April 10, 2010

What I Did While On My "Break" From Blog Stuff

My staff is seriously rolling their eyes right now. SUE? A break? BULLSHIT! They are all saying.

Sue sleeps, eats and breathes this blog and FF.

SO while I do that, I am ALSO the most UNORGANIZED blogger on the PLANET!

For real. I am.

I had interviews all set up for last week, and it did not occur to me that there is life after Christmas day!!

I know.

SO a break. A short one while I write filler posts to keep you all entertained LOL.

Since I was doing what I usually do (reading), I thought I would share with you, all the O/S I have read over this Christmas break.

Be warned. I read A LOT. I also read updates and I have started a couple of stories.


Piano Man by kimpy0464

I love the song and I love the one shot. Read it... worth it!

Gone by addictedtotwilight79


Famous in a Small Town by EricasTwilight

So sweet, and if Erica wrote it you know it's GOOOOOOD.

The Invisible Wife by peachylicious

This story is just so GUHHH! Her writing lately owns me.
This is another SAD one!!

The Wine Tasting by Irishtwilightsisters

Lovely grape koolaide, rather than Lemonade. It is hot and sweet and romantic and fluffy.

And finally...

Remember Me by readingmama

I cannot begin to say it. Just bring tissues. It is so well written, so sweet, so romantic, so heartbreaking!

And that is just a few O/S that I have read. I am sure I have read more, because I read TONS!

The thing that OWNED ME most, over this lovely little break was:

Elemental by TallulahBelle


Yeah, I was up till 4:30am reading it, and in my VERY punchdrunk, sleepless, stupid state, I PM'd her. Then I proceeded to make a FOOL of myself on Twitter.

So. PROVIDED the poor author has not gone into hiding from me being a PSYCHO STALKER FAN GIRL on her, I should be hearing back from her in a week or so. She is off on vacation... how do I know?? I have connections LOL!

NOW for other things I am working on for the blog:

I have another interview set up, to go up tomorrow. It will be my last for 2009 *sniffle*! It is with Emerald_Rosalie, about her joint effort with Ericastwilight. The fic is called Punch Me Love Me Save Me.

AND THEN I want you all join me in saying goodbye to 2009, by roasting my authors.
Over this last year (since July), I have rec'd and interviewed 60 authors (with the help of my assorted friends and guest bloggers)!
This Roast will include a few comments and silly things about the authors. All in good fun and all nice, because I am not a negative person!

SO I ask you, my dears...

What do you want to see in the new year??

More polls? I wanna get together another Rob paper dolls poll!! That would be fun!

Fics?? What kind? I have readers for the blog who read just about anything, so rec me some stuff!!

More O/S weeks??? I loved that. It was fun and SOO EASY!

Screen Queens? Whether you love Gia and I, or not, we are doing it!

HOW ABOUT TEAS with "Rob"?? Lady Tater is anxious to get the boy back in the tea room, so if you have a Q for him LET US KNOW!!

That is it, till tomorrow my loves!! If you are going out tomorrow night...*snicker*

Be safe!


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