May 11, 2011

WFE Premiere London!

So you may have heard (or not) that my sister (@moaningmegan) and I got the chance to go to the Water For Elephants UK premiere in London's Westfield Centre. Here's our account of the evening. Megan has added her thoughts in red.

So we booked the hotel, booked the train tickets and bought our outfits. Everything was running smoothly. Yes, because buying your dress the day before you first ever premiere is organised. Well, until we suddenly realised on the train that the scheduled change would perhaps have been a good idea… we were actually on the slow train to London, not the fast train, which we would have been on had we changed.

But no problem! We'd still reach London with enough time. Probably. Hopefully.

So we reached London Euston, hopped on the underground and made our way to Kensington, where our hotel was. However we got to Shepherd's Bush station, got out and realised it was where the premiere was. Change of plan. We would not go to the hotel first, we'd get ready here and go straight to the premiere.

Next problem. What do we do with our luggage? Find a valet place, but they close at 9pm. Premiere doesn't finish until at least 20 past 9… Argh! Practically crying at this point.

We found a person who was helping with the premiere and THANKFULLY they pulled a favour with the valet people and we managed to get ready and leave our bags with them. We also left our mobile numbers so the guy could text us to pick up our bags.

Now the fun could begin! We joined the queue for getting into the premiere and there were lots of very glamourously dressed people. Now the arrival stress had started to fade, Megan and I were definitely starting to feel excited.
We made it! In one piece, with time to spare. An actual miracle.
(sue here to say these two look so adorable!)
British queuing at it's finest. Everyone was looking very glamorous
As soon as we were inside we heard the T4 presenter introduce Christoph freakin' Waltz to the stage.
That's T4 guy talking to Christoph Waltz... you can just about see him.
Megan and I may have started flailing (more Hannah than me) in quite a major way… So we went under the curtains that marked the official start of the red carpet and were confronted with LOTS of people and flashbulbs.
So many people. And yes, I did VERY NEARLY fall over in my heels.
That would have been the most embarrassing thing ever...
Immediately we spotted Reese freakin' Witherspoon on our left signing autographs. Lots of squeeing ensued… THEN I spotted Christoph Waltz standing in front of the paparazzi! I was literally less than a metre away from both of them.
Reese Witherspoon. She's a tiny little thing.
Christoph Waltz. He was looking very suave that night ;)
Distinct flailing going on.

We reached the circular centre of the red carpet, where Francis Lawrence was being interviewed by the T4 guy.
Francis Lawrence with T4 guy.

And JUST there was actual Robert freakin' Pattinson, signing at top speed for the crowds. Anyone else feel like Hannah's overusing 'freakin'' a little? Just me?  I'm feeling it too Megan but give the girl a break she is excited!
Robert Freakin' Pattinson. As we live and breathe. That is him, I swear.
You could tell by the screaming fans... lol!
Unfortunately, to keep the line moving as there were so many people coming to the premiere, we had to start the ascent up the escalators to the cinema. This red carpet was stupidly long, and heels turned out to be a bad descision lol! Only ones that didn't fit, I was perfectly fine in mine. Pfft. Whatever...girls behave!

Finally reached the cinema, and went in to the Champagne Reception put on by the charity which we got the tickets from. Not a lot happened there apart from seeing Ruby Wax off of the telly and several glasses of champagne ;).
Ruby Wax. We were quite excited by this. She was hilarious...
Finally we were let into the screen, 1 of 7. On our seats were bags of popcorn with WFE written on them. This excited us probably more than it should…

Popcorn, that mainly Megan devoured... om nom nom.
Suddenly, there was an air of anticipation. The stars were about to enter to introduce the film. The T4 guy entered and introduced them one by one. Francis Lawrence, Reese Witherspoon, Christoph Waltz AND Robert Pattinson. Flail, squee, etc.

Francis Lawrence thanked us for all the support for the film and hoped we will like the film, and that was it. Yes, it was a little disappointing that none of the actors said anything but I'm putting it down to them having to go around to all 7 screens, and then Rob having to rush off to film Graham Norton.

It was still very exciting and extremely cool to be in the presence of 2 oscar winners and Cedric freakin' Diggory! And Rob is very handsome in real life, I have to agree with everyone on that point :D.

So we watched the film, which was amazing. I loved it. The feel of the film was so luxurious, nothing was forgotten about. The three leads nailed their individual parts, particularly Christoph Waltz, who KILLED it. There were several moments where I was bricking it about what August was going to do next. Rosie(Tai) the elephant was immense (both literally and figuratively) and she definitely stole every scene she was in.

About ten minutes from the end, Megan got a text from the valet:
We particularly liked the smiley face and kiss... ;) I pulled *nods* ;)
So as soon as the credits rolled, we rushed out the screen (well as much as you can rush when 7 cinema screens are emptying at once) and picked up our bag, thanking the guy profusely for waiting for us and tipped him nicely.

You might think that was the end of our comedy day of errors… but no.

We got a taxi to the hotel, walked in and… there was no receptionist. After a good 10-15 mins of waiting, someone finally walked out. "Oh sorry, wasn't expecting anyone." o_O

Got to our room. Cue hysterical laughter at the RIDICULOUSLY SMALL hotel room. Literally not enough room to swing a cat. And only 1 plug for phone charging…
Smallest hotel room EVER. Thankfully we'd got a discount price on it...
Anyway… That was our premiere experience. We had a great time and spent the next day in London too, which thankfully went off with no hitches.


Debbie in S. Florida said...

You're lucky gals! I'd have happily slept in that tiny room for the chance to not only attend the premiere, but to see Rob in all his glory! It was ALMOST like being there! That room seriously cracks me up, and I especially loved the tweet for the bag guy (was he cute?!). It was nice he stayed late for you. Sounds like you had a great time, and thanks for sharing it with us!

Laura Kaye said...

Sounds totally wonderful and you told the story of it perfectly! I laughed out loud at that hotel room though! Crikey! :)

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