April 30, 2011


DONTCHA just love my homemade card??
Guess what today is??

Today is Hannah's BIRTHDAY!!

YES now many of you may not know WHO Hannah is. You have heard me talk of MY T. You all know Jeannie because of her fabulous book recs.

WELL Hannah has basically been here since the beginning

Hannah is the punctuation wrangler. Yes this poor poor young woman takes time out of her busy schedule to add things like commas and full stops (what we Americans call periods and MAN was that a long skype convo to explain that to me) to all of my sentences.<<< LOOK HANNAH I ADDED ONE ALL BY MYSELF!!

We met an eon ago in the BBR (boom boom room aka Rob Pattinson eye candy room)
THOSE are some nice shoes!
We fawned over Rob
We swooned over various singers
Qe talked fic

IF NOT for Hannah I would have NEVER KNOWN THE GREAT CEDERIC FIC Finding Himself (LINKS CAN BE FOUND HERE) and no talk of Cederic is complete without THIS PIC:
50 years ago Disney artists dreamed up that face

And my life would be a rather dull place without my sweet brit friend!!

MUCH like T, Hannah is the glue of this little blog. She quietly encourages us and cheers us on. She recs fic HP and soon GLEE fic. Yes Hannah is a GLEE nut along with Jeannie and T (Sue is too lazy to watch TV).

So, Hannah my friend, I am so happy we met. I love talking to you about all of the assorted beautiful men in the world.
I adore hearing you try to explain to my simple American ear that there is actually a difference between brit accents (to me they all sound ummm well brit LOL)
I have had so much fun getting to know you and I look forward to many more years of friendship and SOMEDAY I will get on a plane and fly to meet you.

I leave you now with Jeannie's Bday message to you:

Hannah takes the stairs
And I usually take the elevator
Every now and then she offers me
A lemon Now and Later
Please don't play the match maker
Please don't be a player hater
If you dig her recent work
You should go congratulate her

And if you're partial to the night sky
If you're vaguely attracted to rooftops
Hannah takes the stairs
Cause she can't tell that
its a winding spiral case
Is she right side up
Or upside-down?”
- “Hannah” by Freelance Whales

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! I have so much to thank you for but mostly for Crispy, AVPM, Freelance Whales and your generally squee-y personality! I love that I’m learning all things Brit from you in the proper way and hearing your lovely British accent over my skype makes my heart go…what was that again? (Wheee!)
So I hope you enjoy this wonderful day that was made especially for you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE BRIT!
I’m American so I will make you uncomfortable with birthday smooches and squeezes!
*smooch* *squeeze* *grope* (where’d that one come from? SUE!!!!!) ;)

Sorry Jeannie sometimes you are irresistable and since T is not awake to keep us in line LOL
NOW since I (SUE) am waiting for Jeannie to get back here and find pics of this irresistable crispy sadly you know you cannot look up irrisitstable chrispy on google images and find what you want I AM STUCK PUTTING UP OTHER HOT GUY PORN!!
DO NOT deny it you like him dirty

I do not know who he is and I do not care cause he is YUMMY

yeah he is still on that dirty beach

I promise not to go TOO dirty with the guy porn hon ONLY suggestive

YOU cannot knock this one you gave it to me LOL. Hey Bum looker! Cheeky Monkey!

And now we bring you CRISPY....

This is Darren. Darren Criss. Crispy. (See what I did there?) And he is just so...so...dreamy.

Do you watch Glee? If not, it's time to start. Why? Because there's singing and dancing and awesome music every week and it has BLAINE. *sigh*

THIS is Blaine and Crispy does the best job he can to make a private school blazer and striped tie look HOT. And Hannah? She pretty much goes to goo when Blaine is on. Want to know what else gets her squee-ing? Klaine.

THIS is Klaine. Or Kurt and Blaine. Don't ask me why they're Klaine and not Blurt (because Jeannie thinks "Blurt" is cute too). And nothing makes Hannah happier than Klaine. When Klaine is on, Hannah starts seeing Klainebows.

So on your birthday Hannah, we wish you may Crispy Klainebows. :)

And a wet Crispy is a goood Crispy.

Cutie Patootie!

And of course Hannah HEARTS Starkid! Especially their Harry Potter musical aptly titled, "A Very Potter Musical." Hannah can talk about AVPM (and the sequel, "A Very Potter Sequel" again, aptly named) for DAYYYYYS. She can quote it, she can sing the songs and she can probably do all the choreography too.


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