April 11, 2010

YogaGals Interview with starfish422

HELLO my dears SUE here to introduce to you another Guest blogger !!

I was chatting with the girlies on Twitter and somehow got onto the topic of slash and how I do not read it

I can watch movies about it, look at pics of it, but just cant read it.
WELL it is NOT fair to the authoresses of Slash to not include them here on the blog. SO I found us a slash mistress who graciously volunteered to read the slash and talk about it.
So without further babbling on my part lets give a warm welcome to YOGAGAL:

It is my absolute pleasure to be popping SYTYCW's slash cherry with a review/interview with the phenomenal starfish422. I felt it only fitting to start this new series of interviewing slash authors by getting down and dirty with the woman who popped my own Twi-slash cherry! I remember a few of my fic friends gushing about this new Twi fic that they were all loving. They "warned" me that it was slash, so I should be prepared. To be honest, I had never really read a slash fic before and wasn't sure what to expect. Truth be told, there wasn't much of a difference between this slash fic and any other high quality fanfic (well, of course, except for the insanely hot boy on boy smexin'!).

Over The Top is a love story, like many others. Two people meet, connect and start a relationship. Throw in a huge helping of angst midway and you have a compelling and gripping story that you can't stop reading for fear that the HEA never comes. Edward is the epitome of a single man, clubbing his nights away, a new man coming home with him each night. One night at his usual stomping grounds he runs into Jasper, not realizing he has met him before. He's quite taken with the blond angel and they get intimately acquainted. Something starts to develop and just as their budding relationship takes off the ground, something happens to grind it to a painful halt. I can guarantee you will grow to love these two boys as much as I did, and you'll follow their journey with bated breath.

starfish422's current multi chapter fic is an interesting spin-off from Over The Top. Jack, one of the smaller characters from OTT gets his own time to shine in Deep Dish. While only a few familiar names from Twilight canon make an appearance, you'll still be riveted as you follow Jack's move to Chicago and his subsequent experiences with love and...lust. ;)

Link for Over The Top
Link for Deep Dish

Thanks so much for agreeing to be interviewed, and for helping me pop the slash cherry on SYTYCW! Settle down, get comfy and let's chat!
Another slash cherry bites the dust! Bear with me for a sec while I put another notch in my headboard...I have quite a collection of them here. :)

1. I'll start out with the burning question us fellow addicts always wonder...what brought you to Twilight? To Fanfic?
My friends Shannon and Gen were discussing Twi for several months before I decided to try it. They’re both a couple of years older than me and eventually I said to myself, Grown women like this too? It’s not just for teenagers? Interesting. I decided to read it right after the movie came out. There was SO much press around the release, and I wanted to see the movie but it’s my general rule to read the book first (movies based on novels usually disappoint). So I borrowed my 14-yo niece’s copy of Twilight and read it in an evening. I finished the books within a few weeks.
I had read fanfic from other fandoms before – QAF and Prison Break, specifically – so I knew there was a good chance that there must be some Twi fanfic out there. I googled it and found a couple of sites. FanFiction.net was one of them and according to my profile, I signed up for my account on Dec 21-08. :) Though I’d read same-sex fanfic before, I wasn’t thinking in terms of slash at that point – just looking to fill the Twilight void left after I finished all the books. I didn’t read a ton of stuff at first; but within a couple of weeks, Gen had shared some links with Shannon who passed them along to me. They were Wide Awake, Passion and Disaster and All I Ever Knew.

2. Over The Top was my first foray into Twi-slash. Had you read any Twi-slash in the fandom before writing OTT?
Yep, as mentioned above I started with AIEK and P&D. Those two were perhaps the only two well-known slash fics in the fandom when I started writing OTT (Feb-09). If they hadn’t existed I might not ever have been inspired to write a slash fic.

