May 9, 2011

WFE Premiere NEW YORK!

As many of you know I went to New York for a couple reasons:
1) because it is NEW YORK. I wanted to see stuff.
2) to experience a movie premiere

Now, I probably should have EASED myself into movie premieres and NOT chosen one that Rob was gonna be at but Im crazy so I went to the WFE premiere. Check one thing off my bucket list, well, two technically:
I went to New York
* I went a movie premiere

There is only one movie besides Water for Elephants that tempted me to want to go to a premiere. That would have been The Kings Speech. Well, it is COLIN after all.

Now, let me talk about New York before I get too distracted.

Sarah (my adult niece) and I went there in the hopes of standing in a long line for hours. Also, possibly getting the much coveted wrist band so we could get our 4 seconds with the stars.

We went in with low expectations and were pleasantly surprised. I am not being sarcastic here, we had a grand time! Sarah and I are both the type of people that can have fun anywhere we go and it is a good thing!

We went to this Team Rosie/ WFE party thing at the Hilton in hopes of meeting Sara Gruen, who had not shown up yet. While standing in line inside the hotel bar, we could see the Zeigfield theater out the bar windows. We noticed people starting to line up at about 6pm. After standing in line for a bit, we ended up getting Mark Povinelli's (played Kinko in the movie) autograph.We quickly went outside to stand for many dreaded hours in the rain.

Yes, it was raining lightly at first. It did downpour a few times. Luckily, we had our umbrellas! I had my very stylish rain poncho that I bought from CVS pharmacy. We had another friend there that thought we were insane to want to wait overnight for anything. So, she became the "runner" for us and other assorted friends of hers in line. She got things like; rain ponchos, drinks, charging phones, and she even got me a gyro. My eternal thanks to Molls for doing this for everyone! All because she loves us and takes good care of her girls.

You see, once you got in line you could not leave. Unless, you told one of the security guys that you were leaving and what for, you were not going anywhere. So basically, you could leave to go to the bathroom or get food, but that was it. If you took too long, you would lose your place in line. Many people had left and did not come back.

NOW, while we were waiting, there was some noise further up the line. This was early in the night around 9pm (I assume) and guess what?

Someone came to visit us!

There she was, Sara Gruen, signing autographs. I was giddy with excitement. Also, I was embarrassed beyond belief because I looked like a soaking wet veruca salt (its actually violet beauregarde(please I can barely remember my name let alone some character from a book I read when I was 10 and I have NO IDEA where I got the name Veruca Salt O.o) after she chewed the gum (yes my poncho was blue).

She came by and chatted with people in line. Sara Gruen did this for ALL the people that missed her at the book signing. As you can see, the dear lady was getting wet with only an umbrella over her. 

I told her, "thank you for writing such a marvelous story. That I should have listened to my niece who told me to read the book about 2yrs ago". We talked about old Jacob. I told her how my hubs works in a nursing home and those parts in the book touched me the most. I told her, "I would ask for a hug, but I did not want to get her any more wet than she already was". Sara got this big grin on her face and opened her arms! I got a huge hug! I thanked her again for writing a great book !

I did not have my copy of the book Water For Elephants with me. So she drew me an Elephant with her autograph. 

I swear that was the highlight of my night! I was all giddy and bouncing for HOURS after that happened. I GOT TO TALK TO A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!! (SQUEEEEEEEEEE)

Do you want know what I loved about waiting in line? I got to talk to people and we all know how I love to talk. So, basically I spent 16 hours with my niece talking, singing, and dancing. We did anything to stay awake and keep our feet from hurting. You see while most people either had chairs or plastic garbage bags to sit on, Sarah and I thought that standing all night would be best. After all, this way we would stay warm and awake.

Eventually, we were moved from one side of the street to the other. Our small group got to wait under an awning. Finally out from under the rain! Here is a pic of the line. 
Also, this picture, which in my punch drunk state I thought was cool to take. We were given pizza and bottles of water. 

Finally, morning came. Then came the donuts and hot cocoa. We got donuts, but the hot cocoa never came down to our end. I think the funniest thing was being told that Reese, Rob, and Sarah Gruen paid for it. That part made me laugh, yeah right!

