June 18, 2010

Rae’s Interview with Snshyne about her fic 'Public Relations'

At first glance I thought that Public Relations was going to purely be a smut only fic, but I was definitely very very wrong. It’s so much more than that. I mean, trust me, it’s got some fuck hawt smut in it, but I’m hooked into the story despite of it. Her Edward is so unbelievably adorable and shy and insecure. Even bigger plus for me…he wears glasses! Everyone together now… *swoon* I love love love Edward’s who wear glasses. I have a soft spot for the Geekwards/Shywards. We don’t see enough Edward’s who are insecure and don’t think they are Gods-gift to women. Snshyne’s Shyward will give you the heartichokes and make your stomach flutter.
"I didn't text you for this. I uhm...I like you. Like, you. Even without all the sex stuff." My voice faltered and wavered at my admission. I couldn't be sure what spurred it on and I wasn't sure how she would react. I was nervous.

He’s also pretty damn funny.
She moved closer and kissed me softly on the lips. 
"C-c-can I see you again?" I asked, finally finding my voice. 
"Mmhm," Bella hummed with a nod, "call me," she said as she slid into her car. I shut her door, she blew me a kiss and then drove away. 
I guess this was what Emmett meant by getting your dick sucked so good you had to beg the girl to stop.
It’s a rarity for me to absolutely love both Edward and Bella in a fic. Usually it’s one or the other, but honestly I love this Bella just as much as Edward. She’s strong, independent, and aggressive. We don’t see this enough in fic. This Bella is not all shy and mousey like most Bella’s. She knows what she wants and she goes after it. But at the same time, she has a slightly insecure side to her – making her incredibly real and actually quite easy to relate to.

Now lets move on to the important stuff…the smut. This is some of the hottest smut I’ve read in a long time – and I’ve read a lot. I’ve been sorta in a funk when it comes to smut lately, feeling like it’s all the same, but let me tell you PR has totally awakened my fic libido. Snshyne has got my stomach flip-floppin and my heart racing with almost every word.

He came closer and kissed me; his hands somewhat shakily moved to my back and fumbled a little to unclasp my bra and set my ready and waiting breasts free. I pushed my chest against him and moaned as my nipples met with his hard muscles and speckling of chest hair.
Relinquishing my lips, he moved his gorgeous mouth to my neck, blazing a wet trail of fire across my skin as he moved to my shoulder and down my chest. He pulled a hardened nipple into his mouth and my knees shook beneath me. Luckily, he had one hand on my back.
He continued to kiss down my body and when he reached my panties, he pulled them down, placing kisses in their wake. When he became so smooth with this, I had no fucking clue. But I really liked it. I stepped out of my thong, and Edward began kissing down my leg. He unzipped my boot, slid it off and did the same with the other leg.
With both boots off, he kissed up one leg and down the other, then back up again. The soft kisses were sending every inch of my skin on high alert, and I could feel myself coming more alive with his touch.
On his last pass, he stopped at the apex of my thighs and seemed to take a moment, but a moment too long in my opinion. So I pushed my hips forward slightly, and the bare skin of my pussy pressed against his nose. His face shifted, and I shuddered as his lips grazed my folds in a soft kiss and then his tongue darted out to lick my skin.
"Mmmm," he hummed softly.
I lifted my hand to his hair as his tongue slithered against my skin, firm and wet, making me moan with want and need. His hands crawled up my legs and settled on my thighs, spreading me even more open for him, and I gasped and writhed with every flick of his tongue against my aching clit. I was vaguely aware that I was pretty much fucking his face, but I didn't care. It felt so good and I couldn't make my hips still or force myself to pull him away.
Are you convinced? Go on and check it out. It’s short and almost completely. Snshyne says we’re nearing the end now. It’s a quick, fun and sexy read. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Let’s get to the interview…

Where did you get the idea for this story? What was your inspiration?

Snshyne: I was talking to a friend on twitter one night - jael728. She was harping about Edward always being sexually experienced and how she wanted to see a Bella more experienced sexually. She actually said Edward should be a virgin. So I ran with that. But I didn't want a totally virgin Edward and I didn't want Bella to seem slutty either.

Rae: I think you found the perfect balance!

Why do you think readers should read your story?
Snshyne: It's a fun fic overall. I feel anyway. It's not angsty. So it's good for people who don't like angst or the wusspervs out there. It's very lemony and I tried to make each lemon separate from the one before it. It's short in chapter length and overall, which makes it an easy read. This Edward, to me, is so damn sweet that I want to eat him with a spoon. I get a lot of "awwww's" in my reviews from readers. So I gather people like that. Also, a lot of us work. a lot of us are in roles where we have to juggle life and happiness and I find that with this Bella also.
Rae: Yeah I was definitely doing a lot of swooning and awwing while I was reading haha
Snshyne: lol you did. I got that from you too

Is there anything you would want readers to know specifically?

