July 18, 2011

We need you to help us celebrate our Bloggiversary!

It was about 2yrs ago this week that I was hanging out over at Twilighted with my buddies from the BBR (Boom Boom Room aka Rob Pattinson eye candy room) They were getting sick of people coming in asking me to tell them about fics to read. (T here, it was actually Skype we were hanging out at and the convo turned to how people on Twitter kept asking you for fic recs - and still do)

THAT was when Shannies said "you should do a fanfic blog". I said sure YOU set it up (anyone who knows me knows I am really more of an idea person than a doer and lets face it my technical skills are non exsistant)

SO the point behind this random rambling is that THIS BLOG is now 2 yrs old.  Well, it will be as of July 26th.
What does this mean to you the reader? Not much but we (SUE, Tanja, Hannah and Jeannie and everyone else helping us over the last few years) are asking you to join us in celebrating our Bloggiversary.

We are gonna work up a 'Happy Birthday to SYTYCW post'. We want you to come on over either to Facebook or Twitter or e-mail or even right here in comments and let us know what you love about the blog or what you love about one of or all of the workers here that bring you SYTYCW

Feel free to do anything you want to help us celebrate. Make a gif, make a banner, Bday card, send a short note, give us a shout out on Twitter or Facebook or Tumblr whatever you like.

We, the staff of SYTYCW, thank you for still reading our silliness and joining us for the last two years in finding good things to read. We would not have kept doing this if we did not have people still reading this stuff. 

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