April 25, 2011

Find That Fic


Can you help me find that fic, please?

It's a E&B AH story.
Esme has left Edward and Carlisle with barely any any explanation. They don't know that she has a fatal illness. They meet Bella years later, not knowing that she has looked after Esme until her death. As Bella made a promise to Esme not to tell of her illness, Edward feels betrayed when Bella finally tells them the truth.
They meet again much later and at first he rejects her again, then realises that by telling the truth, Bella had chosen him over her promise to his mother.

The story is complete. There is a French-speaking child (Edward's daughter?); there are journals Esme wrote during her illness; Bella is a nurse; Esme is possibly a doctor; I seem to remember that the summary mentioned Edward having a strong dislike of the medical field. I have not been able to find that summary again, even though I'm sure I'd recognize it straight away if I came upon it!

Thanks in advance!

You know the deal, leave a comment or email us if you know the fic we're searching for.


Catalina said...

The fic name is "Souce of Serendipity" by raindrops855 and it hasn't updated in a while, and is a shame because is a great fic.


Jazzer said...

That's the one! Thank you :)

I was convinced it was complete... I had forgotten about their disagreement...

Debbie in S. Florida said...

This story sounds really good. I went and checked her blog, which has a fun interview with Edward ("Beastward"), but nothing new since last December. I'd love to read it, but won't unless it gets updated. Unfortunately, I've been burned too many times by falling in love with a story and then having it discontinued or pulled. Sounds like she is/was a student, though, so maybe she's just been busy. Let's hope so! Maybe she'll see this and it'll inspire her to continue.

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