Snshyne: the first thing that came to mind is that Riley is not a threat. We are so conditioned to think that every little glitch is going to turn into a giant angst fest, but that's not always the case.

Rae: That’s good to know! yeah I can definitely tell it won’t be an angst fest. Though I did get a little heartichokey during a few chapters. Edward just kills me sometimes.

snshyne:  yeah. there was a little bit of that. I admit. I guess I can't do all rainbows lol

Rae:  It's his insecurity that just makes your heart hurt. He's so sweet.

snshyne: let me tell you, it's tough to write an insecure Edward. Which makes NO sense b/c Canon Edward is not all that secure to begin with

Rae:  I know. I think part of it is b/c we're all conditioned to believe that he's so beautiful, blah blah blah and it's hard to believe he could possibly be insecure.

snshyne: right. makes total sense. as if one can't go with the other. Rob is beautiful, but he's insecure as fuck

Rae: I know right?

snshyne: he's all awkward and what not

Rae: part of the reason we all find him so adorable

snshyne: so true. if he was an ass, I’d be turned off

Give us a Random Fact about yourself.

snshyne: hm. I have a weird thing about food texture. Like I don't like oatmeal, peas, couscous, and hummus. grainy, mushy things and my tongue don’t get along

Rae: LOL. that is definitely random and understandable

Do you do anything special while writing a chapter? Like listen to special music, need total silence, eat a bag of M&Ms, drink heavily, whatever…

snshyne:  Not for PR. For PR, it's pretty easy going. In general, I almost always have music or a movie on, but it's not required for me to write PR. That's just habit. I actually write a lot of PR at work, which is not always good given the content of the chapters

Rae: LOL yeah I imagine not I hope you don’t get caught!

snshyne: I haven't yet and I've been writing fic for almost a year. I think they see me writing, but have no idea what it is

Rae: that’s a good thing!

snshyne: seriously! I can imagine my boss looking over my shoulder as I wrote about Bella playing with Bubbles. not my idea of a good time

Rae: hahaha no

What do you do after you click the submit button for a chapter?

snshyne: sometimes I take a xanax and a shower. sometimes I go watch TV or read something. it varies, but I don’t have a ritual.

Rae: a xanax? do you get nervous? lol

snshyne: yeah. well the xanax is usually for F&FS and not as often anymore as it used to be

What actor/actress do you picture as YOUR Edward and Bella?
snshyne: this is a funny question because I see everything but their faces when I write them but it is Rob and Kristen

Is the story all planned out or do you do it as a fly by the seat of your pants thing?

snshyne: I don't have an outline for anything that I write. I know key points, but the in between stuff just happens. For PR I figured it would be 10 chapters. The only thing that was set in stone was the sex for each chapter. As in, I knew ch 2 would have a parking lot BJ and I knew Chapter 8 would have chair sex. I lied, the way it ends was determined from the beginning as well.

Rae: so it sounds like you have a pretty loose one. lol

snshyne: yeah. in my head though. it's not written down, which is funny because if you met me in RL you'd be like "she's wicked douchey with her OCD."

Rae: hahaha

Do you believe in HEA? What is YOUR definition of HEA?
snshyne: I do believe in it. Some stories don't warrant it. I also think it's pretty subjective. I prefer a more realistic HEA. To me, wedding bells and babies is not always realistic and every story does not need to end that way. To that point, that is perfect for some stories. If it's an E/B story, an HEA, for me, is them being together. Even if it's not perfection. Even if someone else has to die or Bella can't have kids. Even if they're poor. They are together, I'm good.

Give us some insight into your current and future fic projects! 
snshyne: Well, I just did a threesome one-shot called A La Carte. A random idea that popped into my head and would not go the fuck away. It's E/B, B/A, B/A/E. Bella likes to experiment with sex and Edward is content letting her try, waiting for her to figure it out. Alice temps for her company and Bella decides she wants to try her out. There is always Fate & Forgotten Secrets, which is my main fic. This fic is like my heart and soul. It's about 3/4 done. Bella has some heart fail and tragedy in her life. Murdered parents, zombie life, abusive boyfriend. But she has Alice by her side and eventually Edward. They help her through it all. Except, Edward has a repressed secret that we're now waiting to find out about. I have something I started working on that is based loosely on the music of Paramore. I'm excited to get more into that one actually. It doesn't have a title and I only really have notes jotted down, but it should be fun. It's a little different from everything I have written already. And then I have an idea that is so raw, I can't even talk about it really because it makes no sense. But Bella's a little rebellious in it

Rae: Yeah I have F&FS on my to read list now! I'm excited to read it I will definitely be interest in checking out that fic based around Paramore music. They are one of my favorite bands

What brought you to fanfic? To Twilight?

snshyne: I got into twilight because I was bored and going through a really rough time in real life. it'll actually be a year on July 9th since I picked up twilight. Then I scoured the internet to learn more about the series and read all the stuff on SMs site and pretty much all over. I really had no concept of fanfic until a friend - cclore, who is also one of my beta's, told me about wide awake. I had also heard about it on twitarded. Then I met other people who would rec me shit and I'd read it and it pretty much went to hell from there. LOL I've been hooked since before that, I wanted nothing to do with twilight I felt like I'd be cheating on harry potter and I refused to be roped in with teeny bopper obsessions. Writing fic...no idea clearly, I am crazy like most of you people.

