July 19, 2010

GUESS WHAT??? SYTYCW is having a birthday!!

That's right SYTYCW is almost 1 yr old

my sweet little baby blog that started out as a way to get me to control my fic addiction from taking over my life has been a HUGE part of daily life for one whole year

SO in celebration of it we are gonna have a blog party

not just any blog party other blogs celebrate for one day

BUT SYTYCW is gonna celebrate for the entire LAST WEEK of July

WHYone week SUE?
well mainly because I cannot remember the exact DAY that I first posted on the blog

AND also because I like to do things in a BIG way

SO fans of SYTYCW TELL ME what do you want to see?

you want a post showing MY favorite posts?

Wanna sing some Aretha with me?
should we do a funny poll? (for those that do not remember our polls were a blast)

should we attempt a skype party

put up pics of pretty boys?

have the authors I have interviewed say Happy 1st Anniversary in whatever creative way they come up with?

have the great long suffering staff (Tanja and Hannah) honored (trust me  that is a big one on my list they soooo deserve it)

SO let me know what you want to see I will try to make it exciting !

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