November 7, 2011

Find That Fic

This week our reader Jess is sending us on quest. Here is what she's looking for:
Um. I read this Fic and I'm pretty sure that's it's a one-shot. Bella and Alice are in someplace and some American soldiers arrive. I'm pretty sure one of the scenes was that Edward stole some guys wedding ring because Bella didn't want to talk to any male without a ring... 
If you find it. Tell me!

If you know the fic, leave a comment, send us an email or tweet us @SYTYCW 



Jazzer said...

"A World Away" by wandb? (s/5645432/ on FFN)

TLammy (April2460) said...

It's Embellishment by Boydblog

Sue said...

Both Ordinary_Vamp (twittername) and TLammy say that the fic you are looking for is Embellishment by BoydBlog

Dogzan said...

Thank you guys so much!
I owe you. Couldn't go to sleep without reading it!

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