What is your background in writing?

snshyne: I was an obsessive journaler as a kid into my teens. I've written a shitton of short stories and stuff for school and personally. I double majored in psych and English in college so there was a shitton of writing there too. And my brain does not shut off. So I write all the time. On napkins in bars even

FANTASY TIME: If you could have 15 minutes with any Edward FF or SM’s which one would you choose and what would you do? (If you do not LIKE any of the Edwards feel to substitute an actor here. Rob, Kellan, PFach or Jackson)

snshyne: That is such an unfair question. I can answer it though. It's not really much of a surprise. I would choose Edward from Emancipation Proclamation, MPW. He's my favorite. We would get so fucking high. He's legal now. So I suppose we could do other things of the more naughty arena, but I'd like to play it by ear. He's not so good with the planning. I would also get him to say as much as possible in Italian. Even if I had no fucking clue what he was saying. and we'd watch jeopardy b/c it would piss him off and he's funny when he's mad

What is your FF pet peeve?

snshyne: "love" is a seriously overused term. My brain seriously halts when Edward says it and it interrupts the flow of my reading. there are parameters for this though. it's most bothersome in AH fics, fics where Edward is young and when Edward has yet to even realize he loves Bella (or Jasper or Alice or Carlisle, etc). I know of no teenage boy who uses "love" to talk about his girlfriend. I also find too many euphemisms for body parts a little trying. I realize "pussy" is not the technical term, but "mound" sounds funny to me. These are just my personal preferences. I'm not saying it's wrong in any way

Rae: so you think Edward says that he loves Bella too much?

snshyne: not that he loves her too much but like "Bella, love, what's wrong?", "Okay, love." etc

Rae: Ohhh yeah. That bugs me too

What is your Fandom pet peeve?

snshyne: the goddamn infighting. it's beyond ridiculous. it's unnecessary for people to be so miserable to one another. I often wonder if we didn't have computer screens between us, if we'd be so callous and mean. I know in life you can't get along with everyone. so if you don't, shut up. don't be an ass to that person or behind their back. don't use other people to get back at them. it's silly. and, unless we're talking technicalities like commas, there is no wrong way to write fic. that's my opinion, but that's how I feel.

Rae:  I agree with you

snshyne: if you don't like a plot, that doesn't make it wrong. just like if you don't like a book or TV show, don’t read or don’t watch.

Rae: I completely agree.

Which character do you identify with the most (either in your story, in the saga or both)?

snshyne: hmmmm, in the Saga its Edward or Alice. In my writing...hmmmm. for F&FS I identify with Edward more. in PR, I identify with Bella more

Which RL author inspires you?

snshyne: my favorite author is Lewis Carroll. But I’ve met Jennifer Weiner is person and she is just phenomenal. I like her writing style and meeting her personally made her that much cooler. So I guess her.

Did any FF authors inspire you?

snshyne: kharizzmatik, lambcullen, bettysmith, gondolier, the-glory-days & littlesecret84 are probably the most inspiring to me. And they are all so different.

If you could ask any Twilight Cast member a question who would you ask and what would your question be?
snshyne: probably Jackson. I would ask him what his address is

Rae: LOL

snshyne: I'm dead serious

Rae: LOL I believe you.

snshyne: I'd promise not to stalk him, but I’d be lying

Anything else you would like to add?

Snshyne: I want to say thanks for this. for reading PR, your reviews made my day that day
and thanks for interviewing me. It's my first one and it was a fuckawesome time.

Rae: really? your first one? I feel so honored to have popped your interview cherry lol

snshyne:  lol yeah. Really. cherry popping is very important. LMAO you handled it well. I'm not sore or scarred

Rae: then my job here is done!


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Great Review and really cool and funny interview :)

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uhhh, what does PR stand for?

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I adore both of you ladies, just so you know ;o) Awesome interview! Someday I will be able to take uninterrupted time and read PR.

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Dear Rae, you're awesome and thanks for this! Thanks to Sue and SYTCYW for the opportunity. *mwah*

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You've come a long way, baby! LOL

I suck because I'm just now reading it. My only excuse is I've been too out of it on Vicodin. ;)

I'm excited snshyne is getting the acknowledgement she deserves. She's a wonderful writer and I'm glad to be a part of it. :)

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