November 18, 2011

Between Seasons contest winner announcement

WOW this was so neat. It is really nice to get feedback from people and I am thrilled that you like what we do here!

SO without further babbling on my part I am going to announce the winner of this book contest.



yes you heard me. I faked you all out. Kidding, kidding, I did not fake you out.

Here is how this happened: I was pimping the book on Twitter when Aida Brassington contacted me via DM. She said 'I think I should just give it to everyone that comments'. ME, being the lazy blogger than I am, said COOL, I love it when everyone wins. 

SO to everyone who commented before Midnight Central Time Thursday November 17th 

you got the book! 

Here is what you have to do to claim your prize: Send me an email at include your username that you posted your comment with and include your e-mail where you want Aida to send your book. Once I collect all of those I will be sending an e-mail to Aida and you will then get your ebook sent to you. Make certain to include what format you prefer (PDF, Kindle, Nook, etc) and CONGRATS to the winners! 

(PS, because we're getting this question a lot, we've hidden the comments on the giveaway contest post for the time being. So, if you're not sure you commented email us and we'll check)

AUTHORS: if you have a book you want to pimp contact us! We would be happy to give your book a read and an honest review. Are you brave enough?


Muse said...

G'morning Sue! Oh wonderful Turkey Day news to your faithfull readers/reviewers!
As for me I thank you and Aida very much but I was so taken by your review that I immediately emailed a friend of mine to buy&ship it for me and she's actually sending a Xmas-gift! WOW
Thank you again, I'll keep on checking your amazing reviews *specially on FF, js*
A happy and peaceful T'giving for you both and all your readers!

MamaSal said...

I win? That is so very thoughtful of you! I'm still happy that i bought a copy. You deserve as much recongization as possible for your efforts. I still feel like we all won anyway

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