April 11, 2010

Undiscovered Gems Volume 5

Disclaimer: Please note that we from SYTYCW haven't read the stories we mention in Undiscovered Gems (at least not all of them). This here is mainly an opportunity for authors to pimp their stories. =)

 Change of Heart by LuvCullens

Summary: *COMPLETE* Bella, has spent her life hating and loving Edward Cullen. When she returns to Forks after ten years, will she fall for Dr Black, or will Edward see he wants her to have a change of heart?

Why should you the reader read my story?
I did my best to keep the chracters true to Stephenie Meyers originals (with the exception of making Bella stronger and more independent). Most of all I really tried to include a lot of humor and banter. If you want couples just spouting sonets at each other and whispering sweet nothings this is not the story for you. However, if you like lot's of sexual tension, banter, and discovering each other, then this is the story for you.

Where did I get my inspiration?
Most of my inspiration came from what I consider an ideal relationship. It includes a lot of humor, sarcasm, and banter. A dominant attribute between my husband and I's relationship. I also included all of the romance, passion, and sensitivity, that our original Edward and Bella pocessed that we all love. I would say most of it really just comes from my life.

What do I think is the best thing about my story?
Most stories make Bella weak and passive or cold and unfeeling. My Bella is somewhere inbetween. She is a hardcore athlete, successfull, intellegent, and assertive. But, has her insecurities she has to deal with. She is just like most of us, she is relatable.

Empire State of Mind by belladonna1472, on Twilighted

A psychic. A telepath. And a witch or two.

Edward and Alice move to New York City to start their junior year at Hale School. When Alice's natural talent for precognition starts to manifest itself more strongly, Edward begins to develop telepathic abilities. What secrets do the two siblings discover about Edward's lab partner, Bella? What do they discover about their own family?

Why should I (the reader) read your story?
Because it’s quirky and different. It is AU/AH, but there are other key changes. For example, Bella is a witch, is wealthy, and has Carlisle and Renee as parents. Alice and Edward have just started developing their abilities, and they have Esme and Charlie as parents. The story raises a lot of questions, especially in regard to the familial conflicts; there’s a fair amount of mystery! If you like high school fics then you should definitely give this a try.

Where did you get inspiration?
NYC is my favorite place in the world, so I’ve always wanted to base a fic there. I also wanted to write a more confident Bella. Giving her a more active power is a part of this.

What do you think is the BEST thing about your fic? The fact that Bella has stronger and more interesting powers than Edward and Alice! She’s the one who has to be careful. One reviewer said the fic reminded them of The Craft (1996 film), a favorite of mine.


Summary: Edward Cullen used to be invisible. But all of a sudden, after summer break, he's back and unrecognizable- gorgeous, confident and irresistible to any woman he looks at. As Bella Swan delves into what exactly changed Edward so drastically and investigates his power over the females of Forks, she begins to realize... she might not like the answers she gets. Part mystery, part drama, all Edward. If I could I'd rate it I for Innuendo.

WHY should I (the reader) read your story?
Edward. And that's a damn good reason. As I said in one of my author's notes, this story is my ode to the magnificence of Edward Cullen. I adore him, worship him, whatever and this story is alllll about him.

Additionally, I think this fic is subtle without losing any sexiness or sensuality. This fandom is hardly known for its subtlety. Most stories are pretty graphic but also hot! I enjoy reading them but I don't write that way. Most stories are explicit but I'd say that my story is implicit-- much of it relies on implication and the wit and cleverness that the readers possess. Don't get me wrong, this fic is in no way T-rated... it is very M. My story uses innuendo and word play a lot-- but I don't think that takes away from the story or how hot it is. I think its just proof that there don't have to be bundles of nerves being caressed or deep plunging or things battling for dominance to still be extremely sensual.

Also, I know that this fandom has a lot of stories and many of them are extremely creative and original. I highly respect that so I always attempt to be original in my stories, be it my one-shots or longer work. I haven't really come across any other story (and I read a lot) that has a plot like mine. It's irreverent and different, so I don't expect everyone to like it but I'd ask that you give it a try before you make your decision.

Where did you get inspiration?
I saw some ads for Jennifer's Body with Megan Fox way back when. I didn't see the movie but kind of took off on the idea of this mysterious, seducing irresistible entity that may or may not be human... and this Edward was born. PS- I later saw Jennifer's Body, which was truly horrible. And nothing like my story (thank god).
Also, my inspiration is the fandom itself: a majority of the Edwards we find are just the most gorgeous, charming, irresistible guys ever, so much so that they also seem inhuman. What if Bella encountered an Edward just like that?

What do you think is the BEST thing about your fic?
Edward. But then again, he's usually the best thing about any fic (for me, at least). I guess I would say the sly, tongue-in-cheek, teasing humor and tone of the story. (My beta called my sense of humor "unique", but I'm not sure if that's a euphemism). But, I'd rather you read it and decide what's best.


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