April 11, 2010

Tanja's interview with mybluesky about 'A Betting Man'

A Betting Man by mybluesky, on Twilighted

Summary: Just two weeks before her best friend's wedding Bella gets dumped by boyfriend James when she refuses to give him what he wants. The next night she discovers he's made a bet with gorgeous pal Edward Cullen that he can't bed her. She brilliantly decides to string Edward along for a few weeks...and subsequently land herself a hot date for the wedding. Things soon get very interesting...

You probably all know the movie She's All That with Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachael Leigh Cook. Popular jock makes a bet with a friend that he can make an unattractive girl from his High School the prom queen. The poor girl doesn't know about it and gets embarrassed when someone finally tells her about the bet.
A Betting Man is nothing like that.

First of all, it's NOT a High School story.The story starts with Bella and her boyfriend of 2 months, James, breaking up after an argument about her not wanting to sleep with him yet. One day later, Bella and her friends, Rose and Jake, go out for drinks where Jake sees James speaking with a friend. The friend turns out to be Edward who ended up taking a bet with James about getting Bella to sleep with him. (What an asshole, right?) Jake tells Bella all about it and in the beginning she's pretty pissed off. But after Edward asks to dance with her and they spent some time together in the bar she decides to string him a long so she would have a date for the Jake's wedding.

A Betting Man is all about two people who were brought together by a stupid bet and through out the story start having conflicted feeling about each other.

And let me tell you something, it's quite funny how Bella (and everyone else knowing about the bet like Rose, Jake and Emmet, Edwards friend) try to keep messing with OCDward! (one word "Ursula")

Here's what mybluesky has to say:
1. Where did you get the idea for this story? What was your inspiration?
I watch way too many chick flicks. The inspiration honestly came from watching How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days...I just love how she gets to mess with him and I wanted to do something similar but with a different twist. I wanted it to be fun.

2. Why should readers read your story?
Oh geez...honestly I have no idea, I'm still surprised that as many people are reading it as there are. Hopefully it makes them laugh, though...nothing brightens my day more than getting a review saying they laughed their asses off in every chapter or were in tears...the good kind, of course :-)

3. Is there anything you would want readers to know specifically?
Hmm...not really lol

(Q courtesy of Mels) Give us a Random Fact about yourself
I've always been artsy growing up. Muchos to the fartsy. Well not completely weird artsty...I think of myself as kind of an established Pam Beesly artsy

4. Do you do anything special while writing a chapter like listen to special music, need total silence, eat a bag of M&Ms, drink heavily, whatever …
I usually need total silence...I'm easily distracted. Music is sometimes inspirational when I'm driving or something and I'm just thinking about the story and where I want it to go. Also, coffee is my muse...I can accomplish damn near anything over a good cup of joe

5. What do you do after you click the submit button for a chapter?
Catch up on my reading!

6. Do you have a soundtrack to your stories?
Nope. I should really put one together.

7. What actor/actress do you picture as YOUR Edward and Bella?

I don't really picture any actors in particular, I just kind of have an image in my head. Edward is sort of an older, less skinnier version of Robert Pattinson. I don't really think of Bella as looking like Kristen, but there's no actress who I think defines her.

8. Is the story all planned out or do you do it as a fly by the seat of your pants thing?
A little of both. I have a general idea of stuff I want to happen and how I want it to end, but as I've been writing a lot of things have changed. I haven't made an outline....for some reason I just feel stumped when I try to outline. So far all the chapters have just come naturally.

9. Do you have a posting schedule ? If so what is it?
I try to post once a week. That doesn't always happen due to work and school, but I try.

10. Do you believe in HEA?
Absolutely. So much so that I don't even care to read a fic if it doesn't have one. I don't really take joy in reading things that make me sad or make me cry.

11. Give me a list of your current projects. Do you have any more fic plans in the future?
In the fandom? A Betting Man is it for right now. Once school is done I'd like to do more, but we'll see.
I've had ideas...one in particular...but nothing set in stone.

12. What brought you to fanfic? To Twilight?
I put it off for ages...people kept telling me I should read it and then while browsing the bookstore a woman insisted it was the most addictive thing she'd ever read...so I said what the hell and bought it. Little did I know HOW addictive it would be. After I read all four books in a week I was browsing the forums at imdb.com where people kept talking about a story called Wide Awake. I checked it out and have been hooked ever since.

13. What is your background in writing?
Zip. Nada. Does writing papers for school count? Writing is just one of those things I always felt like I would enjoy, maybe because I love to read so much and I love the idea of being able to create my own universe...that is, have things happen the way I want them to happen. There is just so much freedom involved, it's truly a wonderful creative outlet.

If you could have 15 minutes with any Edward FF or SMs which one would you choose and what would you do?(If you do not LIKE any of the Edwards feel to substitute an actor here. Rob, Kellan, PFach or Jackson)
I'd probably have to say Edward from The Lost Boys by hwimsey...I'm seriously in love with that Edward, with her entire story in fact. Then of course there is MoTU Edward by Snowqueens Icedragon...boy what I would do with 15 minutes with him...and I even love the Edward from Brotherly Devotion by goldentemptress. In only 7 chapters that story sucked me in like no other...she just hasn't updated in a while...please update goldentemptress! :-) And I think it's pretty obvious what we'd be doing...

15. What is your FF pet peeve?
Falling in love too quickly with absolutely no build up or sex scenes that simply aren't realistic, such as Edward getting off twenty times in a row with no break in between. Things being rushed. And omg nothing makes me gag worse than reading "I love you" "I love you more" "No I love YOU more" every other freakin line. Jesus...Edward and Bella love each other...we freakin get it already

16. What is your Fandom pet peeve?
I don't know...some people seem to take themselves a little too seriously here. I understand they may want to have their stuff published one day but they shouldn't let it take the fun out of writing.

17. Which character do you Identify with the most? Any character who would you like to see yourself with? Either as buddies or more?
In my story? Definitely Bella...the whole Lost obsession, I can definitely relate. Her banter with Edward is actually a lot like my banter with my husband...crazy kitchen water fight included. And I could see myself being friends with Emmett. People like him are a blast

18. Which RL author inspires you?
I really love Markus Zusak, Jane Austin, Charles Frazier, John Steinbeck, and even JK Rowling. All of these authors are phenomenal...I could read their books again and again. JK Rowling has a truly inspirational life story as well.

Did any FF authors inspire you?
A lot of my favorites inspired me and even new ones still do. I'm constantly amazed at the things I read on here and I wonder why they haven't been published yet. Some of my favorite authors that I draw inspiration from are hwimsey, bratty-vamp, talula blue, tby789, and in.a.blue.bathrobe, to name a few. And I know there are a slew of others out there that I just haven't had a chance to read yet.

19. If you could ask any Twilight Cast member a Question who would you ask and what would your Question be?
I'd ask Robert Pattinson if I could touch his hair...gotta be civil at first. If he said no I'd go in for the sneak attack

20. Anything else you would like to add?
Nope. It's been fun :-)


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