type of music, just whatever is on.  For Unrequited, I've found that the heartbreaking, melancholy songs have put me in the best mindset to write so far.  

Give us an elevator pitch. Say you're in an elevator with a prospective reader for 2 minutes – what would you tell them about the story?
Um...here goes.  If you're looking for a good cry, check my story out.  How's that?  On a more serious note, my story is about a woman whose husband left her due to complications with a brain tumor.  The story chronicles her life after he leaves and the decisions she must make once she learns the reasons for his departure.

Do you picture particular actors for your characters, or are they someone else entirely? If so, who?
If I could have it my way, Henry Cavill would be Edward.  Sorry RPattz fans.  I don't really see anyone specifically for Bella, so I suppose Kristen Stewart is okay.  Other than that, when I write, I don't really have a set image of the characters.

Is the story all planned out or do you do it as a fly by the seat of your pants thing?
The story is all planned out.  I may change some details here or there, but overall, I know the direction of everything.

Do you have a Beta and would you like to give him/her a shoutout here?
Funny question.  When I finally decided to share this very personal story, I tried finding a beta. I had bad experiences with PTB and SRP (sorry, but that's the truth.)  So I decided to continue writing, hoping I'd find a beta later. I began participating in WCs, where sometimes authors tease a portion of what they've written. I teased a part of Unrequited, and then I had people asking ME if they could be a part of my team.  I didn't know how to say no at first.  So now I have like three betas, and each one provides something different.  I can give personal shout-outs, but it could get long.  I say check out my story, I praise my betas in the chapters.

What was it that brought you to Twilight fanfic?  What is it that has kept you here (besides your own writing)
I came to Twilight fanfic because I read Breaking Dawn and was like, "Really?  That's it?"  Don't get me started on the hybrid fetus!  What's kept me here are the fantabulous stories.  Seriously, some of these women should be published authors -- of their OWN stories -- not derivative fiction.  Anyway, also what's kept me here are these fabulous women.  I've made lasting friendships with other authors and readers.  It's been a great experience for me.

Do you have a background in writing?
Well, I don't write for a living.  I'm actually an accountant.  I am, however, an editor for a local newsletter.  

How about your creative self-confidence?  By nature writers tend to be a notoriously insecure lot so how are you finding the online writing experience?
This describes me perfectly.  I've always known I was a good writer on the technical side, but creative writing is a whole other animal.  I was NEVER going to share Unrequited, but BellaFlan (Flanny) -- whom I beta for -- asked me one day if I had any stories I'd like for her to look at.  I think it was one of those, "You beta for me, so I'd be willing to beta for you."  So I sent her what I had of Unrequited and didn't really expect anything out of it. Flanny is an amazing writer, and I thought she'd say, "Aww, well, at least you tried."

She never responded.  I figured she got busy or didn't like what I sent her, so I forgot about it, and so had she.  Or so I thought.  MONTHS later she sends me an email that she's finally reading my story and that it's good stuff.  Then she spent the next week bullying me into posting.  You all can thank her.

Do you tell your friends and family that you're an online author with a devoted following, or is this something that you tend to keep for yourself?
My family knows and some friends know I'm a part of the Twific fandom, but it's not their thing, so they don't really read my stuff.  

Is there a particular character in your story that you identify with the most?
Yeah, Bella.  I'm putting her through the hell I've already lived.

Which RL author(s) inspires you?
Good question.  I read a lot of Dean Koontz and Stephen King as I grew up, but I don't know if they inspired me.  I do like Iris Johansen's style.  She propels the story along with conversation with very little narrative.  Jandco's stories remind me a lot of Iris Johansen's.  Not content...just style.  I have no idea if I answered your question, lol.

Did any FF authors inspire you?   What was it that had you reading FF and thinking "I could do this"?
Most of the FF authors I admire, I could never be as good as they are.  So I guess no author really inspired me.  I was drawn to FF because I love to read and write.  Like I said above, what convinced me to actually share my writing was being bullied by Flanny. I say that in the nicest way possible.

What advice would you give to an aspiring fanfic writer?

his H&M superbowl commercial moved me *snicker*
Write what YOU want to write.  Surround yourself with people who will support you and provide constructive feedback, but never let someone tell you how to write your OWN story.  And don't be like me.  Don't wait for someone to tell you it's good enough to post.  Just do it.   You'll learn from it, and you'll grow from it.

Give us a Random Fact about yourself?

I sing and play the guitar and piano.

What is your FanFic Pet peeve?
Alternating POVs.  *sigh*  If you want multiple characters to have a voice in your story, please write in third person. So many people get this wrong. By alternating POVs, you essentially repeat scenes or thoughts/reactions to scenes, and now you've forced me to read the same material at least twice.  Plus, you've ruined the mystery for me about your characters. Stop it!  This is the main reason I flounce most fics. Granted there are some great stories out there where the author actually gets it right regarding alternating POVs, but I usually don't stick around long enough to find out. 

What is your Fandom Pet peeve?
Not sure I have one. 

Anything else you would like to add?
Did you know there's no number 20? lol. (SUE here I think that might have been pointed out from time to time I'm just too lazy change it – T here, and that’s why I’m ALWAYS removing the numbers before posting something. SUE again and it is seeing to little details like that, that proves how awesome T is!)


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