3. Let's dig into your fics, now. Where did you get the idea for Over the Top? What was your inspiration?
My inspiration was Queer as Folk. My original idea was to write a slashy oneshot crossover between Twi and QAF, so a LOT of chapter 1 draws from QAF – the description of the club, Edward’s line to Jasper (“I want to make you sit on my nine-inch cock”), Edward’s apartment. It diverged from QAF in chapter two, though.

4. Was OTT all planned out or did you do it as a fly by the seat of your pants thing? What about DD?
Once I decided to write a series instead of a oneshot, I had to determine a story arc. When that was done I developed a loose outline – a series of scenes I knew I wanted to include. The in-between stuff was much more organic and it just developed as I wrote it.
For DD, first thing I had to do was decide the ending; that literally took me three months from the time Trish ‘offered’ her Mike Newton character to me. I debated and debated. Even two chapters in, I changed my mind (I’m happy with the ending I’ve decided on now, though; no more changes. LOL). My outline now is a bit more structured than the one I had for OTT, but again, it consists of a series of events I know will be included, lines of dialogue I want to include, that sort of thing. I don’t narrow it down as far as “this will happen in Chapter 8, this will happen in Chapter 9, etc.”

5. What has been the overall reception to DD in the Twifandom since the mention/appearance of any main Twi characters is extremely limited.
Great question. As a general rule, slash gets fewer readers than hetero; and original fic gets fewer still. It’s a challenge, definitely, to get people to read something billed as “fanfic” when your only canon-related character is someone scorned in canon. LOL Also, with DD being a spinoff, it helps to have already read OTT – it’s unlikely anyone’s first experience with my work would be DD.
All that being said, those who are reading it are fiercely invested. :) There are very strong opinions being expressed on who Jack should be with. Sometimes there’s begging. LOL

6. Speaking of your characters, what actor/actress do you picture as YOUR characters (ie Edward, Jasper, Jack, Mike & Jacey?
Edward – Rpattz, mostly. Jasper – Jackson Rathbone (does anyone who’s heard of me *not* know of my J.Action love? LOL).

Jack is Henry Cavill – and oh my, he’s so delicious.

really delicious...
Mike is a model named Maxwell Zagorski. He is just really, really...yeah, hell with it...REALLY handsome. He used to model for Abercrombie when he was a bit younger. I think he’s even better-looking now that he’s a grownup.

Oh those yummy Abercrombie models...
Jacey is a British model named Jacey Elthalion. He was the inspiration for Jacey’s character in the OTT outtake featuring Jack, as a result of this picture:

please excuse me for a moment... *drool*

When it became clear that the readers loved the character, I decided to bring him into DD as well. I have many megabytes of Jacey on my hard drive. HAHA, that sounds so filthy. :D
In a recent twitter poll on who readers thought was hotter, Mike was the clear winner!

7. Let's talk about your writing style for a bit. Do you do anything special while writing a chapter like listen to special music or do you need total silence? Do you eat an entire bag of M&Ms or drink heavily? Perhaps peruse the Corbin Fisher website? *winks*
LOL Corbin Fisher has a gift – I’m just saying. :) No music, unless it’s just the white noise kind of music, like ambient. I like quiet, solitude, and a glass of water. I have a folder with pics of my characters, and sometimes a particular picture inspires a scene, like the recent chapter of DD when Jacey texted Jack a pic of him in his cowboy hat.

 Save the horse, ride the cowboy?

8. What do you do after you click the submit button for a chapter?
I used to hide. Like, log off and then come back later to watch the review emails populate my inbox. :) No more hiding – usually I tidy up the last few review replies I have waiting for me, and then get a jump on replies for the new chapter. I usually have Twhirl open to see if anyone tweets the link.

9. Do you have a soundtrack to your stories?
Definitely. Music is where I find a lot of my inspiration. Sometimes a song inspires a line of dialogue, sometimes an entire plot point. My OTT playlist used to be featured on my blog; it can still be found here. The Deep Dish playlist is now featured on the sidebar of my blog. City and Colour songs have had major influence on the DD storyline.

