February 29, 2012

Find That Fic

I know we've been slacking a bit lately but RL has been kinda busy for all of us involved. New jobs, new babies, new houses,... you get what I'm saying.

But we're still trying to help you find a fic you're searching (and post your fic for Undiscovered Gems) if you email us. 

And that is what our reader Jessica did. Here is what she's looking for

I'm not sure if you're still doing this but I am going mental over this one fic... Well two.
1. It's pride and prejudice twilight style except it's in epov.
2. I'm pretty sure it was called Sub plans but jic I was wrong. E and b have a d/s relationship. (Subward) Edward is a vamp and I'm pretty sure they call him 'icefinger' or something... Help? Was it taken down? And if it was can I still read it somehow?

So, if you know either of these fics. Leave a comment, email us or send us a tweet. We love to help. =) 



Viking said...

Re 2.
Sub Plan by SnowWhiteHeart, removed by the author.

Sue said...

OHHH I know the Pride and Prejudice one !
That would be Duty and Desire by Aspenleaf
you can see our interview with her here

Dogzan said...

I love you guys! Thank you so much Viking for giving me that link and thank you Sue for telling me what that story was called. I worship you both~ ^^

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