September 6, 2010



Welcome to Quest 2 of Find That Fic. Here's what we're searching for this week:

From Lulabell75:

I don't remember the title or the author of this fic, but I do remember how it went... Bella Swan is a teacher, her female students spend a good portion of their time fawning over the latest photo shoot of male model Edward Cullen. Secretly she's married to Edward, they had to keep their marriage a secret because of his profession. They were married in a secret ceremony while she was still in college. Edward is almost out of his contract (at which time they will be able to be open about their relationship) when he's approached about becoming an actor. He does, and Bella's still a secret. She finds out she's pregnant and he has to choose his career or his family. There is also a small side story within this fic about two of Bella's students. I can't remember their names, but I know that at least one of them is very unusual. I've tried looking, but not remembering the names of the story or the author has made it difficult. Thanks for your help.
From Kelli
Someone told me to come to you about a o/s I am trying to find.
It is Human. Edward is a gynecologist and Bella is his patient. They went to high school together and secretly had crushes on each other.
If you know the fic(s) we're looking for, email the blog with the subject line "Find That Fic Quest 2"


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Dahiannamoreno said...

The authos is Eevy angel no logger on ff but their is a continuation by Edwarsdirtylittlesecrete call careless whispers

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