April 8, 2010

Teas with "Rob" Volume 8


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Here we are yet again ! in light of the recent STORM of Robgoodness last night I am certain that our little Teas posts will be lost in the ...goodness
That's not gonna stop me from posting the Teas!!
So adjust your puppy pads dears HERE IT IS!!


Niketa: 'So Rob, what do you do to take the edge off if you get particularly HOT in a love scene?'
Our dear boy smiled mischievously when asked this question. Intrigued, I leaned forward, allowing him a glance down my shirt at my jumblies which always has the desired effect. He groaned, palming the Bishop before leaning back in his chair. His answer? If a trusted “friend”, (read repeat booty call with zero strings attached) happens to be in a twenty mile vicinity to his trailer, he clears the staff, calls security to guard the door and puts out the “If this trailer is rocking, don’t bother knocking” sign. He quirked his brow when I expressed my dishumour with his crassness and quickly reminded me that I’d played a game or two of Bounce the Bishop to let off steam to which I replied that he’d always come to the Lady, not the other way around. Touché, my young padawan.

If no such “companion” is around, he tends to find the nearest empty room on set, drop his khaki’s and spank his Holiness until the Holy Water anoints the space.

Niketa: How does he feel about the numerous sex scenes he's going to do in Bel Ami?
A wicked grin broke upon his face. He answered, simply, he doesn’t mind. He doesn’t mind at all. Particularly if the conditions above are satisfied.


What does he plan to get into the mindset of a scoundrel? Any activities? Any skirt chasing?
This question made the Lady roll her eyes rather that the sweetling. He chuckled, taking a long drag of his smoke and a sip of the special brew. Very seriously, he answered that he must try very hard to be a scoundrel. It’s awfully difficult to replicate his normal behavior on a movie set as he’s accustomed to acting. He must make an effort to wear his hobo finest, approach the least appealing bar in his immediate vicinity, and play a rousing game of “What colour panties do you think she’s wearing?” with whatever mate he drags along with him. It’s quite difficult for the dear sweet boy. Right. And his nose is growing. Along with the Bishop.

Niketa: Will he work out extensively? Will he eat more protein and carbs to get his ass back?
At this, the lovely stood up quickly spinning and staring at his arse, obviously fretting about the state of it. I tsk’d him and quickly brought him over my knee, reminding him that his arse is lovely just as it is and perfect for paddling. At this he groaned and humped my thigh.

Teddi : Tell us about your first Kiss
The sweet boy rolled his eyes and chuckled, rubbing his long, elegant finger (please pause for a moment while I muse on finger porn) over his eyebrow. He went on to explain that it wasn’t a particular romantic event and not one of his finer moments as he was obviously not… accomplished in this arena at this point.

After a little coaxing involving some tea and an offer to resume the interview in my undergarments, the dear boy finally sighed and admitted he was a tender ten years of age on a field trip to the London Zoo. He was complaining to a schoolmate that he fancied a girl the grade above them and she was standing not far from where they were. His friend goaded him by insulting his manhood and dared him to kiss her. Not being one to turn down a dare, he ran up to her, stumbled, fell against her and quickly snogged her, right against the badger exhibit before running away once again.

And herein began his fascination with badgers….

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