Only a few more hours to pass the time. People were beyond cranky and crabby. I was of course in my super goofy, I'm over tired mood. At around 6a.m., construction crews started cleaning and setting up for the red carpet premiere. At this point, my niece started flirting with one of the hot construction men to pass time. I had to remind her "SAFETY FIRST", after an almost accident that the hot construction guy had. He was too busy staring at her and she waved. That is all it took! 

FINALLY! The magic hour we had been waiting for came, 9am.They started handing out the much anticipated bracelets.
Sarah's Bracelet
I was lucky number 139. My niece was number 140. We were told to leave for a few hours and get back by 3p.m.

So we left changed clothes at our hotel. No shower was needed. I was standing in one all night. By the way, rain only makes my hair look awesome( be jealous I have naturally curly hair). Sarah and I then headed back over toward the Hilton to stop at this deli to get food.
I am telling you, standing in another line to get something to drink and get food, I was in near tears. That is how bad my feet hurt.
Sarah and I met up with Molls. We went walking around to go shopping and pass time. We stopped at this store (Express) that only sells clothes up to a size 12. So me being me, I asked the clerk if they carried anything for a woman of substance (yes, it is my nice way of saying fat chick).
I still bought something cute that Molls found for me. It actually fit! (go fig) I also got a fabulous scarf because I love those.

Eventually, Sarah and I went back to the premiere. NOW, here is where more fun happened.
We were waiting in cage with other people watching them finish up setting up.  This is where we got to see HOT CONSTRUCTION WORKER GUY continue working. In his white, snug t-shirt. Yum!

You see, Sarah and I are all about the pretty men. I don not care if you played sparkly Cederic or not. If you are hot, we will appreciate that pretty!

Carlos and another security guy waving to a crowd of screaming women
my best celeb photo the back of Hal's head this is why I am NOT a photographer

So the stars started arriving.

Now I have to tell you that Carlos got more cheers than Rob. Yes, I was the crazy woman screaming for Carlos's autograph. (Do not worry you will get to see it. Just wait until the end. I had to!)

While ALL of the assorted stars were getting out of fancy cars, Hal Holbrook came in a cab. Now that is classy. The crowd started getting anxious and you could feel it. Then the noise level went up and you KNEW HE was here. By this time I was tired and cranky. The women (and the few men that were in the cage) started screaming his name and getting all fan girly.
lets enter pretend land with SUE he is signing my book ! yeah, in pretend land
Here is Rob near us. 
 Then Reese(She is so dang cute!)
Christoph did not walk the line to autograph our stuff. I was sad! His reasoning was that we were ALL there for Rob. Sarah said that we should of had a sign for him. That way, we might have gotten his autograph.
Robs Scrawl Im shocked I can see an R poor boys hand must have been so tired !
That was pretty much it. We were asked to wait for a possible surprise. They were trying to see if there would be seats for us in the theater. They came back and said no. I did not expect to be able to see the movie. So, I was good with that at this point. I was just worried that if I sat down in a dark room, I would fall asleep.

Reese's Autograph
Sarah with hot construction worker guy 
A pic of him with my niece, Sarah. Everyone wanted hugs from him. Sarah had gotten many hugs from him. All I asked for was a propane bullet heater and a siggy.

At least I got his autograph!


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DebbieCDC said...

LOL, love your write up. I'm SO sorry we didn't get a chance to meet that weekend, there were so many ppl I wanted to meet but never did, thanks to standing in that godawful line for 14 hrs. Yeah it was a miserable night but getting within a few centimeters of Rob and getting a few decent pix made it all worthwhile. Can I just say right here & now that if it is possible to believe, he is even more gorg in person than on film (insert pic of me fainting here). Not only that he was terribly nice & sweet to everyone screaming at him and Reese was a wonderful "hey y'all" Southern gal. All in all a weekend to remember, even allowing for all of Fox's fuckups with the line management and false promises of a "big surprise".

Oh, BTW, my wristband was #69 (*cough* coincidence *cough*)

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