June 17, 2010

Sue's Interview with sunflowersong, the Author of To Be In Her Light

Silly thing, really. SUE, as you know loves period romantic drama. If you do not know this, then you have not been here before, and to you I say, 'HIYA! Pull up a chair and sit, while I babble.'

Today's fic rec/interview is To Be In Her Light by sunflowersong

Summary: Regency period drama. Edward Anthony Masen, Viscount Cullen finds himself falling for his children's new governess Miss Isabella Swan, but their stations in life and his past might not lead to happiness.

This is one of those 'rainy day, I wanna escape my mundane real-life' fics. The imagery in it is lovely. It makes you think of those old movies with the frustrated romances, where class distinctions were prevalent. Edward is the father of two illegitimate children, with a secret in his past. His father dies, leaving him the title and lands. Bella's parents die, leaving her alone to find her way in a man's world. She finds a position as governess to, you got it, Edward's children.

And this is where the fun and problems begin.

I know you are thinking this is gonna just be a romp about the estate, but it is not. It is a story more about how this couple, that is in love, are going to overcome the obstacles that are set in their path by society.


What was it that gave you the 'spark' for your story? Was it a picture? A moment or event? Can you remember the initial inspiration?

I've always 'written' scenes in my head for stories that I thought I might someday write, and one night I before I fell asleep, I had this whole scene with an aristocrat standing at a window looking out at his children and governess on the lawn and having a conversation with his butler about how that woman wasn't his, and that he wasn't a good man, that he didn't deserve that woman, but he was selfish and was going to keep her anyway. I thought, what if that was Edward and Bella? And there To Be in Her Light was born.

Do you have a particular process when it comes to your writing, perhaps a certain mood, environment or music? Do you have any 'triggers' to get you in the writing mood?

Yes, usually only write late at night and I have a whole music list I listen to while writing. It's an eclectic list including, Basia Bulat, Florence + the Machine, Mumford & Sons, Van Morrison, Angus & Julia Stone, Bat for Lashes, Matthew Barber, The Veils and many, many others.

Give us an elevator pitch. Say you're in an elevator with a prospective reader for 2 minutes – what would you tell them about the story?

I would say it is a Regency period drama and romance where a lonely, tortured soul, Edward, Viscount Cullen, is looking for love and Bella Swan, his children's governess is his salvation.

Do you picture particular actors for your characters, or are they someone else entirely? If so, who?

For both my stories, I always see Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. I just can't help it.

Is the story all planned out or do you do it as a fly by the seat of your pants thing?

It's planned. I always write a few chapters ahead of what is posted and I map out in my head future scenes and the ending so I'm sure to keep the story on track and not ramble.

Have you got any other projects going on? Any planned for the future?

I'm also writing another completely different story When She Smiles. It's a modern angsty romance story of Edward and Bella. It couldn't be more different from To Be in Her Light. I love them both though. I also have one more in my head I'm thinking of writing when my other two are finished.

What was it that brought you to Twilight fanfic? What is it that has kept you here (besides your own writing)?

What first got me into Twilight fanfic was the story Wide Awake by angstgoddess003. Wow. That to me is still the best one I've ever read. After reading Wide Awake, I was totally sucked into fanfic. What keeps me reading fanfic is just the terrific writers out there. Truly, so many are good enough to be published authors.

Do you have a background in writing? Has the fanfic experience expanded your creativity?

I'm a very creative person. I always have been. I'm an avid reader, and have written some short stories and poetry in my past. I have a great love for the written word.

How about your creative self-confidence? By nature writers tend to be a notoriously insecure lot so how are you finding the online writing experience?

Truthfully, it's terrifying. My poor beta. She gets to hear all my insecurities. You write it and love it, but that doesn't mean it's good or that others would want to read it. I'm always astounded that people read and like my stories.

Do you tell your friends and family that you're an online author with a devoted following, or is this something that you tend to keep for yourself? 

I keep it to myself. My family already rolls their eyes at my Twilight/Rob/Kristen obsession. But it's exciting and I would love to tell.

Is there a particular character in your story that you identify with the most? 

Actually, Bella in To Be in Her Light is the character I identify with the most. I would say she's the closest to my own personality.

Which RL author(s) inspires you?

I love Charlotte Bronte. Jane Eyre is my favorite book. And of course Stephenie Meyer. She's a wonderful story teller and gave us Edward and Bella. I will love her forever for that.

Did any FF authors inspire you? What was it that had you reading FF and thinking "I could do this"?

I love this story by carmelinagunn called If Every Word I Said Could Make You Laugh. After reading that wonderful story and really enjoying her writing style, I though, hmmm, maybe I could do that too.

I have a hard time winding these things up so let's have some fun. What would your porn star name be? That's the name you get when you combine the name of your first pet with the first street you lived on – personally I'm *cough* Jaques Lincoln .

LOL Mine would be Fluffy Green. That really does sound like a porn star! haha

Give us a Random Fact about yourself.

I have eleven ear piercings. I, uh, really like earrings.

If you could have 15 minutes with any Edward, FF or SM's, which one would you choose and what would you do?
(If you do not LIKE any of the Edwards, feel to substitute an actor here. Rob,
Kellan, PFach or Jackson, or any actor really we are not picky !) 

If I get to choose a RL person, I'll take Rob. He doesn't even have to speak.

Just let me sit and stare at him for 15 minutes. I'm kind of hmmm, obsessed might be the right word, with Rob Pattinson.

What is your FanFic Pet peeve?

Bella pregnancy scares. I just hate those.

What is your Fandom Pet peeve?

People being 'Team Jacob'. What the hell does that even mean?

What did you want to be when you grow up?

Nothing grand. Just a mom. And to be happy.

Anything else you would like to add?

Thanks for asking me for the interview Sue. It was fun!


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