February 28, 2011

Find That Fic


This week the following email reached us:
Hello! =)

I am having trouble remembering the title of a fic I read a while back and a friend told me to try your site. Here are the details that I remember:

Well, its a "what if" fic where B and E sleep together earlier in the relationship and she gets pregnant. But unlike BD, the pregnancy is not so harsh...the baby develops slower, not as slow as a human but not over the course of a month either. And most of the time she is able to eat regular food, but it does not seem to be providing much nutrition for her or the baby. Which leads me to the scene I remember... Edward and Carlisle are discussing this and come up with the blood idea. so they heat it up and as soon as B walks in the kitchen she smells it, takes it from Carlisle's(?) hand and downs it without asking what it is. And its exactly what she needs, she's not grossed out and it tastes good to her. I'm pretty sure that the fic goes back and forth between B and Es PoV....that scene is in Es....

If I remember correctly, they sleep together in one of the first 5 or 6 chapters. All the others leave to hunt so Bella and Edward can have a couple days to themselves. It also is another several chapter before they find out she's pregnant. And the scene that I remember happens halfway through the fic, maybe a little later. I can't remember if Bella is turned or when....and I can't seem to recall the ending either. I'm pretty sure they get married though.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated!!

Serene EccentricShadow
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