10. Do you have any more fic plans in the future?
I’m not planning another serial fic after DD and We Three are wrapped up. However, I wrote a few one-shots in the second half of last year, and realized that I love writing short stories – like, under 30K words or so. I can see myself focusing on short stories in the Twi world after my serials are complete.

11. Time for random FF questions. What's your biggest FF pet peeve?
Aside from the usual annoyances – reading the same pat phrases in one fic after another, the phrase ‘wife beater’ to describe an undershirt, and of course, tongues ‘battling for dominance’ – what I can’t read, what will be a deal-breaker for me, is a story that can’t decide if it’s being told in past or present tense. Switching randomly between the two (unless it’s done with intent, like a flashback) makes me click the X.
Something else that irritates me is utter disregard for geography. LOL I read a fic once where the Cullens were moving from Chicago to Forks. Jasper drove Edward’s car; Edward fell asleep just outside Chicago and woke up “a few hours later”, just as they were passing the Forks City Limits sign. *snort* IMO, it really doesn’t matter if you’re not from the US or have never visited. In the age of Google Maps, there is simply no excuse for it. Know your audience: there is a limit to how far intelligent readers can suspend their disbelief.

12. What do you LOVE to see in FF that you read?
Humour is always nice – as much as I love angst, I also enjoy a fic that makes me laugh out loud. A story like The Cannabean Betrothal that has an entirely unique premise, is a rare and delightful find. I enjoy reading stories that I know the author has researched heavily for the sake of accuracy – historical fictions are a good example.

Hang on, let me don my feather boa and marabou slippers...okay, I’m fantasy-ready.
 13. If you could have 15 minutes with any Edward- FF or SMs - which one would you choose and what would you do?
I’m going to take the liberty of choosing one Vampward and one Humanward. :P
VampWard: It would have to be Basementward from The Vampire in the Basement. I would just hold him (assuming he would let me) and comfort him. **le sigh** (And whisper to him that I would really love to see him again, like in an update...)

Humanward: So many to choose from!! I was *this close* to choosing Geekward from Resident Geek, but I think I have to go with Wallbanger. He’s witty, well-travelled and obviously talented in the bedroom. What would I do? Add myself to the roster and do a little banging on Pink Nightie Girl’s wall. :) No meowing, though. For Clive’s sake.
14. If you could ask any Twilight Cast member a question who would you ask and what would your question be?
I guess it would have to be Jackson Rathbone (because if I get my choice of *any* cast member I should go with my favourite, yes?) and I suppose I’d ask him if I could make him dinner. The best conversations happen over dinner. :)
If Jackson wasn’t available, I’d flag down KLutz and ask if he needs me to spot him a twenty to buy some underpants, or does he jog commando on purpose to flaunt his prodigious mushroom cap?

and lastly...
15. Do you have any slashy rec's for us that you think others *must* check out?
Two of the winners of the When Love Was New contest are among my favourite slash one-shots. One is Stripped by nat3200 and PolkaDotMama; the other is The Return of Edward Masen by manyafandom. In the Slash Backslash contest I loved The Usual by YogaGal (anyone heard of her? ) and Afternoon of a Faun by Elvithrill.
For serial fics, I absolutely love Equal & Opposite, and its sequel Errors & Omissions, by Oh Jasper My Jasper. Word of warning: They are *not* safe for those who dislike angst. But holy hell, SO good. I also love Begin Again by C-Me-Smile – also angsty, but such lush, roll-around-in-it-and-rub-it-on-your-nipples angst.
I would also really like it if you checked out the story written for me in the LJ Gift Exchange. It’s called Whiskey at Midnight (also very angsty)

Thanks SO much for allowing me the pleasure of interviewing you!! xo

Thank you for inviting me! It’s my honour to have been your first interviewee. I’ll circle this notch on my headboard with a Sharpie so I never forget! xoxo Katie Starfish

Hi dears I am back was'nt that awesome?
I thought so I think our first authoress of the slash sounds very witty so IF you are into some guy on guy go read her stuff !
And leave our new guest blogger some loving here let her know how she did !


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