June 17, 2011

Review: Letting Go by Jeanette Grey

Between taking care of his dying father and putting himself through college, David Mackenzie is approaching his breaking point. A twenty-year-old virgin, he doesn’t have the time or energy to date or socialize. When his father agrees to try medicinal marijuana as a treatment option, David meets an attractive, outgoing young man named Zev, who becomes the friend David never realized he needed. David’s father is nearing the end of his life, and Zev is becoming far more than a shoulder to lean on — he might be David’s first opportunity to embrace life and let go.

Letting Go is one of those short stories that you are disappointed in because it’s a SHORT STORY! Not only has the author managed to grab your attention and keep you interested in less than 50 pages but she leaves you wanting more! I really enjoyed this heartfelt passionate story of David and Zev and the difficult circumstances surrounding their meeting. David cares for his cancer-stricken elderly father in the final stages of his life when he meets Zev in the medicinal marijuana clinic he works in.
Over the course of weeks (not days, pay attention romance writers, this is how real life works) they strike up a bond that heads to something stronger and more intimate than friendship. When tragedy strikes, does shy and reserved David pull away from the confident and passionate Zev? You will have to find out for yourself because as you well know, I am not in the business of spoiling anyone here.

So I was probably about 23 at the time and I needed to get a new pair of glasses. I think I had one of those goofy prescriptions and the guy helping me wasn’t very experienced so it took me several visits to the shop (at the mall!) to finalize my fitting. Over the course of several weeks we talked about books and movies and life in general striking up a genuine friendship, often spending hours sitting in the shop talking to him while customers wandered in. On my last “appointment” I had hoped he would ask me for my number or at least figure out some way to see each other outside the shop. It turned out that I had just gotten out of a long term relationship and he was spooked by that and never asked me.

I really don’t have a moral to that story, only to say that yes, what happened with David and Zev CAN really happen!

My favorite parts of this story are those small moments with David and Zev that may seem insignificant but from David’s eyes, they are truly momentous. Things like, when Zev holds his hand or when he leads him into a room with his hand on his back, those are the moments David treasures and not only because he lacks experience but really because Zev has a way to make him feel cared for. It really is hard to be someone on the receiving end of care when you’ve been a caregiver for most of the time. I give major props to Jeanette Grey for writing these small nuances that give her story so much depth.

Jeanette Grey is a truly gifted writer that tells a heartfelt story of love and loss and does it in a way that we can all relate to. There’s no quick roll in the hay or a love-at-first-sight encounter here. What Letting Go is is a story of love and its many different facets and when you truly look at it, you find that love, in all it’s wonderful phases, fills your heart like pieces of a puzzle, making you feel complete no matter what the circumstances in life are currently throwing your way.

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