April 10, 2010

Undiscovered Gems ... A New Feature

I was chatting on Twitter with Julie, and that manipulative little darling told me I need to do this.

And who am I to go against my dear Jullibee!!

So SUE get to the point. What the hell is Undiscovered Gems??

HERE is how it is gonna work:

You are an author with a newer fic or a fic with very few hits, or readers or reviews.

NOW you can be a first time writer or a writer who has a ton of fics. You can be "big time" in fandom, or unknown. I do not care. You wanna get me to read your story, so DO IT!

Undiscovered Gems is the place for Self Pimpage.

What this means is YOU are using our site to pimp your fic. This does not mean we have read your story. It is YOUR job to convince us to read it! So use your inner SUE powers of persuasion to get me or a staff member to read it.

This will be a regular feature here at SYTYCW.

Things I will NEED from you are:

  • A link to your fic and the fic summary.

  • A banner if you have one, or some visual that fits your fic. Your visual can be pics of who you see as your main characters, or where your story takes place or whatever makes sense to you. I LOVE visuals (*cough* pretty males*cough*).

  • And you MUST answer these Qs !!

  1. Why should I, the reader, read your story?
  2. Where did you get your inspiration?
  3. What do you think is the BEST thing about your fic?

CONVINCE ME to read it!

And then send everything to

SO far I have had 3 authors contact me. As soon as I get their answers I will make a post !!

So help a sistah out here, folks. Tell me what do you think?

I love this idea. I WANT to get more fics known. Perhaps together we will discover the next.... Master of the Universe?? *SWOON*



Anonymous said...

OK question. I don't have a particular website where I post my stories. Is that required as I'd hate to post a story then someone else rip it off.
THanks for reading my post.

Tanja said...

Undiscovered Gems is for fanfiction authors to promote their stories they think needs more readers. Your comment has however opened up some questions for us. Since we are not only talking about just fanfiction anymore but also books
perhaps we need a feature that allows authors of published works a chance to use our site to promote their stories as well. We need to talk about this some more to work out any kinks in this idea (since SUE just came up with it)

My question for you is if are you a writer of a derivative (fanfiction) story that you want to promote OR are you an author of an original story that is seeking readers/buyers ?

If you are an author of fanfiction´, readers would want to know where to read your story
this is why we ask for a link to it. If you are an author of a book or short story you are looking to sell we need a link to where potential readers can go to possibly purchase it.

Thanks for your interest in our site we appreciate all comments.

the Staff of SYTYCW

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